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    Yep. Tried another PSU, which did work before, as well as USB. One day it was fine, shut it down from android. Next day it somehow made it to the sleep mode (red led) ON ITS OWN!, I shut it down and it never woke again. There have been some jokes about houses burnt down, wouldn't surprise me actually :-D

    It's the H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912. Not a specific manufacturer as I know of.

    Thanks a lot for your ongoing support to all of us hoping for a solution. Last resort we can always try to **** up Android by trying to install LE to internal as you did :-D Regarding the HW, if you look inside through the small vent holes in the bottom cover of the box, can you please at least tell us which color the motherboard is (green v. blue - see this article)? Ideally, if you open it (which is dead easy - see first part of this video; no need to disassemble the box as they do in the second part) there is a sticker saying something like CZ-S32-V5 JOB20170908 etc which would be most useful information.

    It would seem our only hope here at least in the short term is for zed85 to confirm what Android ROM version he has on his box. I would still like to know which dtb.img he uses, too, although it has been said that it is most likely irrelevant to the issue.

    Hi, I am still trying to get my head round why the remote power on / off behaves differently in terms of Android v. LE on my H96 Pro Plus 3/32 4K, no matter what remote.conf file I use. On Android, when on the blue led is on and when off a red led is on. On LE, when on the blue led light is significantly weaker and when off there is no led light at all. Also I am unable to power the box on by the remote. Is there any hope for a fix / workaround to avoid having unplug and plug the power cable each time I want to use the damn thing,? Anyone, please?

    is this no longer possible in this release?

    zed85: Thanks. Sorry to be a pain but could you please confirm whether you run it from SD card or internal? There must be SOMETHING different about our setups other than the remote.conf file :-( Could the original device firmware play any role in this? My box is the 4K 'branded' H96 Pro+ as per your picture, 3/32GB version from geekbuying. Just to be sure - when you power the device off does it shutdown or go to standby (the red led)? For me, the standby option - which was the default in Android - is greyed out in LE so I can't even try if the remote would at least wake it from there.