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    I have updated 2 Android boxes, Beelink M18 and an MXQ Pro+ (running a Tronsmart version of Android) with the latest dev build Oct 26 of LE. I used the correct device trees on both boxes. The development builds were installed via .update. Both boxes run off of an SD card. I have tried these boxes running LE and running Android and SPMC with an HEVC H265 file. I have found the following:Beelink M18 and MXQ Pro+ running LE - both have a small lag in the audio. The video is just slightly ahead of the audio.Beelink M18 and MXQ Pro+running Android 5.1 and SPMC 16.4.2 - no lag in the audio.I have a Beelink GT1 running Android 6 and SPMC 16.2.4 - no lag in the playback.
    I haven't made any changes to the settings in LE. I used the same video clip on all to test. Output to receiver is via HDMI.
    Is there something in the settings for KODI that needs to be adjusted to resolve the lag in HEVC files?

    I have an MXQ Pro+ box 2G 16GB, 1gb. The firmware was so bad when I got it that I flashed a Russian rom that was compiled from the Tronsmart Meta rom. This stabilized the box, but Android/KODI was not smooth running and WiFi did not work. I ran OE 6.95.3 via balbes150's aml_autoscript off an SD card for some time and it worked great, but still no WiFi. I have tried to install several LE 7.0 roms/sd boot methods since then, but could get nothing to run off of SD but 6.95.3.
    I tried earlier versions of kszaq's 7.0 script, tried several dtb images and tried numerous ways to boot the box (no reset switch). Finally I tried with the Sept 22 gxbb_p200_2G_1gbit.dtb image. I extracted img to sd, renamed the gxbb img to dtb.img and pasted it to the sd card, overwriting the dtb.img from the extraction, started the box in Android, inserted the sd card into the box, opened update&backup and then I opened "select", selected the first zip from the list and then hit the "update" button. These steps haven't worked with other roms for me, but this time it did and LE loaded up.
    I haven't seen any issues so far and the box is now stable and runs fast.
    Hopefully someone else who has one of these boxes and has problems and/or wants to run LE comes across this note. The box is great, but getting it to run LE has been a challenge.
    Thanks kszaq. Great ROM, coffee money on the way.

    Thanks willyfan. I tried again this am and the download failed again at ~ 28%. I cleaned out the .update folder with the putty command rm -rf * and retried the download. It completed the download after this.
    Rebooted and the image loaded and completed the update.
    Would be great if your instructions were posted on the 1st page. They are a lot simpler to understand.

    Thanks willyfan. Once LE is restarted do I pull the SD card and copy my Beelink M18 dtb.img on it?
    Moot point, the download keeps stalling. I cleared the part download with rm and the files name.

    you mean putting the img.gz in storage/.update directory, right?

    Actually I was going to ssh into the box IP and put the update into the update folder. I read the update instructions and they are a little confusing. From page 1, steps 1&2 seem simple enough if ssh and update folder is the right place to start the update.
    3- After your device reboots and stops on first logo, connect your card to computer - do I pull the SD out of the box and put into my computer at this point?
    download aml_autoscript from release folder and replace the one that you have on the cards - (what release folder?) does this mean that I extract the image from the test release and put the aml_autoscript from the extraction onto the sdcard?

    help is appreciated

    Have the Same Android TV Box. @Pulsar's Image works like a charm. Have installed LE on SD card and have been using for the past 24 hrs. Everything works for me except the IR remote that came with the box. But CEC works great with my LG 42" TV (1080p). I cannot vouch for 4K playback. But give this img a go and you won't be disapointed. Wifi works. installed transmission service and it works flawlessly. Both these guys, Pulsar & Kszaq and all the others who contributed to this LE build , I think this is some awesome work. These guys give the chinese boxes a new lease of life. The android 6.0 firmware that comes with these boxes is a nightmare to use.

    OK, will do. Thanks a ton for your feedback.
    FYI, the install was flawless with the img file. Booted quickly into LE and I'm loading a build now.
    Thanks Pulsar.

    After reading through the thread I'm not clear on which img is working best on the S905X, Pulsar or Kszaq.
    I've got a Mini M8S II. I tried to load numerous times on it yesterday via toothpick and got nothing but a blank screen. I followed the instructions to the letter.
    I don't really care to change the Android ROM at this point and would like to work with LE from an SD boot. Nand flash would be a second choice.
    So at this point which img is working best and most functional? Wifi is not an issue for me.

    I just selected any random zip that was found in the kodi add-ons folder on the local storage, not from SD memory or USB.

    OK, thanks, I will give it a go. What a PITA to get LE working on this box. The box was a PITA to start with. No reset, lousy firmware, crappy remote, etc. S905X coming, so fun with that as well, no doubt.

    JonSnow tried it by using the update and backup app in android, then selecting update and when it searched for zip files, selecting a zip from the kodi add-ins. When it rebooted, it executed the script on the SD card to be able to boot from SD and load LibreElec. I did the same thing on my MXQ Pro 4k as I was also stuck in your situation and it worked.

    Can you explain what zip he or you would have selected - was it from the list of files that were listed when you hit the select button? Or a Kodi apk that you used on a usb stick? Thanks

    I have finally found some time to try the SD install for and I have not been able to get LE to boot.
    My MXQ Pro+ is running OE 6.95.3 from SD with balbes150's S905_autoscript. I am also running a Tronsmart Meta rom compiled by sd-robots. The original firmware was terrible. OE runs pretty well with no boot issues.
    This box has no reset switch in the AV hole, so I can't use that method. The firmware does not offer a reboot to recovery option, so I tried Quick Boot, which boots me into TWRP. I replaced the original MBOX recovery with TWRP so that I could flash sd-robots/Tronsmart Meta rom.
    I tried ADB, adb reboot recovery, the box booted into TWRP.
    I tried ADB, adb reboot recovery, with a USB with s905_autoscript and SD card with extracted onto it - booted into TWRP.
    I tried the USB/SD combo with the S905_autoscript on the USB stick - USB OTG port, booted at the same time as the SD card - the first time it booted into Android and then went through an 18 app optimization then Andoid started. I rebooted and the box went straight to Android.
    The S905_autoscript is on both the USB and SD cards when booted - not sure if this was correct.

    I would appreciate any help/advice on how to get LE to boot. I can't think of anything else to try.

    I suggested (in post 385, above) to try this (but didn't see any response back to see if it worked or not), perhaps it might work for you ? ...
    Try turning off "Adjust display refresh rate" under settings/video/playback.

    I had the same thing and this is how I fixed it. Went into Android, set the resolution to 1080P, rebooted and then opened OE and set resolution to 1080P. That fixed my problem.