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    Thanks! I'm willing to spend a little more money to get better quality. What's the next step up from an S9xx device that meets my needs?

    The problem is not how much money you can spend, there isn't fully perfect device available right now. the most expensive device for LE is intel NUC which has its own problem like drivers, audio passthrough, Dp to hdmi converter, HDR support, wake up and suspend and so on. another option is to buy ARM devices, for now only Amlogic's S9xx devices is worth buying. S9xx family included S905x which doesn't have Gigabit Ethernet, S905D which has Gigabit Ethernet and DVB interface and more powerful S912 devices which doesn't have proper GPU driver as i mentioned above and you should avoid it. you have army of best of best tv boxes in your arsenal like apple tv 4k and odroid c2 the only thing i can recommend to you is MECOOL KI PRO but i'm not sure that it can support dolby atmos passthrough.

    Check this out MECOOL KI PRO
    S912 devices (TX92,MINIX U9 ) doesn't have proper GPU driver (for now) in linux and it may plays videos choppy with subtitles, Vero 4K has its own OS called OSMC not the LE.
    MECOOL KI PRO has a Gigabit Ethernet, dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, support for HDR10 and HLG, Video Codecs: 10-bit H.265, and VP9 Profile 2 up to 4K60, H.264 up to 4K30.
    keep in mind all S9xx device which has HDR capability produce fake HDR 8 bit and not true 10bit colores.

    Your 6 years old Ivy Bridge NUC is quite capable for many tasks but not as HTPC, it's VPU is outdated and doesn't have Hardware accelerated algorithms for decoding common video formats like HEVC and VP9 and you should relying on software decoder and playing high bitrate videos in mentioned format may result stuttering and choppy playback. It has HDMI 1.4 display interface which can't output videos above [email protected] I think it is time to upgrade to cheap S905X devices.

    You didn't specify your Intel NUC model? for decoding videos your NUC mostly rely on built in VPU and doesn't use the gpu and cpu , if the vpu supported the codec of your videos it decode it , if not it uses cpu to decode, with software decoder and deppende of your video format software decoder may plays it choppy. this situation mostly happen for new video formats like HEVC and VP9 if your NUC is old. DVMT is determines how much RAM and VRAM is needed at each moment in time and will temporarily allocate more VRAM when it is needed, kodi doesn't have any graphic sensitive task which stress your gpu i think you should leave it in default.

    I have same problem as you, the quality of SD channels (576i) are awful ,the hd channels (1080i) just not bad and 4k channels (2160p) are fine . I don't see any interlacing artifact as picture above but the colors are washed out and are not vibrant. even in WETV in android picture quality is far better. if development team has wetek play2 which officially supported box you can compare it with any other satellite receiver, and for sure you will understand what i'm talking about. this problem only exist when i watching DVB-S/S2 satellite channels but my video collection plays fine without this problem.

    Libreelec beautifully designed as an open source just enough OS (JeOS) to host kodi so it is up to kodi and streaming services to brings any specific feature to consumer, unfortunately kodi for now rely on its horrible and ugly addons to brings streaming videos services to consumer. there is YouTube addons which you can find in official repository but in no way it comparable to official app both in functional and ease of use. for netflix there is no official way to watch it in Libreelec but there is hack that sooner or later stop working. this situation will remain the same until the the stream services bring their apps to linux or kodi which in very unlikely our Libreelec developer do somethings new for example add android subsystem in Libreelec to run certain android streaming apps even if Libreelec run android apps DRM may cause so much trouble. so i recommend you for your offline music and video collection use kodi and for access to streaming services use its official platform which is android tv(nvidia shield), apple tv os(apple tv 4k), xbox and ....... .

    It is up to you what to choose but i can be more specific.

    1a) buy MECOOL KI PRO

    pros: it has S905D soc,DDR4 ram, hw vp9,hevc decoding and support for HDR, libreelec, plus Gigabit Ethernet, dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

    cons: Pricey, I'm not sure it may not have sufficient DRM licenses to play netflix in 4k and FHD only HD(720p)

    1b) buy Beelink MiniMXIII II

    pro: it has S905X soc, hw vp9,hevc decoding and support for HDR, libreelec, plus dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

    cons: no Gigabit Ethernet and it may not have sufficient DRM licenses to play netflix in 4k and FHD

    2) buy Apple TV 4K

    this is the best and most powerful and highest quality tv box available in the market, unfortunately it runs apple tv os not libreelec but you can download Kodi(mrmc) from store.

    pros: the best media player available in market it even support dolby vision HDR format and you can watch all popular streaming services like netflix, Amazon and youtube up to 4k

    cons: pricey, no usb port, so you should have NAS for you local media and you can't install addons in kodi only you can use pre installed addons

    I hope this will help you to choose your tv box wisly.

    There is rumor that i can't confirm that Amlogic commit war crime! They reduce quality of 10bit content in both HDR and SDR by doing process called "8-bit internal conversion" it means your pricey 10 bit tv receive 8 bit color instead of 10 and thats dealbreaker. it produce fake 10 bit color and fake HDR.

    the most powerful soc on tv boxes beside apple and nvidia is Rockchip RK3399 which does not support by libreelec the second one is S912 which doesn't have proper linux driver and works with hacks in libreelec and sooner or later will drop support. you have 3 other option left, buy S905X/D tv boxes or Apple TV 4K. if live tv (DVB-S2/T2) is important for you buy the best S905D box you find (MECOOL KI PRO T2+S2) and if not S905X is wise choice. The best of all in my opinion is Apple TV 4K if popular streaming services like netflix, Amazon and youtube is what you are looking for. for your local media you should have NAS and stored all your media in it because Apple TV 4K doesn't have usb port. and you should buy a kodi fork called MRMC which is castrated kodi jarvis, you can do anythings with it besaid installing addons. Apple TV 4K video decoder, decode any thing you throw at it including (4k ,10 bit hdr, sdr, Vp9, hevc........ ) even 10bit h264 anim.