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    Hey coolest,

    New driver did the trick for T95U Pro here is the test video.

    And your settings were spot on

    1. Display Type = 0
    2. Common Anode = unchecked.
    3. Index 0 is 4
    4. Index 1 is 0
    5. Index 2 is 1
    6. Index 3 is 2
    7. Index 4 is 3

    You really are the coolest 😉 thanks for your help.

    Hey coolest,

    That gives me a display, the last digit is upside down and flipped, the usb icon is displayed but no network/wifi icon i can live without that how do i flip the last digit so its the right way up and flipped.


    If you have a S912 its really not that hard to add Sx05RE to the source code, It was very difficult at the start since I didn't knew anything about LE, Lakka didn't really existed for the S905 and there was one other build doing it, that I knew off, but it was not to my liking. But I already did the research and heavy lifting and it is now mostly just moving a whole folder and enabling it on the project. I don't have any other boxes (and no plans to get any soon) so I can't officially test them or support them, but if you are willing I can help you enabling it.

    Hi niabi,

    That would be great if you could instruct me where to move the folder and enable it so I can try it, much appriciated.

    I made the MXQ Project build that you're using, which version of it have you installed? Did you install the LibreELEC backup I made? ES should work. I'll test it soon, but I haven't updated that build in a long time, I think probably July/August last year was the last release.

    Hi Mxqproject, yeah I installed the backup you made as it seemed to be the only way of getting something similar to Sx05RE working on an S912 as I said I can run games from Retroarch but trying to launch ES2 just reboots Kodi, if you could make an updated build for an S912 that would be awesome. Àlso what happened to the ScottELEC build that was announced, is that still ongoing.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm after a little advice, I know Sx05RE won't work on an S912 box as I compiled it and tried, I have however got kszaq's latest libreELEC running on it and I installed the mxqproject to add retroarch and ES2, I can run games from Retroarch but ES2 fails to load, has anybody had any luck getting ES2 to run on an S912.

    Many Thanks

    Hi, Tried installing on an s912 but it hangs at the sx095re logo screen, it resizes the partition successfully then reboots but just sticks on the logo screen, I used the pre built version, but was wondering if there a certain way to compile for a s912 box.

    Many Thanks