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    I have encountered the Tvheadend 4.3 is (thanks to) you available here: Tvheadend nightly builds for LibreELEC

    but so far I didn't see it in official repository so I did not upgrade yet. Now when I tried to search, I see Tvheadend Server 4.3 (Alpha) - Team LibreELEC - so I will give it a try... :) Thanks again!

    Nice. Having searched again, this has appeared for me today in my second RPi4, which has a LE10 test build (but no TV tuners or aerial).

    I'd be interested in your experiences before upgrading my TV server (or to put it another way, if it goes wrong for you, I won't upgrade!)

    if you want to play with the unfinished toys you need to be a bit more patient :)

    btw it is already there for LE10Beta1 (not yet released) so everything is fine

    Sorry, I'm confused. Does this mean there is a TVH 4.3 test build for LE10 for RPi4? I wasn't able to find it.

    The one near with power supply on the Pi, which isn't actually the one near the power supply on the Argon One case, at least in version 1. I had this problem myself, and it seems I am not the only one.

    There are updated ArgonOne cases that are advertised as having an IR receiver built-in. However, this seems to be only for their own remote, which is not yet available.

    I've tweeted them to ask if it will work with other remotes, as I'd love to reclaim a USB port on mine.

    I'll report back if I get an answer.


    As a follow-up, I now have three of these connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 running LE (first alpha). With a firmware update to stop video going out of sync, this is an awesome TV server.

    I have set it to mount SMB shares from my NAS at startup, and so far it is working flawlessly.

    I may need to switch to Raspbian so I can also run this as a Plex server, and then have a second Pi as the Kodi client (so I can keep using LE) but that is my only sticking point.


    Okay, so I reinstalled Windows on mine for now. If it's any consolation to anyone who is thinking of testing, Windows automatically recognised the licence key that is presumably somewhere in the BIOS, so I didn't need to use a licence key of my own - may be of concern if you don't have one.

    I will install on a USB stick for further testing.

    If I press the shift key at boot, nothing happens. If I press esc, I get to the bios.

    Sorry if I appear stupid, but I don't know what I am expecting to see.

    The code is still there.

    Furthermore the update does not alter the existing boot configuration. You can try to <e>dit the boot entry from the grub boot menu and replace "quiet" with "debug textmode" to see boot messages.

    Thanks for the comment. Could you explain how I would do that? Happy to try!

    Our master branch (future LE 9.0) includes support for 32-bit devices using GRUB as testing with 32-bit syslinux gave patchy results.

    see: added EFI 32bit support via GRUB2 by maideii · Pull Request #2061 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    So it looks as though the code in this commit has been removed at some point and for some reason.

    My experience is that I install LE8.0 using a modified version I found online with this patch, and it is fine. I then update to LE9.0.1 and all I get is a black screen on booting.

    I'd be more than happy to help debug this if you can tell me what you want, as it is a crying shame that an otherwise great little PC can't run LE.

    The driver for that stick just support 1 tuner, the second tuner support is currently merged at linux and will likely arrive with kernel ~4.17.

    Meanwhile you can use my LE build LibreELEC 8.x images for additional dvb drivers and choose the Hauppauge addon (see video how it works), with LE9 the support is official baked in.


    Which specific download from that thread should we go for ? I am a bit overwhelmed!

    I see your site has LE9 images, but I don't know whether they include the DVB drivers.

    I also need drivers for the xbox TV tuner.

    Best wishes,



    Sorry for the newbie question. I want to try setting up my TV server on an x64 PC, which is currently running Windows 10. I don't want to mess up the Windows system until I know everything is working fine.

    Is it possible/easy to install LE 8.2.2 and run from a USB stick for testing purposes? The media drives are NTFS, and I'd rather not have to reformat them at any point. Will they continue to work okay in LE?