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    I know this would sound somehow strange, but I found difference when playing videos from TV compared to Android TV box (or with librelec installed). I have philips 37PFL4606 older model who can read mkv files with h264 codecs via USB port. I don't know what OS that these television got but the picture is clear and sharp, same as the picture on computer.

    When I put android tv box, I found a little improvement on libreelec (compared to regular android OS) but it is still a little smoother than ORIGINAL. It appears as it would have some smooth filter over the original video. I've tried all video settings and found that is has deinterlace disabled but it is still a difference. If I have to say how much difference probably around 10%. The picture is smoother and I personally prefer original raw while watching MKV videos.

    I also found that tv communicator that I have from local service provider has also smooth filter over videos when I tried to use their media box for watching mkv, but their picture is smother for around 30%.

    So I found that original android OS on Mecool M8S Pro W has around 20% smoother picture while libreelec has around 10% compared to beautiful clear original reproduction of this TV. I don't know if I will ever be able to get the same picture quality as on TV. Usually people won't notice this difference because if you are not aware of these things and watch movies every day.

    Does anyone if there is anything that can be done to get the same raw and clear picture quality when watching MKV on libreelec OS on that box?


    I have done everything like it was said. Tried tw odifferent versions of libreelec latest and the earlier like mentioned in other post. I changed dtb after I created installation with rufus on usb drive.

    I tried to shut down and restart mecool tv box and I tried even after that. The box simply doesn't want to start libreelec.

    It was bought in december, it is model Mecool M8S PRO W 2.4G Voice Control with Andriod OS Support TV Box - BLACK EU PLUG (2.4G VOICE CONTROL)

    I've tried coreelec before and it is the same. I tried to press that small button on the bottom of the box, because it has no reset button like some previous models in AV but appereantly at the bottom of the box where there is tiny hole. Even that didn't help.

    Is there any thing I can do? Thank you.