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    Testing 12f (no temp disabled) on mini mx 1GB/8GB rom and seems to work fine after several reboot/power off..weird! what changed?
    Can confirm also BT/WiFi works fine.
    I'm gonna test longevity on the long run with this one build
    thanks Kszaq/KostaMan

    So we basically need a updated uboot? I assume updating to a ported Minix U1 Android firmware will not update uboot, much the same when installing LE.


    Checked the U-boot version from bootloader.img inside the custom android FW
    but i don't dare flashing the bootloader on my last working box..
    anyways it's U-Boot 2015.01-g8759eac (May 06 2016 - 14:40:59) versus
    U-Boot 2015.01-g937dd3a (Apr 20 2016 - 11:39:18) from minimx 107L

    Thank you kostaman.

    Tests result: the reason behind freezing is outdated BL30 blob (a part of u-boot) that causes freezing during saradc initialization (S905 temperature sensor).

    I guess I now have 3 ways to go:

    • tell users to update their Android firmware - that would leave boxes with outdated/no-newer-version-available firmware frozen
    • disable temperature sensor in my builds
    • provide additional system image with temperature sensor disabled

    couldn't you release images with temp sensor loaded as kernel module and then we (S905) can blacklist it on first successful boot?


    Thank you. I'll look into fixing this.

    OP updated with a new image to test. This time I left the kernel unmodified, I disabled temperature sensor.

    g3b038ea is definitely a winner for me on beelink minimx rev 020B u-boot from fw L107, installe LE to nand and environment to default values
    also suspend.resume works fine from the original remote power-button
    thanks a lot!!

    kszaq, alex (surkovalex) identified the temp sensor issue early in june, 2016. I can't recall if he left it unresolved or perhaps fixed it somehow..
    here's his repo, just in case you want to have a look:
    Commits · surkovalex/ · GitHub


    I'm just wondering why someone tells bricked a box dead and then unbricked it.
    If something has bricked then its bricked for ever and it means its useless as a brick, isn't it?
    If you can use it later then it wasn't bricked.

    bricked: without any skills or additional info (or patience or just luck) you would throw that brick away..
    un-bricked: sometimes it's a brick until you figure out and fix the problem

    no hard feelings.. ;)


    Is what you did the same as #183 Link. fw_setenv upgrade_step 1
    Make all u-boot variables go back to default values and thus disable SD and USB booting ?
    I ask because this did not fix the boot freeze executing command over ssh

    complete story is that my box was bricked dead and unable to boot.
    i've unbricked it shortcutting NAND pins 5-6 at power-on.
    in this way I've got the u-boot prompt back (and perhaps also the factory default environment variables)
    but, just to be sure, I did the env reset from the serial console executing "defenv_reserv"
    in attach my current env dump for your reference.

    Hi guys, wanted to share my latest experience with beelink S905 mini mx 1GB RAM/1Gbit eth/AP6212

    - I've installed to internal nand the stock and proper dtb.img
    - latest available u-boot (U-Boot 2015.01-g937dd3a (Apr 20 2016 - 11:39:18))
    - i've connected the serial UART and from u-boot reinited the default boot environment:

    # defenv_reserv
    # setenv upgrade_step 2
    # reset

    now the box always boots without freezing (tested over 30 times :)).
    the side effect is that i cannot get it to completely poweroff:
    I've tried shutdown from kodi, poweroff and shutdown -h from ssh without success: "the box always does a reboot".
    The only way to completely power it off is by using the power button of the original remote :/

    p.s.: "suspend" seems to be working though :o (tested over 10 times)
    p.p.s.: after a lot of suspends, tried a shutdown and worked. it seems that f i suspend nd resue at least once , then the shutdown works properly..
    that's real "craziness" man!

    Just tested this kernel on Sunvell T95M and now it always got past the bootlogo! :D Thank You!

    LibreElec itself don't start, because of the changed modules not included?

    ssh is working, so I can flash back the original 011 kernel

    tested, kodi crash backtrace: kodi.log (always the same crash) with new 32bit kernel over a stock

    Hi vzone,
    i noticed (later on..) that with bootloader from FW 1.05L there's no boot issue when the minimx is connected to my HDMI monitor, but it's there when connected to my panasonic plasma tv (could aalso possible be a problemi with HDMI edid discovery..dunno know)
    anyways, in attach the bootloader from FW 1.07L, in case you want to update to the latest available from the vendor...

    My builds don't modify bootloader at all, you keep the one that was installed last time with Android. When you see "Updating bootloader..." during update process it actually does nothing to bootloader, it's only about updating device tree.

    I'm sorry about the boot issue. I have 3 S905(X) boxes, I made them automatically reboot every 30 seconds and all rebooted fine all the time with It's hard for me to tell what's causing the issue when I cannot reproduce it.

    Hi guys,
    for all the people using beelink minimx S905 1GB ram/1Gbit eth/8 GB rom and installed LE to internal NAND: I've tested three different bootloaders (u-boot) extacted from original Android FW (s905_103L1/s905_105L1/s905_107L1)
    The best results for the (re)boot and powerdown issue comes with the bootloader from s905_105L1.

    In attach the binary file.

    In order to write the bootloader you need to boot successfully the box,
    connect to the box via ssh and then flash the image.
    First of all, copy bootloader.img to download (or update) shared folder on the box and then

    ssh [email protected]<ip-addr-for-the-box>
    dd if=downloads/bootloader.img of=/dev/bootloader


    Hi guys, Im currently using the latest dev build in .10 in 64 bit mode on my A95X S905X box - if I want to switch to 32 bit can i just drop the 32 bit .img file in the update folder over SSH and then reboot or do I need to do a fresh install?

    you can update to 32bit but then:

    "Note on 32-bit build: If you want to switch to 32-bit build, you need to clean your addon cache first:

    rm -rf /storage/.kodi/addons/packages/*

    , after updating force refresh every repository you have and reinstall all binary addons."

    A first post-010 development build to test, changes:

    Download from LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20161212161011-r23559-gd4fc4f6.img.gz

    Please focus on (re)booting issues. Thanks in advance for testing. :)

    yes, this one works fine on shutdown/reboot for Beelink MiniMX 1GB/1Gbit
    (suspend is still messy though, but that's a know issue :) )

    Is anyone with booting issues able to grab me a log over serial console?

    Hi kszaq,
    thanks for your work and efforts..really appreciated!
    here the bootlog for a beelink minimx 1GB/Gbit LAN (gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.dtb from


    hope this can help sort this out.

    For ref. here's a good boot log (after 4th attempt at powering up..)

    I think the problem on minimx started with this build:
    since was not present in:

    my 50 cents bet goes to this new kid in town:
    [ [email protected]] cpucore_cooling_register, max_cpu_core_num:4

    From the known issues (1st message in this thread):

    My wetek hub takes less than 20 seconds after a power on, so I never tried suspend. Does powering on the TX5 with the remote control work after a poweroff from libreelec?

    my hub takes 3 secs from suspend to resume :D
    the major problem is the "yet to be fixed" memory leaks ...

    I've just thrown the latest dev build (02-12) + Wetek Hub device tree into the Update folder but I'm still having very poor network throughput and no remote. Any ideas anybody?



    FYI: I've also installed latest 12/02 to wetek hub and got jerky noise over HDMI audio when "not using" system> audio > fixed-audio > 44.1 Khz setting