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    What ROM? Can you try to run it manually?

    1. # systemctl stop kodi && retroarch -v

    I've uploaded a new build 20161209 with rolled back RetroArch version, could you try that please?

    I'm back on your builds (no longer compiling myself as I finally resolved my docker and mono needs).

    20161209 appears to be functioning with everything I throw at it currently. :-)

    Can some one please help me with locating Moonlight addon for LE on RPi 3? It was in one of defaults repos (probably LE repo). And it was working quite well! After last update of LE (this one wihout default Mono) I thought I would reinstall Moonlight from add-on, to make it work. I did the opposite. I cant locate this addon in defaults repos, and all instalations scripts that I can find in internet arent compatible.

    I had a hard time finding it also, but its there.

    The only way I could find it was from the main menu
    Add-ons (click)->scroll to downloads (move right)->scroll to bottom of list to program add-ons (click)-> scroll to moonlight

    Its weird, if I attempt to find moonlight through any other menu of repositories then its not listed. Something is weird but it looks like its vanilla libreelec that is the issue here.


    What about Emulationstation logs? Did you try other emulators than RA, like amiga/c64?

    Emulationstation launched succesfully. I've only been using RetroArch so far. Haven't had interest in the other emulators.

    And I need more details, more logs, more roms tested. I do not have an RPi so it won't get fixed without more info. Also just stick to my builds, is included in mine, this gets confusing if you're rolling your own with your own set of problems.

    Just rolling my own temporarily to preserve a few things the way they were before removing mono and docker. Once I get that resolved, I'll be back to your compiled builds.

    Basically, from the test you did looks like Kodi can't simply be frozen on the RPi probably because of no X and windowmanager and overlapping windows. That's fine though we can just stop Kodi like before, which it should do properly in 20161208-3. I need more info. Did Kodi get stopped properly? Try launching emulators manually, other roms/cores, etc.

    I'll work on it again tonight and report back any progress and/or additional logs.

    Here you go. This is a self-compiled version based upon 20161204 (all I have done in my custom build is temporarily revert docker and mono until I implement a proper solution). I should also add that emulationstation got stuck on the splash screen until I sent a reboot command via ssh.


    Also test the 20161208-2 build for the RPi which reverts to the old behaviour of fully stopping Kodi.

    20161208-3 launches emulationstation ok, however, no roms will successfully launch now.

    ...and I found the log for retroarch. Looks like its segfaulting.

    And why not one more edit for the night...after recompiling with the latest retroarch git:

    1. /usr/bin/retroarch: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Indeed, I missed that. Let me know what you find regards to controller ordering.

    Found an issue with 20161128, Kodi got unfrozen after exiting a game in Emulationstation. A revised build is being compiled and uploaded soon.

    I compiled myself and tested out a bit (including commit f59bbe9). When I select emulators, Kodi freezes but emulationstation doesn't launch. If I ssh in and type killall -SIGCONT Kodi.bin then emulationstation launches. Upon exiting emulationstation, Kodi is functioning but appears to have been accepting input from controller while emulationstation was running.

    Reverting for now.

    Did quite a bit of polishing for this last release, enjoy :)


    1. - The "Emulationstation" shortcut on the main menu is now renamed to "Emulators" which starts ES by default but is configurable through /storage/.config/emulator-frontend.conf
    2. - Use scrolling sound from ES theme as Kodi sounds
    3. - Removed extra ES theme for a slimmer image
    4. - Start applications maximized by default
    5. - Freeze Kodi instead of stopping it when launching applications for much faster startup times
    6. - Enabled scanlines in FS-UAE default configuration
    7. - Fixed an issue with Chrome failing to start because of missing
    8. - Updated packages: emulationstation-theme-carbon, dolphin, glupen64-libretro, mupen64plus-libretro, core-info, libretro-database, retroarch-assets, retroarch, mesa, SDL2, xf86-video-intel

    Will freezing instead of stopping have an adverse impact to performance on pi 2/3?

    Did I also see that you added gpsp?

    Yeah, this is where I grabbed it from yesterday.


    Finally, most of the cores are extracted from Lakka build...

    Cool, this answers my question...most are from Lakka.


    ...because lakka is based on openelec (cominng soon libreelec version) so they work fine in libreelec not like the ones in retroarch that are compiled for raspbian.

    The weird thing though is that some cores download from retroarch nightlies work fine while others (in this case gpsp) do not.


    Anyways, it is strange that escalade's core is slowlier... maybe it is a newest commit that is not optimized...

    It is not necessarily that escalade's is slower. It is the difference between mgba (cross platform) vs gpsp which is written for ARM.

    At any rate, thank you for your help!

    This maybe an odd question but are you compiling retroarch cores yourself? If not, where are you getting them from?

    I am currently using the community build from escalade that includes retroarch. On my Pi 2, mgba is too slow for GBA. So, I downloaded gpsp from the retroarch nightly cores but it crashes retroarch when I try to load a rom. So, then I tried to compile it myself but I am having issues with that too. At some point, I got the idea to extract the gpsp core from your addon and....IT WORKED! I am glad that I got it working, but was curious where your core is coming from so I can keep it up to date and/or fix how I am compiling.

    One thing I noticed is that your core is >12MB while the nightly from libretro is <1MB, I figure this must be due to how its compiled.

    Anyone messed around much with GBA? Playing on a Pi 3 I was able to tweak a few things to get full speed without audio crackling but I can't seem to do the same on my Pi 2.

    This is with mgba for libretro.

    I tried to download gpsp from the update cores option within retroarch but it crashes and Kodi restarts when I try to launch a game with it.

    The github repo was just a mirror. I've switched to the official svn repo and fixed Transmission as well, thanks for the notice.

    Thanks...I was able to compile start to finish successfully. :-)

    is it as easy to add a package as it looks? Like say, I want to compile gpsp, I just duplicate the package file for mgba...but change the references to gpsp?

    Sorry, I don't have a TV card. Which build did you install? I've just uploaded a new today. Always post logs, there really isn't any way to see what's going on without them.

    The biggest change in 20161026 is Kodi 17 beta4.

    I was messing around trying to compile on my own. I get an error for Transmission. It appears the URL has changed.

    After resolving that, I get another error for unfs3. This also appears to be URL related. It looks like the github repo has been deleted...nothing you can do about that.

    jaykass, thanks again for your help. I'm almost embarrassed of this last question :)
    Renaming the file to storage-Armazem.mount didn't work, but creating the folder /storage/armazem worked great.

    Almost everything set now, all emulators running great from NAS.
    Next step will be to figure out how to work with the controls (DS4 and 8bitdo).


    No worries. When I first setup my automounts I got stuck on an equally embarrassing/simple issue that took me a couple hours to figure out. :-(

    is it case-sensitive? storage-armazem.mount vs /storage/Armazem