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    Javi that's great and thanks for getting the vendor to supply these to us, it will certainly go a long way to adding better support for Tanix boxes to LE in the future.

    A lot of developers have heard empty promises of sources being provided before so please do not take the hostile attitudes personally, there is a saying... "once bitten, twice shy"

    If the vendor could get hold of or release the wifi driver code that would be a big help for us :)

    I have to send you a PM later...

    We also killed Kennedy, Lincoln, and the last dodo bird... X/

    . . .

    I am talking with engineers now about sources.

    1. No problem to publish fd628 source code with our changes.

    2. About 9082xs WiFi driver source: We just have the .ko compiled by provider. (They will ask provider if can release the source to us. But no idea if will be success... we just can try)

    I will back to you soon.

    The LCD display driver again is already partly available on Github already but we require the changes that Tanix have made to it.

    I assume you are referring the the T820MP3 fbdev Mali binaries that we require for S912 devices earlier in your post as well, if these can be provided then many of us here would be extremely grateful.

    I guess you will get more valuable information after releasing the source, but maybe you can find something interesting here:


    Sorry, it is 4AM here in China and I am at home, so this is all what I have right now. Also, as I said, I do not use to go too deep on the systems (sadly).

    Nah... my story with Mali was time ago, maybe S812... I do not remember now.

    Hi GDPR-2 thanks for your reply.

    Oranth and Tanix are same thing, "Tanix" is an Oranth's registered brand. Here you can see the trademark details

    Said that, I am a member of Oranth (or Tanix) from not a long time ago. Until now I had time to do some things like design the case for TX3 Mini and Max or the UI and main fuctions for ALICE UX (of course, always supported by the engineers). Also I am building the community for Tanix, something really hard as we need more people clearly, and as last, I have requested our engineers to port LibreELEC and, when possible, Ubuntu or maybe Armbian (all this trying to fill users requests).

    Even I have a good general knowledge about all the areas related to TV BOX, I am not engineer and I am not specialized in a certain area, so it is probably I can not go too deep when talking about some details like a driver source code. I know about how difficult has always been getting certain sources. Even I can give you an example:

    Few years ago I have been working (as one of the directors board) for a big chinese company (product: AliYun TV Box). They can sell in the (huge) Chinese market even more than Xiaomi. As I always put an eye on geeks, developers... then I wanted to release a source from Mali (GPU) that I knew developers always required. What about the result? Well, even our (BIG) company did not have access to those sources. My work-mates (directors too) asked directly face to face to the SoC manufacturer and even to Mali. "It is needed a very big reason to release that...". That's the story, some things maybe even we can't have. I can add that I also heard some of those "we can compile for you" or "we can do the changes you need", but coming from higher level than we are.

    I will not say your requests are also so "protected" like mine before, I even do not know what you asked for. Just want to say, even you want to be open, sometimes you just can't. I guess some of these providers are trying to protect "their things" from their competitors, so they just do not accept.

    Can I try to help? Sure, I can.

    Can I help finally? No idea... many things involved.

    The problem is that two weeks ago you came barging down our (forum) door in someone else's topic, with Tanix firmwares for Tanix hardware. The same goes for mr. juandoemx, posting links of MEGA downloads of unverifiable content. IMO, there is a commercial element there where the LibreELEC forum is being used as advertiser (for free). And as already pointed out, there is such a thing as the GPL licence, not to mention the lack of some type of "professional courtesy call" towards the LibreELEC team in using their source code and logo.

    So for me, both your forum entries and stalling to provide sources for whatever pretext is a poor example of how to send out your business card.

    ;( Please, I did not come here to arge again and again.

    I have posted Tanix things in a Topic about Tanix hardware already opened.

    I do not know who is mr. juandomx, but looking at his post it is a partial copy of our newsletter.

    Could everything be done in a better way? Sure, and I accept my responsability.

    When I say "I don't undestand where is the problem" I mean: The source will be released as I said. But I can not force other people to do something right now if they can't. As well as I can't back to the past and do the things in a different way.

    We are new to LibreELEC, just requesting time to do these things better... I do not know how much we can contribute, maybe a little, maybe a lot, we will see.

    but it's also very disrespectful to take someone's work bundle it on their website (where I have to subscribe to get it btw) without source code release.

    My idea.

    I think you will find few (or no one) companies like us sending emails with both .IMG and .ZIP versions, linking to flashing guides, asking them to join the community (included a link to this topic), videos and all that we can do. It takes too much time to build those newsletters every time we release a firmware (what probably has been released first in an Alpha and BETA version to ensure everything is working when the stable version reaches end-users).

    Please, do not assume certain things so quickly.

    I do not know what is the problem. I said we will release the source.

    Engineers here have many things to do, they will finish when they think it is ok accord to their tasks. We also do not have hundreds, in fact, just 2 of them are looking on this.

    This firmware even has not been flashed to any device in the factory, we just did it because many users requested. Just trying to make our users happy. Right now I have not idea if someone will be selling a kind of "LibreELEC box" based on this.

    It is really difficult here in China (I am Spanish) to explain to a manufacturer why have to do these things (work on a different OS) and build an even small structure to support end-users, I am doing that (as well as I can).

    I know they did some work around the display, and we do not have any problem to share.

    Javi is there any chance you can supply the source code for the Wifi driver and the LCD/vfd display as support for this device so we can properly support this device upstream.

    The device is already supported in community builds with the precompiled binary blobs that have been supplied by Oranth but we really do require the source for these 2 components.

    Engineers are preparing everything. As soon as they are done I will back to you.


    Updated to 1.1 (20180109)

    Change log:

    1. Fixed menu key (hamburger button). Working now.

    2. Allow installation of addons from unkown sources.

    3. The vfd can show wifi, eth, usb, play, pause.

    4. LibreELEC Reboot Window. Now you can reboot to android from every skin. Just press "Power" button on your remote.

    How to boot from LibreELEC or Android? When you are running one of the systems, just long press "power" button on your remote. A menu will be displayed, then, you can reboot to the other OS.

    Sample when using Mimic


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    If you are new with this firmware, download here: Tanix TX3 Max & Mini Dual OS Edition - LibreELEC + Android firmware - TANIX TV Box

    Thanks a lot Javi. I've got a question about the new system.

    It seems great but when we have the new firmware how easy would it be to update individually the new versions of libreelec by kszaq?

    I suspect that since the libreelec version would be inside the firmware, everytime we would want to update we will be needing a new firmware. Are you willing to be building a new firmware everytime a new libreelec version gets published?

    Well, a firmware can be upgraded by an OTA (what is just a ZIP file), then just need to upgrade the LibreELEC part of the firmware.

    Let's see how it works first after release the first version.