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    Hi Kszaq, is it possible to scale down the CPU freq to 1GHz by using SSH? its now 1.536 GHz

    The H96 Pro plus is running 70+ C. and will freeze after 4 hours

    The cooling is not that good on this box...

    I believe cooling is not good on your specific unit. I keep my unit always on and haven't had a single freeze. I'd suggest checking if radiator and/or paste/thermopads are properly applied

    echo "echo 3 > /sys/class/mpgpu/scale_mode" > /storage/.config/

    Work this code with Or only with the deleted version

    I believe that's applicable only to as has it enabled out of the box. Check contents of and you'll know for sure.

    Still (theoretically) I see no reason why USB3 version should run slower + it worked better with my PC.
    I'm an IT guy so I know thing or two. All my tests were using single eth NAS with iperf3 server and BOXes (and PC for a reference) were clients.
    Results are:

    PC (on-board Gbit): ~550 Mbps

    PC (USB [email protected]): ~550 Mbps

    H96 (on-board Gbit): ~500 Mbps
    H96 (USB Gbit): ~190 Mbps

    X96 (on-board 100Mb): 95 Mbps

    X96 (USB Gbit): ~185 Mbps

    I've also tried H96 on-board Gbit to PC based server instead of NAS: ~860Gbps

    My conclusion is USB or SoC on those boxes is a limiting factor (<200 Mbps). NAS is second after that (500-550Mbps)

    I know Tim_Taylor reported better results with his adapter (~450Mbps if I recall) but for some reason iperf3 is showing only ~200Mbps in my case. I'm using same chip as his adapter (ASIX AX88179) so I'm wondering where the bottleneck is. My S905X box is X96 which is hardware-wise your Vero 4K and we have the same results. I know that adapter can reach more from Tim and I've also tested in in my PC with much better results. Still, native Gbit of S912 seems to be a better choice.

    S905D also ticks those boxes but very few boxes use it. I'm currently deciding between S912 and S905X + USB Gbit ethernet card. Total cost is +- the same but I prefer to have all in one. Also, USB adapter is giving me only 200Mbps while native Gbit from S912 is almost 900Mbps

    A fix for resolution switching on S912 is ready to be included when LE 8.2.3 comes out.

    This means: you will be able to switch to 1280x720. Not a big deal but always something nice to have.

    This means of course ability to set lower GUI resolution, not to switch to lower output resolution if movie res < GUI res? In other words if I want TV to scale up instead of BOX, I'll still need to keep GUI/system resolution at 720p?

    Btw, is it still better to pick up S905X instead of S912? I know about lack of driver and hack you've used but GUI wise they both seem to work properly and decoding wise they were the same from the beginning, right?

    Generally - not personally You - a lot of users using cheap cables - many of them don´t know about the bad quality.

    I tested ATV box from a friend - working perfect with my 15€ HDMI cable from amazon store connected @AVR

    And I use XBMC/KODI many years too - boxee, raspberry pi 1, 2 and 3 - hifiberry etc.

    I understand, that would be must first suggestion as well.
    As for ATV, it might be something between Apple and Samsung way of doing things and problems appear only if they meet. Hard to tell, I've found cheap U9, so I'll report my results once I test it.


    Most users want to save money - using cheap HDMI cable shipped with the 25€ box - try 4k HDR with high bitrate - then whining ....

    Yes, I own some of this cheap boxes, but never use the cheap cable shiped with.

    A working HDMI cable costs round 15€ - no need to buy the high end premium cable >100€

    I've never used those supplied HDMI cables my friend. I'm pretty technical type of a guy and use Kodi since XBMC times and Xbox(1) :)
    Again, same cable worked with other boxes.

    Handshake issues are usually because users cannot be bothered buying 18Gbps Premium Certified HDMI cables to reliably transport high bitrate 4K HDR Data OR AVR / TV firmware is buggy or not configured properly.

    CEC - well blame TV manufacturers for right royally making that unreliable with their own individual "tweaks"

    As for LE Kodi audio passthrough, as I said get a decent HDMI cable first. Then reset Kodi Audio settings to default, and then ONLY select the audio Passthrough options needed. Do NOT mess with the audio channels number.

    Please read Apple forums, people were replacing cables 10 times including those recommended in Apple stores like Belkin etc. I don't have $1 cables as well + if they work with other boxes, then who to blame if not the Apple box itself? I'm connecting ATV directly to pretty new Samsung TV and it's working perfectly fine (CEC included) with other boxes. Probably ATV is more picky but I prefer to pay less for U9 in that case.

    As for LE Kodi, I can just repeat myself. Same setup, same cables work for other boxes just not that one H96 Pro+. Passthrough is working for ATV, Wetek Core, Chromebox, just not H96+. You've said yourself at Kodi forums that this might be caused by incorrect HW implementation

    I have the Mecool M8S Pro (Amlogic S912) and my Denon AVR shows which audio codec is playing, and this box is running the latest LibreELEC So no matter what audio my BlueRay rips have, it is passed through to my AVR.

    I also have the "L" box, but have not installed LibreELEC on it.

    You mean that Mecool M8S Pro has no problems with passthrough? In general everything is working fine with it? It costs nothing and except for lack of 1Gbit connection it has everything

    U9 is expensive.

    Whats about a S905X box ?

    My daily boxes are S905X, Amazon Fire and soon Apple TV 4k. I bought my S912 just for playing around

    I know, I've actually tested ATV 4K but I've had some handshake issues (signal drops, not detecting 4K display from time to time) with it and people reported CEC issues + I don't like it for other Apple related reasons.
    I'm trying to avoid S905X because of lack of 1Gbit connection. I might wait for S905D based Meecool KI to be in stock locally again.

    I don´t believe incorrect hardware - what´s about botchy installation/configuration ?

    Did You try a fresh installation without addons, skins etc. ?

    Tim, I'm not the only one that have such issues with this specific model + I've configured other 3 devices the same way and only that one has problems in both Android and LibreElec. Kodi forums mention that some boxes don't have "proper IEC Passthrough Audio support".

    I've tried fresh installation on latest build ( and Alpha (