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    When usb is in, have you rebooted , then enter bios and select it that way.?

    I had similar issue and was a bit fiddly to get installer to work. If you also want ir to work remember to activate in bios. (I didn’t realise this at first )

    I’m on bios 47 too as not long got my nuc , IR is working but range is poor.

    If you have any tips you can share or any bios settings you recommend would appreciate hearing from you .

    Good luck


    Can I ask does anyone have any further guidance on how to get the IR working on the nuc .

    I’ve read the wiki but for my nuc I can’t see what to do . It’s does say under rpi that the Xbox 360 remote works out of the box but what would I need to do for the nuc ? Or is it my nuc issue ?


    At the back of my mind, I think that some bios updates on some nuc's stop the IR working

    Intel nuc CIR bios issues : get involved

    hi, thanks for the reply.

    Yes there where issues with ir but the recent intel bios updates apparently have sorted this all.

    I have read the reply/link from chewitt above and it appears I need to drop some code or something into LibreELEC but I don’t really understand which I need to do.



    Hi all

    I’ve literally just purchase my new NUC7PJYH- I’ve updated the bios to the newest version 47.

    I’ve not downloaded any drivers as I understood these are just for windows .

    I’ve installed the most recent official release of libreelec .

    On set up last night the internal infrared wasn’t working at all . I use a Xbox 360 remote that works great with my old NUC.(No dongles etc)

    Could anyone offer any help please as I really need infrared to work and one of the reasons I bought for simplicity like my old nuc .

    Only difference I can see is my old nuc isn’t running the most recent Kodi LibreELEC.

    Any help really will be appreciated


    Hi all

    I’ve just treated myself the a new NUC7PJYH.

    Now I’m not too clever when it comes to installing libreelec etc .

    Can anyone advise what is the best version to install ? Does the official install work ok now (understand there isn’t any hdr which is not an issue for me)

    Thanks for any guidance


    Hi all

    Just bought myself a external hard drive and could do with a bit of help to set up .

    I've plugged in USB and can see it available .

    I have a small internal hard drive on my NUC, any ideas how I move my movies from the hard drive to the new external drive ?

    When I hit move in the sources section nothing happens.

    I managed to put one of my movies on from my laptop using winsscp, but when I'm trying to update the drive so movie info pops up it fails .

    Hope all that makes sense

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.


    Thanks both for replies.

    I found that the picture seemed a little darker , but not sure if that my eyes or not . The NUC is connected to a receiver then to oled 4K tv.

    I also had an issue with iptv being juddery , on my NUC using krypton but not Jarvis especially when context menu brought up say when itv etc playing . Not sure I'm allowed to talk about iptv on here though(iptv used as i can't get Ariel to the room where my kodi box is as not permitted to wire and sky won't upgrade me to Q without silly money paid )

    Thanks guys for the replies, will give it a try hopefully tonight

    Thanks for the reply .

    Dam so I either transfer my moves off the NUC hard drive somewhere or I lose them , then have to put them on again one a fresh install done.

    Teaches me to mess when I don't know what I'm doing 😂

    Now to figure out how to do a fresh install as it's been a long time . As you can guess I'm not too computer minded