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    Well reboot your system and try to run ES or else & then grab the complete stored in the logiles smb share. The newest file should be suitable because it contains all information... Kodi logs, dmesg, journal etc.

    I made a clean install on a 64GB usb pen drive and I don't have any "SED Write Error" messages or else. I've installed the skin Transparency! | Kodi | Open Source Home Theater Software for some tests so how did you add the custom launch command? The only problem I have found is that the python scripts lack the executable bit which prevents directly running them. So I'll add this and can reupload an image, maybe your skin choked on that? You can however run python and so I guess Kodi had no problems with the missing bit.

    What I also had in mind... have you considered a somewhat screwed/faulty filesystem or hdd, ssd, usb-drive?

    I made the changes here emulationstation: added systemd service config · 5schatten/[email protected] · GitHub so everything older than 19 days should be fine if it's related to that.


    can you try to run the If that one works with your changes then it's probably the exec bit... all scripts exept ES & RA had them.

    Have you had a look at this topic? LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ] - V. Kodi Themes & Custom Skins

    Normally I never use any other skin so I don't have any experience with them. I changed the command in because I've added systemd service files for each of the frontends.

    So what you could try to do is to create a python file e.g. with this content and try to start it:

    import subprocess"systemd-run /usr/bin/emulationstation.start", shell=True)

    - XWayland is quite lean isn't it Arch Linux - xorg-server-xwayland 1.20.5-2 (x86_64) ? Oh wait basically the dependencies look like Arch Linux - xorg-server 1.20.5-2 (x86_64)

    - I hardly doubt that but how should you know... :/ Dynamic recompiler [$895] [BOUNTY] · Issue #214 · libretro/beetle-psx-libretro · GitHub

    - I'm aware of that because you used i3 for tests and moved to Sway/wlroots probably for setting modes - well magic! But maybe I point to Weston because there is a EGLStreams patchset /shrug while for Sway well... Why/when is/will the nvidia proprietary driver not/be supported? · Issue #490 · swaywm/sway · GitHub

    - it's not about AMD which just uses Mesa 3D as well it's about Nvidia users :/

    You're here because you try to avoid users questioning the benefits of Wayland and that's all. Everything I've stated was proven by links I posted while you try to sweep the flaws under the carpet. Where did I state that you don't care? It's interesting that you feel addressed by my statement that was quite general. But I guess you just miss the attention, don't you?

    Even if you add XWayland and build OpenGL then what's the benefit after all? Having even more dependencies? Impressiv! If you want to show off then do your homework first. I mean you should be aware of the Arch Linux dependencies since it's the place where most of your "inspiration" comes from.:/

    I'm really curious about Wayland gaming porn. I guess games look so much better. Oh wait it's GLES 2.0 /shrug Especially since most emulators are libretro cores which Retroarch can run without any displayserver so wayland will be super important. /shrug Ah I guess you're maybe refering to the RPCS3 pop-up menus which you see once in a lifetime of a game when you start a new game? Maybe they aren't shown in fullscreen anymore? Well I guess I have switch to Wayland too then! =O

    So have fun while you actually do some gaming. :angel:

    You don’t want to back up your statements that’s fine, I didn’t expect anything else. Go ahead and download my build if you want to know how I deal with things. Taking my users for fools, wow.... well they can laugh all the way to my download area and enjoy today.

    Well I've read your post that basically proves everything I stated RetroELEC (Generic/RPi/XU4) Emulationstation/RetroArch/Kodi

    "There seems to be great concern about PCSX2, well I actually am the one who brought PCSX2 to LibreELEC for the first time, and my docker container is in fact used (or copied) to other projects offering it as well. PCSX2 runs fine in Xwayland which can easily be added (I'll probably add options for it so people can build themselves). Doesn't really add that much to the image, and you don't need to run a full X server, so it's still a win. Oh, and beetle-psx actually have a Vulkan backend, so that only leaves Flycast which benefits from OpenGL for it's "OIT" engine, which isn't all that. It's an OK compromise for now. NVIDIA can support Wayland through EGLStreams, although I don't have such hardware for testing and frankly it's not the best pick for open source gaming these days."

    - you need XWayland on top as I said - doesn't matter if it "Doesn't really add that much to the image"

    - you can't run beetle-psx with OpenGL anymore as I said - and not all GPUs support Vulkan
    - Flycast will lose OIT - "Flycast which benefits from OpenGL for it's "OIT" engine, which isn't all that" well I've posted a link and the benefits are huge

    - afaik it's not Wayland but the compositor & I already posted a patch set for Weston which wasn't merged to master probably for reasons
    - "The wayland build is Intel only for now." well ehrm :/:angel::rolleyes:/shrug

    So basically you have proven all my points and avoided to mentions others. So personally I don't care if some users laughes on the way to your download area because it's probably Intel only. /shrug

    Well in the end you've got your attention... and I guess this makes you happy now. :S:thumbup:

    ES tries to open a font which should be stored in /usr/config/emulationstation/resources so my first question is does it work if you use the Estuary skin?

