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    So the toggle is to set the selected colour space option 'active'? If that's the case the toggle seems misaligned (one row below the colour space option with no description).

    Furhtermore, the very next thing i notice is a return of considerable and continuous hickups in sound with livetv. Out of syncs are back as well.

    Up until 8.90.5 LiveTV was the best i have ever seen in any libreelec build. This latest dev build regresses that area considerably.

    I am not sure i would technically call this a bug, but here it goes.

    Let me start by saying adding iptables to LE is a very welcomed addition. It's great!

    I just tested the default profiles in adamg's latest Leia build 8.90.5 and it seems they have been switched, as in they do the opposite as what description says. I set it to public to open up ports for internal networks.

    That, or i am just way too tired.../shrug


    First thanks GDPR-2 for your work on this new build. I am excited :-)

    I have tried 'fixing' my ir remote by following the instructions to the letter.

    My remote is a Rii i25, which has only a couple of ir keys to be reconfigured. All others are RF, including keyboard.

    All seems fine, keyfile created after testing the scancodes and activated ('4 keys added to driver' is displayed in the SSH session).

    After this, restarting services (or reboot), no IR keys are responsive consistently.

    I can sometimes envoke 'context' which i assigned to a key, but only sometimes.

    All others do not work.

    I have to get on the road now, and i will be trying further when i return.

    Right now i believe it has something to do with the rc_keymap i created, since it's complaining about the first line.

    This i what i used. when first line is removed, keys seem to be added to the driver. When present, this is returned:

    invalid NEC

    Invalid parameter on line 1 of /etc/rc_keymaps/riii25

    Can't load riii25 table from /etc/rc_keymaps or /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps

    # table riii25, type: NEC

    0x8051 KEY_POWER

    0x801b KEY_BACK

    0x8053 KEY_HOMEPAGE

    0x8049 KEY_MENU

    Any assistance is appreciated (no rush though ;-)).



    It’s just a set (probably 4k) resolution on boot. A few pages back you’ll find the ssh command to set the startup resourion to whatever you need, although it would be better imo to set a more widely used resolution as default so any not-so-tech-savvy user isn’t presented with a garbled screen.

    /edit this is what i used. Ssh into the box and use:

    fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz

    The 'TV stutter patch' hasn't improved things in my case at all.

    Running the 2.2.2 version with DVBLogic as backend. It's known this backend does not send FPS value.

    For me, using the fallback setting to 50Hz fixes it 100%.

    The 'TV stutter patch' only makes changing channels take longer. Nothing more.