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    do you have the receiver for the Neo A2/3 remote plugged in ? If yes, unplug it before switching on your Minix. For me that does the trick (btw, on every boot not just when flashing)

    Hi Macko,

    My X8P is on KitKat, latest official fw available (I never went with the beta lollipop).

    I am using a USB3.0 stick (SanDisk Ultra). I put the 18 RC4 version onto it using the LE tool, changed the name of the boot file, unplugged the remote dongle and power, plugged in the usb stick, pressed/held the reset button, plugged in power, pressed/held power button for 5 sec, released power and thereafter released reset button -> LE screen came up and all went automatic from there. Had to repeat this 2-3x as the minix logo appeared i.o. LE screen.

    hope this helps,



    I updated my X8HP to RC4 - Thank you for the great work !!!!

    There is one thing I noticed with regard to the dongle for the A2 remote - I installed RC4 onto a USB Stick and not an SD card. Booting ONLY works if the remote dongle is NOT plugged into one of the USB ports. If dongle is present the device will boot into Minix Android.

    One Q that I still have concerns the Whitelist - what exactly is needed here ? Is this a file that needs to be greated or a setting ticked ?