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    i was having image issues on the kiii pro with so i went back to , anyone can help me or point in the right direction, when i watch tv from the dvb tuner the 0sd is not centered altought the image is correct, this happens in all the channels from the dvb tuner.... , in regular movies from the hard drive sometimes it happens sometimes dont.... , the box has 2 res options that say 1920 but only the second one puts the overscan correctly on my tv..... except when watching anything from the dvb/c/s/t tuner.....

    KIII pro (am912) working :) thanks a lot everything got faster especially changing channels on satellite ... , just a question if anyone knows ... on video settings i have 2 choices (actually both say res 1080) in the first one all borders are off the screen, in the second one all is fine except the gui in the tv tab( to watch sat channels) that is still off the screen ( the image is fine though) , when i watch videos through addons the gui is fine..... , anyone has any idea how to fix this :-).

    hello everyone, maybe someone can help me i am running libreelec 8.1.10 on the kiii pro , with the server, client tvheadend and oscam addons for kodi that are available from the libreelec repository, everything works apart from everytime i exit an ecrypted channel, the oscam seems to hang and i am unable to access that channel unless i restart the oscam server... , i connected from tvheadend to oscam via dvb-api (don't know if its the best way...) , anyways i been reading that tvheadend from the repository doesn't always work so i need someone to point me in the right direction because there are so many tvheadend versions ..... , i can post any logs or anything anyone wants thank you very much :-).