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    USB booting is not handled by kernel, it is handled by u-boot and only after SD card with LE is not detected. That said you may be right that is has some influence on how kernel driver works. Can you please do the following: execute fw_setenv upgrade_step 1 over SSH and reboot - this will make all u-boot variables go back to default values and thus disable SD and USB booting.

    how do I revert the change to allow booting from SD/USB? Disabling USB made no difference other than it booting quicker which is expected, but i would like to keep the USB booting.

    The third kernel test is much easier to boot, I had to unplug multiple times before LE would boot with test 1 and 2. However with the third test it usually boots with 1 power pull.

    The other thing I notice is I will see the Beelink logo for about 8 seconds then it will blink and either freeze or boot to LE, I do nopt recall seeing this with 009.

    Lastly I have been unable to get it to hang if i "poweroff" instead of reboot. It has booted successfully each and every time, while it would hang at the 3 or 4th reboot.

    Can you try again but with no usb or SD Card, it shouldn't make a difference since the SD and USB boot options have been disabled, but hey worth a shot.

    I created a fresh SD card and flashed 011 to internal, tried stock 011 kernel, test1 and test2 but was unable to get my Beelink MiniMXIII to reboot 10 times in a row. The only way it booted 10 times in a row was when I removed the SD Card and unplugged my remote.

    So with my test it seems like the boot issue is caused by the usb ports or SD card, @Kaszq could you build a kernel that disables booting from USB? I really think it maybe the USB ports coz as soon as i unplug my remote it boots. Yes I've tried different remotes and the results are the same, the stock remote stopped working but I haven't tested it since 008 since I don't use it anyways.

    @ kostaman maybe you can try unplugging everything from the box except hdmi/lan and reboot using the stock remote or via ssh?

    I can say 100% its not with 009, have been using it since release and never had issues, the booting issues only started after i flashed the devl builds prior to 010 release. Going back to 009 and the issue goes with it.

    I'm sorry for the booting issues you are having. I have only 2 S905 boxes and 1 S905X, I test everything on them before posting but it seems like some boxes don't like all the changes. There is only 1 change to I made to kernel behaviour between 009 and 010. Here is the build with that change reverted, should you wish to test:

    Note: device trees are the same in .009 and .010 builds.

    I will answer all the questions later.

    I find if you boot without any storage devices HDD/SD cards connected it boots properly, I notice it hang when I have my SD inserted which i use for LE backups.

    My MXIII (s905) is getting stuck at the boot screen with the new 12-2 devel. I have a 16GB SD card formatted as NTFS, the SD card is only used for LE backups and removing the card lets the box boot. This has never happened until 12-2, all prior build going back to 002 all worked.

    I have tried reformatting with the same results.

    Formatted the same SD card as FAT32 and it boot without issue.

    kszaq This Dev Build is the first build with REAL MEMORY IMPROVEMENT.
    This version also recovers memory whilst being used.
    I am using it on the A95X S905 with 1 GB memory and it is a massive improvement.

    Are you noticing that ram is being released? Like after browsing the library and playing a few videos ram is released when idle?

    On the Pi even after a few weeks my usage would be at 20% when idle, with 008 after 30 days i had used up 70% ram on my 2gb box.


    echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank

    How can i make that work as a screen saver and of course I want the signal to come back once a button is pressed on the remote

    This is pretty much what I do.

    I have the power button on my remote mapped to active the screensaver in remote.xml


    Then in CEC settings I have the setting to turn off the TV when the screensaver is activated.

    I have not been able to get my tv to trun off via cec

    Is there a addon that turns off hdmi signal?

    I see some screensaver addons for the rpi and wondering if anyone uses one on s905/x.

    My TV turns off after 15 minutes when it has no signal, but since i keep the box on 24/7 that feature does not work.

    What im looking for is after 10 minutes instead of activating the screen saver it turns off the hdmi signal which would then mean the tv will turn off after 15 minutes of no signal.

    So if I understand correctly, installtointernal makes an installation of a bare system without kodi library and settings?
    What files/folders need to be copied to make a full copy of the current SD install?
    I think it would be useful to make something like installtointernalFULL to just drop everything to NAND.

    In the LibreELEC settings create a system backup which will backup everything. Use the installtointernal command then go back into libreelec settings and restore from back.

    Everything will be excatly the same.

    problem w/ audio for me too with beelink minimx 1G Ram 1Gbit LAN

    updated to 009 using gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.bin
    copied as dtb.img (and ledtb.img.. just in case..)
    but no sound:
    In kodi > sys>audio dev> there's only bluetooth audio and no other selectable audio

    If you read OP and a few post below it, you would get your answer.

    Do we need to rename the dtb file to dtb.img? It seems like this is not needed with 009 but want to make sure.

    In any event flashed by renaming to dtb.img and then flashed again without renaming.

    Are you sure you have the s905 MXIII and not the s905X MXIII II? It sounds like you have the s905X MXIII II which does not have working BT/WiFi on libreelec.

    Yes you can flash stock if you have the correct firmware using the usb_buring_tool, however you need a usb A to usb A cable.

    That explains why i didn't have an issue when i jumped from .007 to DEV Build 18th October and tree .008 14th 0ctober

    1. You probably didn't use gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dtb which kszaq created for the MXIII on 007. He clearly states this in 008 OP, that some devices that do not follow the standard partition need to be flashed fresh hense the reason why the special MXIII dtb is not available with the release of 008.
    2. If I'm not mistaken you have the all black Mini MX and not the MXIII, i have the beelink branded MXIII just like OP and had the exact issue as OP if you go read the first few pages of 008.

    Just because you upgraded without issues does not mean everyone will have the same flawless results.

    Thanks guys. I have the branded beelink.
    I putted the recovery file and the devictree from beeelink on SD card and the box booted into recocery mode, then i did the update from sd card with LE Version 007. now the Box works again with LE 007 from NAND.

    But your going to have the same issues when upgrading to future releases if you used gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dtb instead of gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb from 007.

    Also why didnt you just flash 008 instead when flashing from recovery?