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    I have zap2epg working from Kodi. How do I set it up to run every day or every few days automatically? It works great if I run it manually..

    Assuming you are using tvheadend - you just need to make sure you have the internal grabber cron set on the CONFIGURATION > CHANNEL/EPG > EPG GRABBER tab. And that the zap2epg grabber is enabled.

    If you are not running tvheadend - you will need to manually setup a cron in kodi/LE to run zap2epg. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with setting up a cron that way as I use Tvh.

    I believe there are two steps for this...

    First, on the tvheadend webUI - go to the CONFIGURATION > CHANNEL/EPG > EPG GRABBER MODULES tab and enable the External: XMLTV grabber.

    Then in Kodi, in the Tvheadend service addon settings, go to the XMLTV category and set the XMLTV source type to WEB and put your web link address in the XMLTV Web location setting.

    Then you can either trigger the internal epg grabber on the tvheadend webUI to update or reboot and see if it goes and gets the data. (do note that if you reboot, it may take a couple of minutes before the grabber runs)

    Hope that helps.

    cabbresson I'm not running into the same error using a username/password setup. However, my test system is running on an RPi3 using the Milhouse LE 9 builds and currently has Tvh 4.2.5-31 on it.

    If you rollback your Tvh version, do you see the same issue?

    Here's the log from the upgraded system. Log Here I'll try removing from my test Pi3 and see if it's fixed.

    Can you try to run this (use your tvh ip address) from a web browser and post the response:


    That's the call that's failing - it's trying to get the channel list from tvheadend.

    cabbresson can you provide (or PM) me the zap2epg log? I would like to see which request is causing the error.

    Obviously something changed in the TVH json responses...but I didn't see a commit that mentioned this.



    I have an RPi3 running the milhouse builds - but haven't updated it in awhile. I went ahead and installed an updated tvheadend server addon (9.0.114 from 3/26) and it broke my previous tvh installation. I had to completely uninstall tvh and delete my user settings. Then when I reinstalled the new tvh service addon - it worked fine. (albeit I had to setup everything again)

    I think I remember this happening in the past where a tvh update caused an issue where the tvh service didn't recognized the user or group that was running the service, so it wouldn't work right without a reinstall.

    If your doing a new install I'm thinking you won't see an issue. But I look forward to the update!

    cabbresson Do you see the same info in Kodi and the Tvheadend web UI epg?

    It could be that your Kodi epg is not updating if you have Kodi set to cache the epg in a local database.

    Also, when you see a difference like that - if you rerun the internal grabber in tvheadend, does it update the tvheadend web ui epg?

    I'm not sure as I don't have an OSMC setup. Can you provide a log to look at?

    Also - I believe there is now a schedules direct grabber built into tvheadend - but I'm not sure if OSMC has updated the tvheadend server version they are using.

    I'm looking for a basic (cheap) tablet that can run LE. I want to use it for testing programs/addons while travelling. I currently take my Rpi3 that has a 3.5 screen with me as it can run powered off my windows tablet. However while small, the RPi is rather bulky to carry in a bag so I'm looking for something thin.

    I want to be able to connect a usb tuner to it - so it at least needs 1 usb 2 port. I'm fine if the touchscreen doesn't work as I'm happy to use a small usb remote - though that might need a second port!

    Basically - what I'm wondering, is what hardware would be supported? Should I look for an old baytrail or cherry trail tablet with at least 1G ram? Maybe a rockchip device?

    Or am I completely wrong in thinking this would be an acceptable test device?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    looks like an error in the schedules direct data - missing correct date information for a certain station.

    If you are in Great Britain - the station ids have been changed by provider - so I think lineups have to be reset.

    If you're not in GB, hopefully schedules direct will fix the data error.

    kowalmisiek Thank you for the movie for reference. What you're looking to do is change the channel number so it sorts based on an order you prefer.

    What I recommend is to disable the "Use channel order from backend" option in the kodi PVR/Live TV settings. Then you can use the built in kodi channel manager to sort exactly like you show in the movie.

    Unfortunately, my addon is not capable of that type of moving channels up/down as it uses kodi dialog boxes for the interface and that option does not exist.

    Kodi channel manager in the PVR/Live TV settings will give you the ability to sort and group channels the way you like.

    I hope that works for you.