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    Thanks for the info CvH. I realized after rebooting everything (the hdhomerun and tvheadend server) the pixalization now only happens during the playback of recorded shows. I ended up reinstalling tvheadend and deleting all the folders from the recordings and it seems to have resolved the issue.

    Thanks again.

    I'm using the hdhomerun prime and dual as my tuners for tvheadend. I noticed after updating the firmware for both the hdhomerun prime and dual to 20210624 there is a lot of pixilation issues while using tvheadend. Is there an easy way to update the tvheadend libhdhomerun_20210624 for tvheadend4.3-1938-22.02.2021 to see if it resolves my issue?


    I was just asking the question because if TVheadend development has stopped then at some point we will have to migrate to something. I think all the backends are complicated when it comes to configuring them. If you have never seen tvheadend before and was asked to set it up it would take a long time to figure it all out. Anyway like I said I was just throwing the question out their as at the moment TVHeadend appears to be a dead project.

    Have you tried nextpvr? not sure if it's any good or not but it seems to be actively supported. Maybe somebody here knows if it's any good or not.

    Is it just me or is other people getting constant video stalls no matter what tvheadend version they are using while using live tv?

    I keep trying different versions but it always comes back. It seems like using libreelec 8.2 works the best for me but it still happens.

    I'm using andriods as the htsp but it always gets the video stalled error message and then I have to push the stop button and then reselect the live tv channel to get it to start up again.

    I'm trying coreelec as the htsp to see if it was just an andriod issue but I still gets the CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled pts:4548.448 message. For andriod the message was similar but didn't have the pts:4548.448 from the htsp log.

    I also was looking at the tvheadend log and didn't see any error message. I just noticed the bandwidth was 0 for the channel which froze.

    Can this be a router issue?

    I was contemplating whether to get a new router to see if it fixes the issue.

    I'm currently using two hdhomerun tuners and tried disconnecting one tuner to see if using two simultaneously was causing the issue but the video stall still occurred no matter which tuner I was using.

    Not sure what else to try.

    If anybody has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


    I started using tvh build 1886 and so far it is working great so I want to thank you.

    I'm currently using a HDHomerun dual and HDHomerun Prime on the TVH server. So it shows the local channels twice on the EPG screen. I notice under the Configuration/Channel/EPG, Map services, it has a merge same name. Is that to merge the same channel name so it only shows in the epg once rather than twice for both turners?

    If so, does it work because when I try to merge the two same channels from the two different tuners it does not seem to do anything unless I'm setting it up incorrectly.



    I just install Libreelec 8.2.5 on an Asus Chromebox. I then installed TVHeadend 4.2. Then I tried to install via usb to grab epg data but got an error saying the following:

    Failed to install Add-on from zip file

    The dependency on script.module.dateutil version 2.4.2 could not be satisfied.

    Can anybody please tell me what I need to do to install script.module.zap2epg?


    I had the same issue, you have to setup a m3u file and it via networks. I the url on how to setup a m3u for prime:

    Help! Can't get muxes or channels to detect "properly" - Tvheadend

    Then go to networks, add, iptv automatic network,set network name to whatever you want, and then the url of your m3u location.

    for example: file:///storage/picon/***.m3u

    For the prime you are suppose to set the max number of input streams to 3 since it has three tuners but it didn't work for me. I had to set it to '0' and then it only got the first three channels. Then I set it to '3' and rescanned and got the other channels.

    good luck

    Thank you all for your help, it finally worked.

    When I had the maximum number of streams to 3, it could not find the file. It's strange because when I used it for Lubuntu it had not issues but with Asus chromebox it didn't work. I then set the maximum number of streams to 0 and it found 3 channels and 2 failed. I set the maximum number of streams back to 3 and scanned again and now it has all 5 channels.

    I tried file:///storage/downloads/prime.m3u and I also tried copying the file to a usb drive and did file:///sdb1-usb-sandisk_extreme_/prime.m3u and both time I still got no such directory or file.

    I'm using an Asus chromebox.

    I tried file:///storage/picons/prime.m3u but still nothing happens. I see nothing updating in the logs. is storage an external drive because I'm using an internal drive?

    Any other suggestions?



    I installed Libreelec 8.0.2 and tvheadend 4.2, when I tried to load my m3u it keeps saying 'no such file or directory'

    I used the same m3u file when tvheadend was on lubuntu, so I know the file is good. When using Libreelec, I copied the files to the picons folder. From the file manager it stated the file location was at libreelec.local/picons/. In tvheadend, I put the m3u file location as file:///libreelec.local/picons/prime.m3u to load my local channels from hdhomerun prime. But all it says is 'unable to open file 'libreelec.local/picons/prime.m3: no such file or directory'

    Is tvheadend not able to view this directory?

    Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing incorrectly?

    Thanks in advance.