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    Test 20170301

    Tested 20170301 on minix x8H (S802) and minix X8H Plus (S812)

    Wifi works on S802 but signal is not optimal (but acceptable). Bluetooth works for me with an speaker.

    wifi and bluetooth don't works on S812. At first it seems to works. The networks are listed and you can connect and appears a correct IP.
    But when you try to access the net don't work.

    I think minix x8h (s802) uses an AP6330 chip and minix x8h plus (s812) uses an Ap6335 chip. I don't know if this is useful for you... :huh:

    Sorry, internal bluetooth don't works. My mistake. With an external dongle, I connect an BT speaker and works.

    5.1 Dolby passthrough is working on my receiver with this last version (I just cheked it one again)... with HDMI cable connected to the received. I have no optical cable...

    Collected image (Test 20170223) using the latest available version of KODI. Corrected the error and included in the Assembly package media_build. I tried this option on MIII Plus - maybe I don't understand correctly, but it seemed to me that different video files, automatically frequency switching of the screen.


    Hi, this new version worked for me. Minix X8H and X8H plus.
    Ethernet and wifi OK
    Internal bluetooth now works for me with a little speaker.
    CEC is Ok (panasonic TV)
    Dolby passthrough is working OK on my marantz receiver.
    Automatically frequency swithching OK.

    Hi Smashi, how did you do it? Where I can get this kernel? :huh: :blush: Thanks.

    Hi, I have a Minix Neo X8-H (802). Same results as Smashi. Works ethernet and wifi. Not works internal bluetooth. But with a usb dongle it works.
    Black screen playing video. Pictures and music works.

    With a Minix x8.h plus (812) same results as minix S802.

    I cannot get booting on a 812 M8S (XT V10 board). There's a lot of M8S fake copies and each one is a different nightmare.
    I cannot get botting on a KII (S812).

    In all of them I run alexelec m8splus 2.17 version without important issues, except on minix x8H (802), that I have no ethernet and no wifi, but I solve it conecting an usb ethernet adapter, that works.

    Thanks for your work.

    I have two S905 boxes: a Nexbox A95 and a MXQ-Pro. Both are working fine with kszaq Version (generic 1G 100M device tree). Today I used the Kodi Backup tool and copied my settings (addons, addon data, database, playlist, thumbnails, config data) from the A95 to MXQ box. It worked, but is did too much: it copied also the hostname (no problem, easy to change) and the MAC address (big problem, because I’ve no idea how to change) so I've now two boxes with the same MAC.

    Can anybody help and tell me how I can change the MAC address in librelelec? I’ve already tried some commands on ssh level, but they all change the MAC only until the next reboot.

    Try this.
    Go to storage/.config directory
    If you have a file named edit it. If not, create it.
    Insert in the next line:
    ifconfig eth0 hw ether <NEW MAC ADDRESS HERE>
    example: ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:A3:FF:02:0E:05
    Save and restart.
    I hope this solve your problem.

    Just a question: is it possible to use a different remote by changing the remote.conf? I bought the recommended device (wetek.hub), which is quite impressive, but I am totally disappointed about the remote...
    btw: to avoid stutter on high-bitrate files, I had to create an advancedsettings.xml with more buffersize: Now libreelec works in many cases already very very impressive (passthroug for dts-ma, true-hd - never worked on my S805 devices).
    big tnx!

    Yes. It's possible. You must change the remote.conf.

    If you are using Android, you must put the new remote.conf in the system/etc folder

    Id you are using Openelec or LibreELEC you must put it on the storage/.config folder

    I'm not sure now but I think in android you must be root and change permissions to write in system/etc