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    I experienced similar problem when upgrade to rb-leia24. It was due to architectural change, hence update was cancelled and tar file was deleted. I finished my upgrade by first made a Kodi backup, fresh installed rb-leia24, and Kodi restore the backup.

    There's been a huge improvement in rb-leia24, especially on video player. It worth the extra work.

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a Rock64 in the future (maybe when LE is a little more mature) but I would like to know if anyone can test this files

    Hi10P Anime Sample files

    According to specs the RK3328 should be able to hardware decode H264 10 bits, it would be good if anyone can test if it's working right now with LE and/or if it's possible to play them with software decoder (highly likely up to 720p, not really sure about 1080p)

    First of all, I would like to thank Raybuntu for his hard work. I would say there's huge improvement, especially in playback, for the latest build (rb-leia24).

    I downloaded all your sample files and tested with builds rb-leia22 and rb-leia23 weeks ago. With rb-leia22, playback resulted in freeze-up of the ROCK64. With rb-leia23, playback only showed still pictures every few seconds.

    I had been using Raybuntu's build on Odroid-C2 for TVHeadend server and PVR. Last Sunday I switched my TVHeadend server from Odroid-C2 to ROC64 and made some recordings. However, I found playback of those recordings (MPEG2) under rb-leia22 was jerky while it was smooth on other Amlogic TV boxes. I haven't tested again after upgraded to build rb-leia24 until tonight. Playback of those recordings gone back to normal!

    I tested all Hi10P sample files provided. Playback of all but one (the 16 ref frame) 720p Hi10p videos, no matter L4.0, L4.1 or L5.1, are fine. I noticed that playback starts right away but after a few seconds it was pause and screen blanked for about one second then resumed and ran smoothly until the end. Based on the shown subtitles, there's no audio out of sync.

    Playback of all three 16 ref frame videos, one 720p and two 1080p, all L5.1, only gives still pictures every 5 to 10 seconds.

    Would there be any way to install pvr functionality such as next.pvr. I use Kodi for live television and this is a must have. If not I'm patient and can wait for the development to get there.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, NextPVR runs under MS Windows. In Linux community of which LibreELEC is based on, TVHeadEnd is most popular (the other is MythTV which I think is too complicated). I ran two TVHeadEnd backend servers, one Odroid-C2 and one Rock64 (just over a week) with USB TV tuner, both use Raybuntu's build, One of the TVHeadEnd backend servers (the Odroid-C2 one) is equipped with hard drive for PVR,

    If you're talking about NextPVR client on Raybuntu's build, then I think there's NextPVR client add-on available on the repository, just have no idea it works with problem as I had abandoned my NextPVR backend for years.

    Looking for a good TV tuner for North America (Canada) for TVheadend server? Recommendations? I searched this but don't see a consensus on a good choice.

    It might be a little off-topic.

    Unlike DVB, there's no TV Box with built-in ATSC TV tuner available, so ATSC USB TV tuner is your only choice. I'm using Hauppauge HVR-850Q USB TV Tuner with Odroid-C2 running Raybuntu's Leia build and K-World UB435-Q V2 ATSC TV stick with Rock64, also running Raybuntu's Leia build. Both got successful result. I also implement PVR (with a USB hard drive) with the Odroid-C2. However, ATSC tuner is not very common and I doubt it's still available.

    I think there's are some experts on this forum, like edit4ever and CvH.

    Not sure why you choose to use adamg's build while the Raybuntu's build is more suitable for the Odroid-C2, No dtb is needed, just download the img.gz and write to the SD card with Win32image or Rufus. That's it. I've been using Raybuntu's build for TVHeadEnd server for a long while.

    of course

    Sometimes when I updated the InputSream Adaptive, I got to browse the movies, but the movie was not played.


    satel, I had similar experience before. I presumed that you can browse different titles under Netflix (your posts were a little misleading as if it was credential issue, then you could not browse at all, not even see your user(s) on the list). I solved this problem by removing the widevine directory under ssh and install it again. Also I didn't use the procedure suggest for use with RPi (as what your did). I used the procedures suggest in Gendo's build which involves only one command. Perhaps the results are the same but I'm not sure.

    s905 and s912 Leia builds

    Are you sure it worked before because none of the changes made should be causing that.