    Can you post the links which you get after entering these commands?
    ls -la /usr/config/emulationstation/resources | paste

    ls -la /storage/.config/emulationstation/resources | paste

    Beside that try to launch ES by typing in emulationstation.start or systemctl start emulationstation.service if you use SSH and see if it starts fine then.

    Anyone can scroll up and see your own user bringing it up and your replies which include blatant lies and childish remarks. So yeah....

    This was the question & I've answered it:

    Escalade posted a new version of his build and he says it's now pure Wayland. Will RR be that too soon?

    So again a user who probably keeps an I on both threads asked if my RR build will use Wayland anytime soon and I told him why I don't switch the displayserver and gave some details why I don't support it anytime soon. I told him which drawbacks my build would have if I use Wayland at the moment but this does not refer to your build in any way.

    If you think that stating flaws and post some links to sources about the topic is spreading "blatant lies and childish remarks" then this is fine. Correct me if I'm wrong but you have written a GLES 3.x backend for flycast or beetle-psx? You have rebuild all addons for GLES and created your own addon repo? You have patched Mesa 3D to build OpenGL without GLX symbols to avoid these problems? You already have added EGLStreams support to Kodi and found a way to run PCSX2 without X11/XWayland? You vastly improved play! to match PCSX2? You solved all these problems, did you?

    If you have then PR welcome and send it upstream to improve LibreELEC and other stuff for everyone. If you haven't maybe don't take your users for a fool and tell them which flaws and drawbacks the current Wayland / GBM / KMS implementations have. /shrug

    Anyway have fun with your build and keep your pecker up! :thumbup:

    As always craving for attention? /shrug

    Your "version" bumps were well ehrm version bumps. And you didn't do anything to make it work for Generic systems because otherwise you would have needed several additional patches which you did not had or added. And you would know that if you had tried to compile a Generic image which would have just failed to compile.

    Same goes for Kodi which you did not patch to make audio properly work with Wayland. Because if you had a working build you would have recognized that there is no working audio without further patches. So please stop telling the world what you've done and what not. If it's so easy to add EGLStreams to Kodi then go on, do it. I mean well the XBMC dev I've talked to had their play with it and told it's broken but yeah I'm sure you'll add it by yourself. 8)

    Beside that... just stick to your thread and we're fine. I stated valid points and explained why >I< won't use Wayland and you either know I'm right or you have no clue which flaws came with switching the displayserver to Wayland.

    Build RR-20191007-222bdfb | uploaded for Generic/RPi2 | Index of /nightly/

    • updated to latest LE 9.80 / master branch
    • updated Generic Linux kernel to 5.3.4 / 5.3.3 for RPi2
    • updated GStreamer to 1.16.1
    • updated glew to 2.2 RC2
    • updated Retroarch to v1.7.9 (v2)
    • updated moonlight-qt to v1.1.1
    • updated PPSSPP to v1.9.3
    • updated Mupen64plus-nx to fix libmali based projects
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated Citra, Dolphin & RPCS3

    This is nothing new & the way Kodi 19 will handle it. But since Nvidia GPUs use EGLStreams you'll rip out support for them. Once there is a LE10 release then I'll switch over too but as long as it's LE9.x it makes no sense to make this dick move and kick out all Nvidia users.

    As I said the topic came up in may and because of this PR X11: remove vdpau and glx by lrusak · Pull Request #16057 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub I updated & fixed Wayland in LE master in the first place.

    The usual toolkit stuff like Qt5 can use EGLFS & does not need a displayserver. Same goes for SDL2 which can hook up to KMS which is the way all my SBC builds & stuff like Pegasus frontend currently work. Working around Wayland and using KMS/GBM does not fix all other flaws I outlined unless you either set up your own addon repo or build Mesa 3D with OpenGL libs that don't depend on X11. And also Nvidia support won't magically appear just because you've ditched Wayland.

    yes at least Kodi will have to support it first. I first read about Wayland about 10 years ago. And still general support of it is so bad.

    Kodi does support Wayland but for example switching refresh rates works differently now. Afaik the compositor e.g. Weston handles this and there is no XrandR or else anymore where Kodi could talk to.

    Things start to move slowly... Fedora & Debian now ship Wayland as default displayserver but afaik basically always XWayland on top and so I guess it's not a problem to build OpenGL and avoid a lot of trouble. IIRC Ubuntu still wants to ship X11 for 20.04 LTS which says all how useful Wayland is for general usage.

    It's not like Wayland is bad supported nowadays but there are several corner cases which you have to keep in mind. If Mesa 3D OpenGL had not been entangled with X11 things would be different. Then Wayland could have also used OpenGL without pulling in the whole X11 stuff but still you could have used software which uses OpenGL.

    If all libretro cores would have a GLES 3.x backend & if all standalone emulators would have GLES 3.x backends and Wayland compatibility and if EGLStreams would be supported by Weston without breaking other stuff and if Kodi would support Wayland & EGLStream properly... well then it would be quite useful for these embedded builds.

    Always keep in mind which focus my build has. I try to keep LibreELEC compatibilty so I want to make sure that every user can use Kodi the same way as they used it with vanilla LibreELEC. And if you would like to play some games or else then my modifications kick in while they don't touch the usual LE foundation.

