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    I had really hoped that LibreElec would be a viable solution for me . UNfortunately I have enconuntered quirqs in IPTV Simple client, Playlist Loader addon will not work at all due to lack of Python and/or Python-requests , it seems there is no way to configure the same remote map that I have used on XBian, Ubunbtu, OSMC. It seems the Wiki abou remotes is intended to confuse not clarify. The wireless suport seems very unreliable with 2 different USB WiFI adapters, both work fine with Kodi/Ubuntu

    It is too bad as the world needs a Good Kidi/Linux distro for x86 , this just is not it, at least yet.

    I have IPTV Simple client installed and adtivated.

    Upon initial activationb , it works fine. Then after a reboot, there is no longer the TV Option in Kodi. I go to addons > PVR and the IPTV Simple client shows "enabled" . I must then disable and re-enable so that Kodi shows me "TV" in the menu again

    Next reboot its gone again

    I read the wiki about remotes and frankly I did not fnd it useful for setting up a custom remote.

    I have LibreELecX86_64 , WIndows MCE receiver, and Xbox360 IR Remote

    I have been using the same Xbox360 remote config with Kodi for years. I have an Lirc config that works with Ubuntu 16.04 , but for ubuntu 18.04 I had to revert to the older version of lirc 0.9.0 I think.

    So I installed Libreelec and have a partial working remote, it is to say that most of my custom buttons are not recognized , but up/down/left/right/enter seem to work.

    ANy ideas on how to proceed to get my remote working 100%



    First problem I have aside frm INstaller and forum quirks

    TPLINK TN-722 wireless adapter is intermittent. SOmetimes it is not active on restart , I need to unplug and plug

    second problem, I see no way to get LFTP installed which is vital for my custom script. I am sure this may also apply to streamlink which I also use.

    Too bad otherwise looks promising but way too locked down for me

    I was curious if someone might be able to help me with some general questons about what I am looking for . Will LibreELec do this?

    Kodi X86_64 and OS that will update itself as needed or at selecting an icon to update (will be running on Intel 2807 and 2908 hardware

    Customizable remote using my Lirc files that work in Ubuntu 16.04 but not in 18.04 due to a bug or changes in Lirc

    Run Kodi Callbacks to allow me to update addons and addon settings via custom scripts

    Install 3rd party drivers if needed

    I am concerned as I think this is a squash Filesystem

    Thanks in advance for any answers