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    How command you use to boot from internal ??? My internal is Android . Do you mean boot to internal?

    I use only to internal and make it from Estuary skin menu Reboot to internal.

    kszaq Super work , but when you on first page write Discontinued , good way is place too link to next ACTIVE...

    Im now stay on , what is best on , what is more stable?

    If only a hosts allow option is defined for a share, only the hosts listed will be allowed to use the share. All others will be denied.

    Too i as Tim not recommend use SD CARD as big file one time storage. SD CARD have only limited write cycles...

    and yes when qnap have smb.conf client min protocol write to it, but maybe after this qnap lost ability to scan network and show server names, you then directly enter it. Then better choice for client is smb1 and allow deny plus password or firewall security.

    LE use access without password when SMB2-3 then say anything around security is bad advice...

    For time to QNAP correct negotiate proper protocol you can use smb1 with or without WannaCry ..:idea:

    When you need special security add host access permision for only QNAP IP to LE server config...


    # Networking configuration options

    hosts allow = 192.168.220. 134.213.233.

    hosts deny =

    When you have NAS i dont understand revert usage. NAS primary act as server .

    But as mine android trouble, only one solution is enable smb1.

    Security for local private network isnt big issue, SMB1 is used more as 20years...

    Thanks trogggy i did it.

    And seems min protocol SMB1 helps.

    Last LE questions is command smbstatus ?

    And why android 17.6 KODI dont use smb2 protocol maybe other forum?

    Kodi on Android currently supports only SMB1. Go into LE settings. Under services set the minimum SMB version to SMBv1. That should be the only change required. It would alsobe recommended to use a username/password for access.

    I have here None minimum and None maximum protocol version

    but all this is in section Client , then i mean server protocol is untuched by this....

    no i have in .config folder only sample file

    then i mean i use default generated LE smb.conf now

    :):):) buble

    Your info is about client smb part of LE , but LE acts too as server

    and server have only poorly documented samba.conf.example.

    When i use your steps on second device and in address of device host enter LE response is timeout connection error...

    BTW send your samba.conf

    I only ask LE config, then all dont be stupid and stop write wrong forum.

    I know where and how configure SMB running LE . But dont know what special single user samba build LE uses.

    My android tablet access it too in ES File Explorer with smb2 support, but no access in KODI and other smb1 sw.

    Then i see good way to share conf examples and quickly solve LE samba... But seems nobody uses it as NAS ???

    Have you realy 2500000 cache??? This is only 2.5MB very low sized cache for 4k and too for hdd you need buffermode 1 ...

    When your minix have 2G RAM maybe half used best cache is around 100-512MB 512000000 ....

    And second check hw codecs support...

    No i have one master box S905X Libreelec with connected external USB HDD

    I have next more Windows, android and any other devices, that need access HDD on LE .

    Problem is config samba server on Libreelec properly.

    Hi all,

    i use S905X except KODI , too as NAS for my local network .

    I read around SAMBA troubles , but this all writes about use client smb in LE KODI.

    Then i must ask for working examples , that config LE as universal samba server for other devices in lan.

    Exactly i have problem connect from Android Kodi on lan .

    :( Android 7x Kodi 17.6

    I then need config SMB1 only for Android clients , W7 works ok with default conf .