    If your focus is to create a distro focused on pure retro gaming like Lakka, Batocera, Retropie, Recalbox... (...) for a bartop or else then you don't have to care much about Kodi or the typical HTPC usage. And so you probably don't care about the average LibreELEC user /shrug

    Escalade posted a new version of his build and he says it's now pure Wayland. Will RR be that too soon?

    TL:DR no.

    Well I've updated the Wayland packages & fixed audio output for the LibreELEC 9.x branches back in may with this PR [Wayland] updated all Wayland packages, dependencies & patches by 5schatten · Pull Request #3497 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub which made it possible to successfully compile and use Kodi. But from my tests back in these days using Wayland at the current state makes no sense. Kodi is currently not able to adjust the refresh rate when you use Wayland which means subpar video playback.

    The main problem is that Wayland uses EGL + OpenGL ES instead of GLX + OpenGL as outlined here Wayland so if we want to get rid of the X11 dependencies afaik we can't use OpenGL with the current Mesa 3D version. This also means that I would have to switch all libretro cores & emulators which now use OpenGL to OpenGL ES. In theory this won't be a big deal since most cores have GLES backends for SBCs and so building them just means to add some opts to the package files.

    Since Nvidia refused to use some common sense and use GBM/KMS but EGLStreams you could patch the Weston compositor Commits · 7.0-eglstreams · Miguel A Vico Moya / weston · GitLab and make it somewhat work but other compositors like Sway are not really motivated to support Nvidia GPUs Казань | В Казани будут судить граждан Китая за сбыт более тонны наркотиков - БезФормата - Новости beside that I've talked to some Kodi devs and according to them Kodi+EGLStreams is not supported as well.

    LibreELEC has it's own addon repo for all platforms so if you would like to install addons which use 3D functionality like a screensaver or music visualisation then you would pull in the addons build for Kodi+X11+OpenGL. Since we build Kodi+Wayland+OpenGL ES they would just fail because missing libs.

    But this is where the fun begins... most of the SBCs SoCs have only OpenGL ES 2.0 support and because of this most libretro cores come only with GLES 2.0 backends which are inferior to OpenGL 4.3 backends or there no OpenGL ES backend at all. So for example beetle-psx comes with a software renderer core, an OpenGL one & a Vulkan backend. If you use Wayland you won't be able to compile the OpenGL backend for beetle-psx anymore. Some cores like flycast feature an OpenGL & OpenGL ES backend but the OpenGL one has more features like OIT:
    Order-Independent Transparency · Issue #476 · reicast/reicast-emulator · GitHub
    Introducing BeetleDC OIT libretro core + updated BeetleDC regular core – Libretro

    which is not supported if you use the OpenGL ES backend and so you end up with missing effects, glitches or else.

    Finally not all emulators can be used without X11 as displayserver like PCSX2 which would need XWayland as additional dependency and so I would have to build Wayland and on top the whole X11 displayserver. And then again this wouldn't decrease the size or compile time because I would have to ship basically both Wayland+X11 wrapped in XWayland. There is a play! libretro core but to be honest this is no match for PCSX2 GitHub - libretro/Play-: Play! - PlayStation 2 Emulator especially if you have a look at the compatibility chart Play! - Development Log.

    So if we conclude:


    - Wayland (well does the enduser care at all?)


    - broken refresh rate switching in Kodi

    - broken Kodi addons

    - subpar graphics in some emulators (flycast) or completely missing 3D acceleration (beetle-psx)

    - broken PCSX2

    - missing Nvidia support

    Ask yourself how much sense it makes to switch over to Wayland if you don't build XWayland too & if you don't want to kill Nvidia support without any reason /shrug

    First of all, wow! This looks amazing but unfortunately I don't know the first thing about how to upgrade your build. I'd love to have Netflix, Spotify, emulation (I couldn't add games so that doesn't work either) and the standard kodi video add ons but I'm completely lost and I can't access or see any of them in the build. From a complete novice perspective, how do get these working step by step? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Well I've linked the latest nightlies in the sections which explains the updates and also linked the changelog which links to each new post in this thread which outlines important changes. This should be self explanatory. Just grab the latest img.gz file, burn it to an usb drive and install it on your Generic system. But there is a whole section in the LibreELEC wiki which covers such topics and should be read first. Installation []

    A intel nuc8i7 hvk will do the job.

    I was thinking about a nuc8i7beh with an egpu via thunderbolt.

    The nuc8i7beh cpu is clocked at 4,5ghz while the hvk is clocked at 4.1 ghz

    I guess the main problem will be the GPU. The RPCS3 team only states/recommends an AMD or Nvidia device with Vulkan support. I tested it on my workstation with a GTX 1060 6GB and it worked flawless but on my i3-6100 I had severe glitches when using the OpenGL backend & no picture at all when I used Vulkan. So focus on a "decent" dedicated GPU rather than a low-power i7 :S

    I'm pretty sure this issue is somewhat related to Chrome which doesn't play too well with recent Mesa 3D versions. Tearing was gone on my machine with 19.2.0-rc4 & now I have tearing again with 19.2.0.

    Issue 957107 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail