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    OK, 6.90.004 is using firmware from March 15 which predates the kernel changes - basically, firmware and kernel are out of sync, which is breaking Bluetooth (actually, the UART). Will get the firmware updated now, in time for 6.90.005 in a day or so. Thanks for reporting.

    anyone know if silverlight can be added ?

    Don't hold your breath for Silverlight, which doesn't have much of a future on any platform - not even Windows.

    Why do you want Silverlight anyway - for Sky Go?

    Thanks to the architectural improvements in Kodi 17, work is progressing towards a native Sky Go solution that doesn't require a browser. Netflix too should be possible. Amazon Prime is already working with Kodi 17 and OE/LE test builds.

    As more progress is made you'll see it first in LE test builds.

    Hmm, in the posts above updates are the question - but I want to install a komplete new PC with empty drive.
    So follow the posts above the only way is install OE with a IMG and crossgrade to LE using the TAR or using the Millhouse IMG of LE but no direct install?!

    Use the milhouse LE .img file to create your clean LE install.

    Unlike OE .img.gz files, the LE .img.gz files can be used for both clean installs (write/dd the .img file to the disk or SD card) and upgrades (drop the new .img.gz file in the Update folder and reboot).

    Hi Mark. Yes, should work.

    You can also use the .tar, .img, and .img.gz files for updates.

    In future, .tar files may become more scarce as they're no longer required for updates and offering one file for download (ie. .img.gz) is less confusing. Once you're on an LE build you can drop the .img.gz file into the Update folder just as you would the .tar file.

    .tar files will continue to be supported though, and this format may still make sense for more "specialist" builds (I'll continue providing test builds using the .tar format).

    Yes sorry, these early builds are plain LE master builds, ie Kodi 16, as this is what will be released initially and needs testing/feedback. These releases from me will be ad-hoc (in terms of frequency) as we merge additional code and changes. Once we release the first Alpha these builds of mine will no longer be necessary.

    My "bleeding edge" LE/Kodi 17 builds will follow, and will replace my current OE test builds.

    There shouldn't be any Samba-related difference in these LE builds compared with OE. I've not seen any problem connecting to LE builds using Samba from Windows 7, but then I only use IP addresses.

    Please use the the following link for these initial downloads:

    downloads – LibreELEC

    These builds are based on Kodi 16.1-rc2-a7caa16.

    You should upgrade to LibreELEC using the .tar file, or clean install using the .img.gz.

    Once you have upgraded to LibreELEC you can upgrade to newer builds by dropping either the .tar file OR .img.gz file in your Update folder - it's now possible to upgrade LibreELEC using the LibreELEC .img.gz file as an alternative to the normal .tar file and you will not lose your existing installation. In future this should simplify the download process as we won't have to offer two different files, with users often downloading the wrong file.

    tar files will continue to be available, probably on a "secondary" download page - there will just be more prominence on using .img.gz files for official releases.