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    Thanks Zomboided for your response and excellent addon.

    I know this is not related to the addon, but what sort of percentage speed reduction if any do you see with PIA?

    I would like to configure LE with the Google name servers instead of using the ones referred by the router. How can I do this?


    There should be an option in Kodi 17 - as there was in 16 - for system-addons-system-dependencies etc. but it is not visible. Where can I find it or make it visible?


    Klojum clearly doesn't have an RPi, because the GUI is laggy even on the RPi3. It's just slow. Almost any Intel IGD will have it beat as far as the GUI is concerned.

    I have an RPi 2 and there is no lag whatsoever. I did image a new Krypton SD after the update from Jarvis was stuck on the boot screen - many others reported this - so no residual stuff - thumbnails, caches etc - to slow things down.

    apc the problem is that when you connect to a VPN you've punched a massive hole in your firewall and you're at the mercy of your provider to filter unwanted traffic. This is particularly an issue on a box like LE where the root password is widely known. Some VPNs are better than others at filtering, but you should definitely check...

    What is the significance of these factors to those of us who have an ISP that issues external dynamic IP addresses that constantly change and also uses NAT so that all local equipment is on the internal. non-routed 192.168.* network?

    Securing your Kodi box and securing your connection are two different issues. For the former you need a firewall - unless your Internet connection uses NAT - and for the latter you would need a VPN.


    I have a WETEK OpenELEC Box which I upgraded to LibreELEc last week. now, the HDMI-CEC control with my TV Remote does not work anymore. It used to work fine with OE. Is there some problem with the new version? Is it a configuration issue?

    Cheers, Mav

    You could go the TV advanced settings and then CEC - or whatever your TV brand calls it - and then scan for CEC devices. If Kodi is listed - which it should be - select it and see if that resolves it.

    I noticed that the codec info overlay is much more basic in Krypton - missing detailed information such as skipped/dropped frames etc.

    Is there a way of accessing more detailed codec info as displayed in Jarvis and before?