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    Same issue being a network problem of some kind? Can you explain what is not working as you seem to have a functioning network in the logs (you're accessing an smb:// share).

    I can confirm this for #0412 on a Pi2. Video playback is interrupted while sound is playing fine in the background. Tested with a mkv, h264, 1080p, AC3. #0411 didn't have this issue.


    Are you able to reproduce with the OE #0411, #0412 and #0413 RPi builds? The LE builds are usually produced a little earlier in the day so it would be worth re-testing OE #0411 (maybe even #0410) through #0413 to determine when the problem is introduced, then we can narrow down on what changed.

    OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)

    What are the plans for the kernel on LE? Will you go only main release channel on the kernel? It's using 4.4.x now right?

    Not entirely sure what you mean by "go only main release channel", but the latest release kernel will typically be used by master. LE7 will remain on 4.4.x, once we branch for Beta we can see about bumping master to 4.5.

    Milhouse do you want logs here or on the Kodi forum? Had network issues with latest build (1204).

    Logs here please. Did the problem only start with #0412?

    Hard to tell which of the many log files you just uploaded I'm meant to be looking at, since they're all full of errors of one kind or another. My advice would be that you start with a fresh/clean installation, and avoid installing SuperRepo which is known to install all kinds of crap causing any number of problems.

    Tried to install 1710 from browse addon (install zip) but nothing happen

    Edit: i see it in browsee addon but it doesn't start

    Take note that i don't have a dvb tuner

    Try providing a tvheadend log, although those tvheadend builds are based on ffmpeg2 while the LE8 builds are based on ffmpeg3 so may not work. When tvheadend is building against ffmpeg3 I'll provide updated builds, until then it's not really my priority, and you may have to stick with LE7/OE7 if you must have tvheadend.

    Any time frame you can share that we can look forward to?

    Unfortunately no, I'm still waiting for a few pieces of the (infrastructure) puzzle to fall into place before I start pushing out 8.0 "test" builds. Due to everyone having real-life work commitments and Alpha/Beta taking priority I can't say with any certainty when this will happen, but I really do hope it will be "soon". :)

    64 bit only I'm afraid.

    You don't need to install OE 6.0.3, you can upgrade straight from OE 5.0.8 to LE 6.90.005 (although the usual warnings/caveats/disclaimers apply, which is that when upgrading between major versions - OE or LE - you should normally start with a clean install).

    Official LE releases are based on Kodi 16 which might be the reason you're not seeing Estuary (a Kodi 17 only skin).

    Unofficial LE8/Krypton/Kodi 17 builds are here: Index of /builds/master/

    They're broadly similar to the OE8/Kodi 17 builds I release on the Kodi forum.

    I'm not aware of any CEC change that would explain the change to your key mapping.

    Work is progressing in the wider Raspberry Pi community towards 64-bit support, see this thread. However it might be a lot of work for only a moderate (10-15%) performance improvement.

    As and when 64-bit support is officially available for the Raspberry Pi 3 it will be considered for LibreELEC, but only if it makes sense to do so - a 10% improvement isn't particularly compelling when weighed against the risk of a completely new project and architecture, plus the increased support overhead of an additional RPi3 project.

    Cool and thanks. Will you always add quick updates like this if something is broken and you can add a quick fix? If so then I will definitely stick with this OS.

    When something is broken we'll obviously fix the source code as soon as possible, however whether that triggers a binary release depends on the severity of the problem, and whether there's any workarounds/temporary fixes.

    In this case we're about to produce another Alpha before heading into Beta, so it makes sense to get this in ASAP. However once we've got official releases out, not every bug fix will result in an immediate release (unless we're doing a spectacularly bad job at testing!) as we will instead batch fixes for the next patch release, the frequency of which will be determined by the size of the fix list/severity of the bugs etc., but you shouldn't be kept waiting too long.

    In the meantime if you run the following commands on your 6.90.004 system you should find you have working Bluetooth (if not, please post again):

    1. mount -o remount,rw /flash
    2. (cd /flash && wget -q -O - | tar xvzf -)
    3. sync && mount -o remount,ro /flash
    4. reboot

    After running the above commands, you should have March 24 firmware:

    1. LibreELEC:~ # vcgencmd version
    2. Mar 24 2016 12:49:34
    3. Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
    4. version e16cd015026a8bda22bb50dc30b30ce07f52a202 (clean) (release)

    OK, 6.90.004 is using firmware from March 15 which predates the kernel changes - basically, firmware and kernel are out of sync, which is breaking Bluetooth (actually, the UART). Will get the firmware updated now, in time for 6.90.005 in a day or so. Thanks for reporting.