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    This pic2, I have this specific problem since the first day that all my 3 KIII PRO arrived in my house. But it only happens when I watch DVB-C or DVB-S HD channels. It can be on Android DTV or TVheadEnd. Btw I have a KI pro and it is perfect. That's sad.

    I figured out why my ethernet wired stop to work. I'm going to send what I figured out!


    MELTED CABLE! (The wires were together and short-circuited, so pay attention on your boxes about)

    So I try to fix:

    but I think that my ethernet module is partially melted.

    Now my ethernet is working some times.. (Realy, some time yes some times no!!) oh china box!

    Pelican, do you think that it is possible to change this module? Do you know which can I buy or how can I know that?

    I've added support in IARL to launch games if you're using this build. Seems to work pretty well for the systems I tested. Still trying to get it to work with PSP and AdvanceMAME. naibi was also gracious enough to add a retroarch setting in this build to boot back to Kodi instead of emulationstation when you exit Retroarch.

    If you set sx05re_exit_to_kodi = True in the retroarch.cfg, you will boot back to Kodi on exit.

    jfyk @zackmorris IARL is working very well on my s912 Kszaq 8.2 build with JoKeRz RetroArch s905. BUT no audio (I tried to change HW:0;2, but no success, I'm still working on it while I'm waiting to put emulationstation on my s905)

    EngineerOfLife Currently LE 8.2 fails to build on Ubuntu 17.10, there's a WIP PR to fix it: fix 8.2 branch to compile at Ubuntu 17.10 by CvH · Pull Request #2186 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    That's true, I spent all my night trying to make this works = (

    What I know is that we need to downgrade GCC (I did) and downgrade perl (what i didnt... I dont know how to downgrade perl.. I tried everything but no lucky.. still on .26 version.. so I give up hahaha)

    1. sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
    2. sudo apt install gcc make git gcc-multilib lib32stdc++6
    3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash (select no, to install bash as the default)
    4. git clone Sx05RE
    5. cd Sx05RE
    6. make image PROJECT=S905 ARCH=arm DISTRO=Sx05RE

    I'm trying to build on Linux Ubuntu 17.10 x64 but i'm getting some error message. Why?

    I'm following this post:

    Compile Error GCC 7 - Lakka - Libretro Forums

    It looks that I have to downgrade my GCC version gcc (Ubuntu 7.2.0-8ubuntu3) 7.2.0 to gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.5) 5.4.0 20160609 :rolleyes:

    If the wired interface is not working on stock Android, nor LibreELEC, it may be dead. Shutdown + unplug the box for a few minutes, plug it back in and try it. Cross your fingers....

    Oh god, for real? It still not working.. kszaq what about this command?

    if booting from internal:

    1. Boot this build from SD card or USB with correct device tree.
    2. Login over SSH and execute dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1 then dd if=/flash/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k
    3. Power off, remove SD/USB, boot from internal.

    It could make some differece if I try another dtb file? (Libreelec and internal android 7.1 still not recognizing wired network)

    My LAN RJ45 wired network just stop to work when I was using libreelec 8.1.10. I dont know what happening but neither Android TV original firmware is the wired network working.

    I'm sure that I used the right DTB file (I have a K1 PRO)

    What should I do?

    I try to reflash with all original android recovery firmware using usb to usb cable and didnt work. Also tried old libreelec firmware.

    I saw a bunch of people here complain about this dtb file. So what happened? Would be the newer k1 pro have some different hardware?

    What is the difference between gxm_q200_k3_pro.dtb and the dtb videostrong/acemax/mecool file that has on new firmwares? Are both compatible to install Libreelec? I said it because gxm_q200_k3_pro.dtb looks a little bit outdated (19-Jul-2017 20:05)

    ...and GPU is kept at 666MHz

    Hey wait.. so is it an overclock? Mali-820 is supposed to works at 600Mhz. Let me put my 3 cooler fan 12v to work hard haha

    I'm going to update my KIII PRO s912 now.

    Hey guys.. to watch DVB-C and DVB-S on Libreelec Kodi.. Is TVHeadEnd better than VDR and others? How you are doing?

    C2 is S905 not S905X - but I agree.

    The S905/S905X is a solution that works now - the S912 may look better on paper, but in reality the limitations are currently such that the higher specs don't mean anything.

    Hey guys, I heard a lot about s905 and s905x. What about s905d (KI PRO)? Is S905d so compatible like s905 and s905x for libreelec? What about Mali drivers? I'm thinking to buy one s905d because I read that s905d is so much better than s905x... but I don't want to get one that is like a s912 that it is a monster on performance but it hasn't (for while) drivers/softwares support... so.. which should I buy? (I like that it has a DVB-C and DVB-S... but maybe I can buy a DVB-C/DVB-S PCI express to make a TvHeadEnd server on my linux PC and streaming it on others cheap boxes... i need to think about.. my lan is 1gbps but I don't believe so much on share/stream on my lan.. I bet that it will get some freezing while watching live tv.. )

    I tried to scan my rom games using Retroarch but my screen get freezed. (I can play them, it is just to be fine to search them)

    And I can't find one way to play my rom game that are in my local network using SMB. Is there any way?

    Also Emulation Station doesn't run. Do you know if someone tried to portable it for s905/s912?

    You could try jokerzbox retroarch for S905, but I do not know if it will work on S912 with missing drivers:

    You can install his repository from here: JoKeRzBoX_LibreELEC_Repo_S905/ at master · JoKeRzBoX/JoKeRzBoX_LibreELEC_Repo_S905 · GitHub

    Awesome!! thanks!!! SNES works almost perfectly! Just no audio = ( I tried change for OSS and ALSA/ALSATHREAD but no lucky

    Update - I've changed Audio Device to "hw 0:0" and it worked just fine. = D