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    Hi guys

    I'm running into problems to make network connection work, cable or wireless. Both method keeps waiting dhcp forever (I've tested it in two different network with different params ie netmask and so). Stactic config, also, doesn't connect. The player I'm using is from Hungsung, 1G/8G/S905. All the other peripheals seems to work fine. I've tested all the dtb files avaialable at Index of /s905/8.2/device_trees/S905.

    Please could you give some advice on how to test it further?

    Also wireless is able to detect available networks and cable shows correctly when I plug or unplug rj45 connector.

    Have you tried setting a static IP address to see if it's just a DHCP problem? If that works, maybe you can try to reserve the IP adderss in the DHCP server.

    I'm really happy with my 905x box! Just a few things I'm wondering about/struggeling with since ditching my w10 NUC and going the LIBREELEC route;

    1. Is there a way to run a clean job on the library after every scan? I move and delete quite a bit of stuff and in Kodi for Windows this was a parameter in a config file

    2. If you set a non-english language as the default language on a library, you can choose a secondary language (or is it just English as a secondary if there is no match)? Is there a way to set a non-english language as a secondary one? 99% of my movies and series are English, so up until now I had to create different libaries/folders for theese.

    3. Any guides/pointers to get Logitech Harmony remotes to work better would be greatly appriciated. I've tried a few different devices for the 905x box in the Harmony app, but it just gives me basic functions. Perhaps someone has published a keyboard mapping file?

    Can anyone share if they have issues when playing a 4K mkv with TrueHD/Atmos soundtrack ? My AVR is TRueHD compliant but if I enable it, the movie stutters. If I disable the TrueHD passthrough the movie plays just fine.

    After hours of testing, I thought maybe the 905X box isn't powerfull enough for Atmos.

    Any thoughts on that ?

    I'm playing lots of 4k HDR through the Ethernet LAN and my 905x box rarely stutters. It can happen sometimes, but I think this is because the CPU gets too warm. I need to open up the box to test if it doesn't stutter without the casing, and maybe apply better thermal glue.

    when you say theres a reset hole under the front bottom i think you are trying to say there's a hole under the led position because m8s pro doesn't have any button outside!

    But i find a button hidden inside thats visible at the right side of the led! is this the bottom?

    That's the BUTTON ;) yes. A bit on the right of the middle. A paper clip works wonders

    A bit of a n00b question.

    I've just gotten a (proper) 4k HDR tv with an amplifier which also supports these standards.

    I've configured Kodi for 1080p 60 Hz as I read that the upscaling on newer/more expensive tv's are better than these s905x boxes (and I watch almost only 1080p).

    When I watch a 4k HDR movie, the amp displays:

    4k (3840x2160) 50 Hz

    YCbCr420 24 bit

    Is this the best picture I can get? Or could I try 442 or any other optimization/experimentation for a better picture. It's quite good now but I feel the build in YouTube App has better quality