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    Please elaborate on why you gathered that I wanted to use Zobboided because of the various providers?

    I specifically called out that I wanted to access my OpenVPN server.

    I will adjust my posts in the future to take your feedback into consideration.

    I only read your recent post asking an alternative to adding openvpn client nothing else. Generally speaking that add-on exists to make the process of connecting to vpn providers easily, even though it has the ability to use custom setups so I assumed, my mistake.

    My suggestion to use gluetun would still stand as it offers the same + custom setup as well along with checking if your VPN connection is still working every 30s, out of the box and you can use webui to manage it.

    If a toggleable button in UI is your goal (under connection in Kodi settings), I'm not sure if this will work but connman(the official one) supports openvpn connections as well but I don't know if libreelec version has that. As I understand it, it was implemented to make wireguard connections.

    I got a hold of the Zomboided dev, and he said that it is not ready for Kodi 20 at this time.

    Does anyone know of an alternative way to add a openvpn client?

    Yes, you can use what elonesna mentioned, or I gather the reason you wanted to use zomboided was the multitude of various providers on there in which case I suggest docker along with gluetun which automates the whole process.

    It gives you status monitoring any killswitch. Give it a shot.

    Also suggest looking into wireguard as alternative to openvpn if you set up your servers for wireguard or your vpn provider supports it.

    I think all the devs on here are smart enough to know what it is that needs doing to get the nightlies working so that us layman can enjoy updating it daily. Nonetheless updating via the img.gz is just a minor inconvenience at the moment its not like a critical feature is missing. Besides for the select few they already know what nightlies they are watching out for with their fixes so this is just another step for them.

    I can concur that whilst ssh works for me SAMBA doesn't. Because I have an alternative like plex / ssh to transfer files etc I am okay (for now).

    I apologise if it came across as offensive, I was just trying to understand. As it stands, there is no docker equivalent of wiregaurd connman implementation which makes it easy to route applications through VPN. As such standard docker available on ducker hub for wireguard do not work here. I wish I was smart enough to do even hacky scripts ! :D

    Do you mean trouble accessing the shares on the Pi from a computer, or accessing SMB shares on a computer from the Pi.

    I can ssh into the Pi from the PC, so I know there is no fundamental network problem. If I need to I can probably reboot the PC with Ubuntu and copy the update across from there.

    I can ssh into the libreelec box as well. The smb shares are on but I cannot access them from any other device on the same network.

    I have 'show custom channels' enabled, and I have previously put '' in for the URL, but I no-longer get any LE11 test builds. Am I missing some change?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: As a follow-up, I have a 'main' system running LE10, and I can access this from my Windows PC with \\, and browse the shares. I have a test system with LE11 test builds. SMB is enabled. But when I try to access it from the Windows PC, I get 'The network path was not found'. I am using the IP address reported by LE11 and also by my router, so it can't be this. This is why I need to use the LE11 test build channel.

    I too have been having network shares on SMB issues but priority for me has been to get the network up and running (openvpn / wireguard)

    I didn't want to open a new thread for this. I currently have the 10.85.0 version of chewitt's image. A rather peculiar problem I have encountered is that when using docker, installed from the docker add-on, I am having to explicitly tell it which digest to get in order to force the correct download of the image, otherwise its not getting the right image.

    Maybe this has something to do with how the docker addon has been compiled? What's even more bizarre is that in most cases I cannot even locate the exact digest that has been downloaded from the docker hub, unless I manually specify.

    uname -a does show aarch64 ( I am on wetek play 2 mainline u-boot)

    ``Docker version 19.03.15, build 99e3ed89195c4e551e87aad1e7453b65456b03ad

    <addon id="service.system.docker"
           provider-name="Team LibreELEC">

    The other thing i'd also add is that there is something fundamentally wrong going on with busybox. I cannot run bash scripts without errors which work fine on other systems ("<<<" throws redirection error) and ip rule list throws

    RTNETLINK: operation not supported

    Just thought I'd mention I feel they might be all linked.

    I have also tried the latest nightly from 02062022

    Thank you. I meant more specifically about wiping the uboot to boot new type image. I think there are some forum post dotted around that tell you to "zero" the partition. Am i correct in understanding that you can wipe the vendor uboot and upon first boot of libreelec image it installs a new u-boot that is compatible with both libreelec and any android installation you may install?

    Also is your 10.8.5 image more "stable" than the nightly?


    I may have found the error of the tuner: the wetekdvb kernel module is not loaded automatically at boot. :/

    This is the new snapshot version:

    I'd love to test this for you, but I have no cable or terrestrial feed in my new home. Is there another way I can feedback. I have already updated to this snapshot.

    From the dvb-fe-tool I can see the following which I guess means its working? I mean i have seen the same thing when it use to work many years ago.

    I have been trying tirelessly to make wireguard run through a docker. I can connect using connmanctl fine, but I want to use docker which uses the conventional methods of connecting to wireguard. The reason I want to use it is because it comes with the pre made scripts for my vpn provider to use all the auth token create a wg0 etc etc.

    The bit I keep getting stuck at is in no matter what docker I try I get the following message:

    iptables-restore v1.8.8 (legacy): iptables-restore: unable to initialize table 'raw'

    Error occurred at line: 1

    I managed to get past this one by tinkering with the AllowedIps, but I cannot seem to get past this one:

    iptables v1.8.6 (legacy): Couldn't load match `mark':No such file or directory

    All three problems you listed aren't issues for me. As long as there is networking support, I am not fussed if Kodi works properly or not. I want to salvage the box to use as a home server, using docker, Plex etc to serve my other media players.

    As per your second comment about uboot, are there any instructions on how I would do this?

    It hasn’t progressed since the last snapshot above (20220504), but since you are the third to find me with WP2, now I’m really trying to get one from somewhere (at a reasonable price).

    Tbh, i wouldn't bother. We make the mistakes, so you don't have to. Disgusting behaviour from the manufacturers not only did they stop supporting it, they took all the support forum and everything offline so you can't even grab old files. Really wanted their Ubuntu minimal. The box wasn't cheap either. I think someone managed to salvage the tuner to be used in other hardware. It's the only thing is was good for.

    Coreelec do have working drivers for 9.2.8 if that helps?