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    Ah, I have read that some A95x have it and some not, I will check if I am lucky or not.

    But what if I install TWRP? Is it possible to force reboot in TWRP in case, let's say, I brick the libreelec in nand and then reboot from SD?

    New test build: Index of /s905/8.2/test/20170817/

    Things to test:

    • patched platform_init in hope to fix no LE splash screen
    • added 1360x768 HDMI resolution (not tested, no screen with that resolution to test)
    • non-linear stretch for hardware decoded videos.

    I will test it when I will come back home, I have a TV with the native resolution of 1360x768, actually where I also have the no splash issue :)

    But I can only check if it fix the problem, when I upgrade starting from this build right? If so, can I test upgrading from this build to itself?

    kszaq Can you please also help me with a question I placed yesterday: if I have a box without the reset hole, how can I recover from SD if I semibrick it loading a corrupted or buggy image in internal NAND?

    Ah so actually the black screen after stopping in 3D is not a crash! It makes sense because I can power off the box with remote :) I will try to test the testbuild on my 3D setup as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow)


    With the test build the no signal after stopping a 3D movie seems solved, tested on a real 3D setup.

    My 3D projector is correctly turned in 3D mode and back to 2D mode, and 2D movies play just fine after stopping the 3D one.

    There is only one thing: after stopping the 3D movie I get one notification (top right of the screen together with the notification bell), but it is too fast to read it. However the system seems ok, not sure if it could be some CEC disconnect or so...


    Yes it seems that CEC gets disconnected after stopping a 3D playback


    Tried on A Samsung 3D TV and CEC is working before and after stopping 3D movie. I will do more test as soon as possible

    I get "no signal" only after stopping but I thing the reason is the same. I will try to prepare a test build today evening.

    Ah so actually the black screen after stopping in 3D is not a crash! It makes sense because I can power off the box with remote :) I will try to test the testbuild on my 3D setup as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow)

    Hi there

    I have a question: suppose that I have one of those box without the reset hole (apparently more common than the ones having it!). And suppose I install in internal NAND and I semibrick it. How can I boot from SD to recover?

    The Android remote.conf is not compatible with the Libreelec Lirc

    Follow this thread to create your own remote.conf: Create remote.conf from scratch

    But please be aware that if you try to copy&paste the reference remote.conf file from this thread, it will not work since some non ANSI character are present and cause remotecfg to crash.

    Instead download this one: remote.conf (I attach it also here, just remove the .txt extension)

    Hi guys

    Just one thing here: the Libreelec Network and WiFi support is very useful of course, but it lack of capability to configure EAP (802.1x) WiFi.

    Actually those are detected, but the attempt to connect result in an error from the plugin, and sometime it just ask for the password, while it should ask for userid/password and configure the wap_supplicant accordly

    I know it may be a not so common use case, but in some environment it could be very required


    Hi all

    I have some question regarding the revert of an internal installation of Libreelec to Android

    I have the original firmware, in the form of a .img image that is supposed to work with the AmLogic official USB buring tool and USB connection to PC.

    While in the Libreelec guide, there is written that you should have the recovery.img and the dtb of the android firmware and issue a "reboot recovery".

    Is it possible to use the USB burning tool to revert to Android a box with Libreelec installed in NAND?

    With the Customization Toll 2.0.8, I have unpacked the level1, and I have found a meson1.dtb. Is that the good Android dtb? Can I use this dtb and the original firmware image to recovery as it is written in the Libreelec guide (reboot recovery)?

    Thanks, bye

    Hi all

    Nevermind, I got it working. The problem is that the reference remote.conf on this forum, has some non ANSI characters in it, that basically crash lircd. I got a plain one, modified and now it works


    Hi all

    I have a question about the video pipeline of these AmLogic port of Libreelec, mainly because I am following the Amlogic mainline effort.

    I understand that Mali OpenGL is used for the sceen rendering (GUI, ecc...), but what's the hardware decoding framework? Is it Mali itself providing it, or providing some sort of wrapper on the VPU?

    Or there is some standard framework, like OpenMAX, VAAPI, VDPAU, etc...?

    Hi all

    I am trying to configure my Abox A1 remote in Libreelec.

    I see the keypress in dmesg, so the HW is ok, but I have copied the remote.conf of my Android firmware straight to /storage/.config and reboot

    The remote.conf support two factory (two remotes) and one is the correct one:

    [ [email protected]] remote: Wrong custom code is 0xec13fe01


    factory_infcode = 0

    factory_code = 0xfe010001

    but I still get wrong custom code, like the remote.conf is not included by lircd from /storage/.config

    One think that I have noticed is that I don't have any /sys/class/rc etries (I mean the rc dir in /sys/class is just not present!), but I get keypress

    What shall I check?

    Thanks, bye