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    Hi kszaq I think my earlier response has confused a few folk. I was looking for the Krypton Dev Build and can only find this '' this the correct file as it is only about 60mb...I did try to update this via the 'update' method but nothing happened after reboot. Am i missing something? Cheers

    Hi can we update to the Krypton build, can we drop the tar.gz file in via update? Thanks

    Well I turned the box off, pulled out the USB dongle for the wireless keyboard thinking that could have been an issue.

    When I restarted the box there were about 30 FAILED messages came up and the box seemed to hang getting no further than the LibreElec screen. Never even got to Kodi.

    Seems I am fated not to succeed in this. My Nexbox is the 2/16 version btw.

    Just try a fresh install the usb/sd card and the via SSH do internaltointernal (if you want it on your nand and then use it hard wired).

    Hi Mergleb

    I am no expert in this, but I can advise that I uploaded LE to my Nexbox A95X 1gb/8gb at the weekend and all went very well. However, the one issue i did have is that the wifi is very slow and hence I have just hard wired the box via powerlines.

    kszaq - I have tried the latest development build on my A95X Nexbox 1gb/8gb and prior to applying the dev build I was memory leaking around 150mb per hour of watched movies/tv shows. Since updating to the dev build it has reduced to about 100mb per hour of watching movies/tv some improvement and no freezes or crashes to report.


    Thanks kszaq, I have the S905x so will just keep it hard wired works great. Many thanks.

    @kszaq....thought it polite to give you an update on my saga with my beelink min mxiii. Thanks to your help I managed to get it to work again using the (fresh install) 2.0.8 fix.img via sd card and then a treat except the issue with the back button not working but fixed that with keymap editor. i then did exactly the same with my new A95X Nexbox 1gb/8gb and it again works great except for the back button issue but that is now sorted. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed that the wifi with the original device tree on the A95X Nexbox is very very poor. Has anyone tried it with one of kszaq's device trees and if so does the wifi work well?


    Thanks kszaq...i believe that is what i did and when it reboots the second time after 'installtointernal' it was as though bits were missing...such as networks was just blank etc. I will give it another go over the weekend. Thanks for the help.

    kszaq ...sorry for being a pain on this but when i do the dev build on SD card it works, I then do the internaltointernal and it reboots, but when it comes back on it has the error in the top left corner say 'do not press any key for the next 120 secs' and then it gives me some more text about 'your system is broken beyond repair' ...or I get the 'error tty job control' you think my box is goosed? happy to send you an image but need instructions as to how to upload on here?? Thanks

    Yes. Actually you don't need a toothpick to boot from SD card again.

    Have you read updating notes carefully and updated your device tree?

    Thanks kszaq...i believe that is what i did and when it reboots the second time after 'installtointernal' it was as though bits were missing...such as networks was just blank etc. I will give it another go over the weekend. Thanks for the help.

    MiniMX III has a different partition layout than standard Amlogic. It doesn't matter when you run LE from SD card but if you want to install .008 to internal memory, you have to do a fresh install twice, e.g. boot from SD card, run installtointernal, reboot, boot again from SD card, run installtointernal again. After that your box should run LE from internal just fine. That procedure will not be necessary for future releases, i.e. you will be able to do a simple upgrade from .008 to .009.

    @kszaq...many thanks for the guidance, greatly appreciated. Just so I am clear when you say 'reboot, boot again from SD card' it automatically reboots after the installtointernal, are you advising that I pull the power cord after the initial reboot and then do the sd card toothpick boot again and then do installtointernal and let it reboot automatically? cheers

    @kszag - please can you offer some guidance mate. I am having major issues with my Beelink Mini MXiii 2gb/1gb box. I was running 2.0.7 build from nand absolutely fine and then did the 2.0.8 update via 'update', but on reboot the box just locked up with the message 'your system is broken beyon repair'. After reflashing the stock ROM I was able to run LE in both 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 from SD, but as soon as i did 'installtointernal' the box locked up again. Can you advise if it is me doing something wrong or is the internal memory just shot? Happy to send you a photo but when I try and upload the image on here it asks for my url instead of the image do I sort that???? Thanks

    Hi Kszaq, can you help me out mate please. I dropped the new dev build into the update file and rebooted but when the box rebooted some of the audio was very muffled and stuttery and basically unwatchable. So I reflashed my Beelink Min MXiii box with the stock firmware and then tried the SD card upload of LE with the latest dev build and device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb that loaded fine except again the sound was dreadful on some movies and live channels. I then tried updating with the Beelink Mini MXiii 2gb 21gb device tree and still the sound was off....eventually i updated with the LE 2.0.7 version (so back dated) and used device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb and the sound was spot on. I then updated again with the 2.0.8 dev build with gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb to see if this combination would work but the sound was off again. Am I missing something here?

    Hi guys, could do with some advice please. Tried the new dev build but I then got bad muffled sound. tried a few different HDMI leads but no improvement. So put android firmware back on for a fresh install and then went to do the LE SD card but I keep getting an error in top left hand corner saying 'can't access tty job turned off' do I fix this please?