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    Ho installato la versione ufficiale libreelec ( per hub wetek. Con le versioni ufficiali sempre competenti il problema era lo stesso. Quando inizio la riproduzione di un film, per eseguire la frequenza di aggiornamento corretta (24Hz) devo riavviare il dialogo


    [User = '1580'] dibotto [/ utente] I molto dubbio che l'immagine lampone Pi funzionerà correttamente sul mozzo wetek. Quale versione per l'hub hai usato?

    I installed the official libreelec version ( for wetek hub. With ever-competent Official versions the problem was the same. When I start playing a movie, to run the correct refresh rate (24hz) I have to restart the box


    I installed LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0.2 on wetek hub and you work fine.

    I just have a problem, when I start a movie, it does not update the video frequency, it often starts playing at 60Hz. To get it to 24hz I have to restart the box to get the right frequency. Once it has been restarted, set all frequencies correctly. Of course, the refresh rate is activated. Does anyone happen?


    I tried the minix x6 all three versions (HD18Q - MXQ - m201d). I tried it with a toothpick sd card. The problem is always the same: libreelec seems to start from sd but the tv screen remains black. I think there is a problem with the hdmi output. On the minix forum I read the problem between an old version of openelec, made for the x6, and hdmi output

    I have a MiniMx 1GB 8GB connected to a 40-inch samsung. Now I'm using version 8.0.1h. I have a problem with hdmi cec: the tv turns on properly when I turn the box on, but every now and then, it happens that when i turn it off, the tv goes out first, then the box, but then the tv resumes and stays on. Do I have to set something in hdmi cec?

    [font][font]Con le versioni 8.0.1c / 8.0.1g / 8.0.1h / me questo succede: [/font][/font]
    [font][font]lancio IPTV vista canale con PRV IPTV semplice client, vista canale dura 30-45 secondi e poi si ferma. [/font][font]Qualcuno accadere? [/font][/font]


    For everyone who had problems with audio sync in Krypton builds. This advancedsettings works:

    Download advancedsettings.xml for Krypton

    Sorry ... this advancedsettings.xml file in which folder should I put?

    Do a fresh Install of LE 8
    I have exact same box that turns on and off.
    I did fresh install. Running LE 8.0.1g from SD Card.

    I installed it on nand .... sorry but with the translator I do not understand ... you have my own box and with the version 8.0.0g SD card, the remote control turns on and off the box?

    If I use the LibreELEC-S905.arm- version, the power key works either to turn on or to turn off the box. With later versions turns it on but does not turn it off

    After updating a mini mx 1gb 8gb, from version to 8.0.1h, the remote control button does not turn off the box, turns it on but does not turn it off. I also tried configuring it with key map editor but nothing. Did someone happen?

    [font][font]Serbatoi [/font][/font]
    [font][font]a partire dalla versione 8.0b kszaq, qual è la procedura da seguire per installare la nuova build?[/font][/font]

    Thank you.
    You were right. I installed LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.arm-8,0-rb-krypton2.tar and is much better. The films H265 and H264 1080p 23.976 fps are much better, playback is fluid.
    For a clean job, so I installed:
    - I put of sd and restarted by pressing and holding the reset button
    - I gave the command touch /storage/.update/.nocompat
    - I put the file LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.arm-8,0-rb-krypton2.tar in the update folder, and restarted.