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    I would be interested in your findings as ive recently had a notion to look at odroidc2 as a replacement for my minix box.

    Did you ever find the cause?

    S912 has a bright future. See YouTube for evidence. Panfrost still has some serious bugs to solve before we can think about public testing, but considering the infancy of panfrost code it's in good shape. The lead panfrost developers have publicly stated good Kodi support is one of their goals :)

    Thank you guys for responding in such detail. My mission now will be to find a box with a bit of backup. thinking tanix, just going by their website. I see one of their editions has dual boot android / LE. again , much appreciated.

    HI guys

    I managed to get my old minix xh8 plus revitalised to Leia RC4 , thanks to Datrh

    I do realise tho that its time to upgrade.

    I had initially intended to order a 905x2 based on a review by chiqz.

    But with the minix now working im not under pressure so to speak.

    Looking through this forum my head is spinning and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    It looks like s912 is at end of life.

    So the next option looks to be the 905d

    however options in that area are scarce.

    Mecool springs to mind. K1 pro and k2 pro

    I was keen on the Tanix TX92 until I found out the s912 is at eol and may be dead in the water.

    Having been caught with the minix lack of support previously, im loath now to spend up large ie a shield. Or another minix

    Reading comments by those in the know here, the future seems to be s905d as far as LE goes.

    But what build to use on that?

    I understand that kszaq is retired, so that in itself does not help.

    My alternative is just to get an interim android box (t95Q) as mentioned above, and wait and see what happens.

    (re the S905X2, there appear to be different iterations as shown by the charts linked to earlier. Bit like Russian roulette)

    So if anyone has some info / guidance, that would be of help, im sure I would not be alone in appreciation.

    In a nutshell im asking where to now with (HDR capable ) hardware to buy and the builds to use, that are current and good for the foreseeable future.



    the last android i had was kitkat. cant recall firm ware.

    done ages ago, just before minix forum disappeared

    I put 17.6 on at that time.

    I installed kodi 18.0RC4-Leia this time

    I have installed to internal as well.

    install was exactly as described in post 1. the only thing i did slightly different was the sequence of boot

    ie power switch on wall switched to on, then depressed reset then tapped box switch and waited 6 sec ,keeping reset depressed.

    when logo starts flashing released reset pin.

    i cant comment on the image you posted. above my pay grade

    To my limited knowledge, USB sticks and SD cards have no big difference in lifetime. They both last long, if they are just read.

    If you run Linux on a USB / SD medium, the interesting point is what data Linux writes back to that medium. A Linux system can be configured to write temporary data to the RAM instead of USB / SD. That's good for the lifetime of the medium. I think the Linux of LE does as much as it can to avoid writing data back to the storage medium. That's why I would keep a MicroSD for that special Linux.

    Other Linux systems write a lot of temporary data to the permanent storage medium. No problem for SSD, but bad for USB sticks or SD cards.

    appreciate the insight

    You maybe had some bad experiences, but I would stay with a MicroSD when it's just about storing the OS itself. Store all important personal data on an external SSD, and your system will be very save (SSD's are nearly unbreakable). Most MicroSD cards are killed by too much write processes. If they are just read (as the OS do), they will last very long.

    I know this may be a bit off topic, but a few questions.

    is there a reason one cant do the LE upgrade on a USB stick rather than sd?

    Regards USB stick, how do they stand up to having an os installed.? I have need to install linux to a new drive yearly (read tax dates) and would like to just swap out old for new, each new fin. year, so keeping that year intact.

    Datrh, many thanks for your patience.

    I may have had a bad sd card. swapped it out and it worked. Got Leia working.

    I did find that the sequence of initial boot, for me was :1 power switch on wall on 2. push and hold reset button 3. tap the box power switch. 4. I then waited the 6 secs or so until the minix logo started to flash on /off, before release reset button

    The rest was follow your nose.

    Question, when u have a new release rc etc will the current installation auto update or is the tar to be used manually?

    If so where does one place it?

    to update to RC3 (RC4 soon) you need to :

    Re getting a new box.

    after much looking at reviews etc Ive settled on a T95q s905x2 as a replacement for my minix box

    The round one

    I will prob run it vanilla android until such time as it no longer upgrades or i have issues.

    But in the meantime, (im a shocking tinkerer), i want to have another go at this X8-H_Plus

    I have LE installed previously.(from old forum using X8-H_PlusGen1.

    Just curious why i would need to put back the latest minix official firmware?

    As i have LE on at 17.6 can i not use your RC4 tar? and if so where does that go.?