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    I've put together a script that generates Kodi game addons from the binaries available from libretro directly (no compiling). I've been testing it on Windows/Android/Linux/OSX and it seems to work pretty well, so I've expanded it to LE addons. The git repository for the addons is here.

    For Generic LE x86_64 you can install and use the Kodi addon repository here

    For ARMHF (RPi, and maybe S905? not sure exactly what is all covered with armhf), you can install and use the Kodi addon repository here

    In testing the addons, many work, and some still don't (any addon requiring GL for example doesn't work, so they've been marked broken). The status of the ones I've tested on Linux and OSX are listed in the readme. I've setup the script to build a small number of cores for LE for testing for now, and if they seem to be working I'll open it up to the rest of the cores.

    Happy Gaming!

    Hi @5schatten,

    I've tried installing your build on an S905 box, but can't get it to boot.

    This is the box.

    Using the dtb file gxbb_p201_2G.dtb from here (renamed to dtb.img)

    Just to test, I installed kszaq's latest S905 build, using the same dtb. Everything works, system boots, wireless, bluetooth, etc all work.

    I've tried both updating from kzaqs build by putting your generic S905 tar file into the update folder and just installing fresh from the generic S905 img.gz file onto the sd card. In both cases the box just sits at the firmware boot screen and doesn't boot to LE. Is there anything I can do in order to troubleshoot or get boot error logs?

    yes, you're right. But lakka's retraroch binary has some additional features such as poweroff option or lakka updater... if a user use the latest lakka will updte and overwrite libreelec installation... I tried that way a lot time ago and some users lost their OpenELEC installation... ;(

    To avoid that you can compile Lakka and edit retroarch package file and change just one parameter, then you will get a clean retroarch binary. But I can not compile any linux distro anymore...

    The thing is that in new retroarch 1.7.3 there are some settings to "hide/view" some options in menus so I can try to hide "online updater" to avoid users loosing their LE installation... I'm gonna try it out :/

    Lakka/Retroarch recently implemented some new config settings to hide/view a lot of those menu options, including the shutdown and update menus. That might make it more palatable to use for your binaries.

    I just released a new RA 8.170.9 version including those missing libs, I tried it out and it worked in a fresh new LE9 alpha build installation.

    You can update from kodi's Gamestarter repo or download zip from here:

    Also, I tried to get new RA 1.7.3 binary from escalade's/5schatten's releases but I can not make it work in official LE build... Since nowadays I just use my RPi for hyperion/ambilight control (and twice a month to watch some downloaded movies) by the moment 1.7.0 will be the last RA version in gamestarter addon, unless someone offers itself to compile RA using official LE toolchain... sorry...

    Isn't lakka built on LE? Or is there some technical reason the binaries from lakka can't be used?

    I'm interested in running a script 'outside of Kodi' on an S905 box I have running LibreElec. I'm running Retroarch in conjunction with Kodi on this box and use a launcher script to exit Kodi then launch the game in Retroarch. Rarely there's a game that doesn't work when launched and the box essentially just hangs. I'm able to ssh into the box and reboot it, or restart Kodi, but I'm interested in doing this from either the remote or from a controller connected via bluetooth.

    Does LibreElec already have something included that would allow this? Any help would be appreciated.

    I've added support in IARL to launch games if you're using this build. Seems to work pretty well for the systems I tested. Still trying to get it to work with PSP and AdvanceMAME. naibi was also gracious enough to add a retroarch setting in this build to boot back to Kodi instead of emulationstation when you exit Retroarch.

    If you set sx05re_exit_to_kodi = True in the retroarch.cfg, you will boot back to Kodi on exit.

    I'm attempting to get my chinese knockoff PS3 controllers to work with my S905 box (MXIII II) loaded with the latest kszaq LibreElec build.

    After connecting them with a USB cable, Kodi 'sees' the controller and lists it as an available peripheral (the controller shows up as one that I can change the deadzone for in settings). But the mapping function within Kodi doesn't see any button press on the controller except for the center 'pair' button.

    ssh'ing into the box, here's what shows up for the controller (shortened for brevity):

    The controller seems to be at least identified, but no input is read within Kodi.

    Are there any extra troubleshooting steps that I can take? Or is there a udev rule that would force this controller to be 'seen' as a PS3 controller?

    Also of note, I've used these controllers on an x86 build of LibreElec and they worked without any extra configuration outside of Kodi.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    I'm having some issues using my generic PS3 controllers with this build. Otherwise seems to work great!

    I noticed there were some patches to other LibreElec / Lakka builds to resolve controller issues (see here and here) for Odroid LibreElec project. Wondering if the same patches would fix these issues with the S905 project?

    I have a strange issue, wondering if anyone else has seen the same thing.

    When launching a game, usually audio will work, but intermittently sometimes audio will not work. Without changing any settings, if I exit Retroarch and retry, some percentage of the time it works.

    The retroarch log shows the following when it fails:

    1. RetroArch [ERROR] :: ALSA: Failed to initialize...
    2. RetroArch [ERROR] :: Failed to initialize audio driver. Will continue without audio.

    Config shows:

    1. audio_driver = "alsathread"
    2. audio_out_rate = "48000"
    3. audio_device = "hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0"

    Have you tried mame2003 that's included in this build? Resolution looks good to me. I have no need for the mame standalone as I think the libretro core works better.

    I do use mame2003 for arcade games. Newer MAME provides MESS functionality though, so we can play older systems like colecovision, commodore 64, etc. The latest MAME core does work for this, the resolution is just buggy, see issue here:
    Hide nagscreen and Hide warnings broken · Issue #7 · libretro/mame · GitHub

    First of all, thanks for this build. It's getting pretty close to perfect for a gaming rig OS (which I'm in the middle of making for myself currently).

    Any possibility of including standalone MAME for the generic build? Similar to the other standalone emulators you've included, retroarch MAME (latest core) is buggy as far as resolutions are concerned.