    Both DTS-X and Atmos worked before. They work when I switch back to 1.1.1.

    I guess something related to audio has been changed, probably upstream Kodi. I hadn't checked DTS-X or Atmos, but on my TV (which directly to a Beelink M18, i.e. no AV receiver), was muted after upgraded to 1.1.2 while playback of AAC. However, GUI click is still there. To resume audio output, I must either 'Enable passthrough' or change audio output to 'HDMI analog'.

    This started with af1's development build before 1.1.2, so I think it is an upstream problem instead your build specifically.

    Works like a charm on s905x but i wonder can you implement hdmi CEC so i can turn on and off with one button/pilot? That was really useful.

    I'm using v1.0.6 on my Beelink MXIII II which is also a S905x device. I can always turn ON/OFF the box as well as TV through CEC with one button click on the Beelink remote. When ON the box is turned ON first and after 30 seconds or so, the TV is turned on. When OFF the TV is turned off first and after about 10 seconds the TV box is also turned off. TV remote, however, can't turn on the box though.

    Just tested your build on my MeCOOL BB2 Pro 3/16GB. Everything I tested works fine, including Live TV via TVH (TVH server running on Odroid-C2 using Raybuntu's latest Leia build). Haven't tested NetFlix yet.

    I was using Gendo's build before and downloaded the device trees from there.

    Thanks so much for your sharing.

    I powered my Hauppage USB TV tuner (single tuner only) with external power hub. I found the tuner is power hungry, guess dual tuner is even worse.

    Yes, thx for info :) I already saw that and just waiting for my box to arrive.

    I also merged code from Gendo and kszaq repo and build my own version available here:

    Release Libreelec S905 18 Leia - Build date: 14-09-2017 · gorpet/libreelec-S905 · GitHub - thx Gendo and kszaq. I didn't publish it because I can't test it yet...

    Just let you know, I downloaded and tested your build on a Mini MXIII II (S905x 2G/8G) and it's working properly. I couldn't tell the different between your build and Gendo's build, which is running on a Mini M8S II (also S905x device). As you provided img.gz file, I just decompressed it with 7-zip and copied 6 files (except dtb.img) to the microSD card. Therefore, skin (Estuary MOD v2.7.6), library, addons (tvheadend and Netflix), everything was already there. Not only did I tested video playback, but also Live TV and Netflix.

    Thanks for sharing.

    google search for kworld ub435-q. If you want dual tuner, search for WinTV-dualHD...but know that support in LibreELEC is coming for that - it's not included in the 8.1 release. Support is included as an addon in the Milhouse 9.0 builds.

    edit4ever, I knew you're an expert in LiveTV on Kodi and stationed in North America. Maybe it's a little off-topic. I own a Kworld ub435-Q but it's V2 which needs Linux 3.16 to support it (whereas V1 needs only 3.14). Therefore I used it now with RPi2 with LibreELEC, which is based on Linux 4.9 or even newer. I bet it's very difficult to find ub435-q v1 now. Is ub435-q v2 also supported by LibreELEC on S905 devices?

    I sometimes encode the video myself (x265 HEVC using Handbrake, usually CRF) and never had any issues. Most of them are DVDs though. Is it possible to upload some of your HEVC encoded videos (short excerpt both 10bit and 8bit) for us to test and make sure that it's not a hardware problem?

    Where can i find a correct device tree for a S905 (not -D or -X) device? The link in the startpost points to device_trees but that site gives a 404.

    I tried ones from the 8.0 and 8.2 folder, but didn't got any image unfortunately. I have a box with 1G RAM, 100M Ethernet, Realtek wifi.

    I already got 8.x running on this box, but would love to get 9.x running, so that i can try the Netflix plugin.

    Use kszaq device tree for 8.2 Index of /s905/8.2/device_trees/S905/.