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    Those with this issue, can you run the following and paste the output:

    1. dmesg | pastebinit
    2. grep . /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/* 2>/dev/null


    Can one of the team confirm you get this, or even confirm following the above does NOT end up in corruption.
    But as you see in this thread its now not just me....

    None of the team get this, it's a rare issue that may be SD card brand/make/model/capacity/controller specific. I can't say that it won't cause catastrophic corruption, chances are that it will eventually.

    It's possible this issue is the same, positing your card details will help.

    I know you've said it works with OE6, but are you able to test a different cable to your projector (temporarily run a short HDMI cable to the projector, or is your AVR converting HDMI to component?)

    Or connect your hardware device directly to a spare HDMI TV?

    If this were a driver/Linux issue I'd expect to see far more people reporting this issue, both with LE and OE, but we're not seeing this so it does appear to be specific to your hardware setup (maybe your AVR or projector, possibly a bad edid?)

    FYI the best place to find support for the Milhouse test builds are the RPi/x86 Milhouse threads on the Kodi Forum. This is where the test builds are published and the majority of developers will hang out (some LE but mostly Kodi developers, which is important as most problems tend to be Kodi rather than LE problems).

    No, because those patches are for Confluence not Estuary.

    Also see PR5747 which has been rejected, as these changes are skin specific (they'll work for Confluence, but not for any other skin, including the now default Estuary).

    There's no chance of this being added to official LE releases given that it only works for a single third party skin. It has to be added as an upstream change in Kodi, which works for all skins.

    Not a known issue. I see you've got a thread on the Kodi forum where you've posted more information, looks like fairly significant file system corruption. Configuring LibreELEC doesn't make any changes to the /flash partition which is mounted read-only, so for this partition to become corrupted it's either an OS or hardware issue (power? Incompatible/fake SD card?)

    Yes, multiple urls are no longer supported by the LE build system.

    You've got two choices:

    1) Write a mkpkg script (see existing examples in tools/mkpkg) to create a single new source tarball containing the source code from both URLs, then create your new package so that it references the location of your new mkpkg'd tarball (which you need to host somewhere, so that it can be downloaded). If you decide to submit your new package to LibreELEC with a PR, make sure you include your mkpkg script and we can then host your package on our distribution server (your PKG_URL should then reference the DISTRO_SRC server location)

    2) Create two inter-dependent packages, rather than one package, so that each package downloads one tarball each. Inter-dependencies between the two packages should ensure they are built in the correct sequence. However sometimes this isn't always possible, hence #1.

    I've now stopped building OpenELEC, and will only be releasing LibreELEC test builds in future.

    They're documented and supported over on the Kodi forum (as that's always where they've been posted in the past, and where the majority of users/developers are).

    Here's the links:

    RPi/RPi2 test thread
    Generic test thread

    There should be daily RPi, RPi2 and also Generic (x86) builds.

    Builds will be posted after 9pm UK time.

    Please post problems/issues relating to the test builds in the relevant Kodi forum test build threads.