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    Sure. So that was my source Openelec Wiki.
    Logging in happens with SSH-Keys.

    And here is what i made:

    ssh /sbin/poweroff

    Sorry for the bad words, i was in a bad mood when i´ve done it.
    I have just noticed that the last update to v6.90.003 won´t work. He downloads it and does the reboot, but when it´s rebooting it just don´t install the update. I had to put the update manually at /storage/.update/ and it worked then. Eventhough after the update he won´t power off completely. He stops at "Reached target Shutdown".

    Yeah well lets get LE stable and healty first, before we are looking to Kode 17 ;).

    I noticed one bug yesterday evening, the machine won´t shutdown completely. I have a tweaked shutdown script which makes a connection via SSH to my NAS to shut it down too.
    Somehow this won´t work with LE.

    Any idea how this can be? Worked fine under OE of course.

    Hello guys,

    i have just found out about LE and as i am an ealry adopter sometimes and i like your concept i thought about switching from OE to LE.

    So long story short, it worked fine so far.

    I have just put the update file into the update folder did a reboot and tadaa. It looks good, no bugs from my side so far.

    Can´t wait to see Kodi 17 with the new Skin on LE running.

    Thanks a lot!