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    Afaik pfctl is an openbsd tool. I doubt it's available on linux.

    Back from a trip I see your message, I tested and it looks like the add-on updated to V.1.04

    But I open the configuration page and see the same crippled picture as before!

    Maybe a fresh install would do it, but this is not possible because the other addons require it and so can not be deactivated/deleted etc....

    Any idea ?

    In your userdata folder for the updater addon, there should be an empty settings.xml file. Delete that and restart the device. With the new version, that file won't be created anymore (which was the original issue where kodi leia somehow fails to read the addon's main settings file if there is a blank but properly formatted user xml in userdata)

    It's going to appear in the container (and in the Plex gui) as "/data/movies" as the addon settings page says.

    You really should read this: docker addons and general docker info

    It's one or the other. What escalade is referring to is a whole another method of installing Plex.

    If you already set up the docker addon and Plex is working, you don't need to do anything else. It will automatically update when you reboot your box.

    Ok... I understand, docker is like VirtualBox o WMare (emulation virtual system). Docker under Libreelec is under Libreelec addon repository (whale symbol). I must install this addon and with docker management gui called Portainer (http://<ip>:<port>) I can import Docker images for Librelec.. it's right?
    From Portainer gui I can download docker plex image with this command : "docker pull linuxserver/plex"

    Tonight I try to install Docker addon and download plex docker image...

    To configure Plex I confused...docker commands example are very strange.

    There is an add-on for Plex already. You should use that one. The add-on settings let you configure everything automatically. No need to do it manually via portainer.

    You can use portainer to manage things we don't have an add-on for.

    Also, read this: docker addons and general docker info

    Alomon just pushed an update to the mariadb addon. You can now enter database name, user and pass into its settings and it will create the database. Keep in mind that it only works during initial set up (not when there is existing data). So you would have to uninstall the addon and delete all data (nuke any existing database), then reinstall and enter the info into settings.

    That's what I meant by using the root password no longer working for nextcloud.

    I'll get a PR in to allow mariadb to create a user defined db, user and pass on first start. But until then, you'll have to manually create those. You can do the following to get access to mysql cli in mariadb: "docker exec -it docker.linuxserver.mariadb mysql -u root -p"

    It will ask for the root pass, then let you in.

    Ok, that's what I've done, now when I go to my Pi IP, I get the page asking for information to finish the installation (Great!)

    I type in some admin user name and password. Then I select a MySQL database (I would like to use some advanced features). But there is something I don't undrrstand: should this database be created before the installation (then I would enter this database information) or will this assistant create a database (based on the information I provide here) ?

    I confess I firstly considered the latter option, but got an error message: "SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory". If I have to create a database, could you please help me in doing so?

    Thanks again.

    In the earlier versions, entering the root user and pass for mysql would allow nextcloud to create its own user and database, but the latest version has a bug and fails to do so. You need to create the user and database first, and then enter those into nextcloud wizard

    Ok... Now I have install new LE version on my Rasp3B+... with Java and another program. So I can throw away my obsolete OE distro.

    So... if I understand (I'm very newbie with linux system) for PMS I don't use the last PMS addon... but I must used DOCKER... can be absurd... but what's docker? how I can used docker, I must used this link with SSH?

    GitHub - plexinc/pms-docker: Plex Media Server Docker repo, for all your PMS docker needs.

    Detailed info here: docker addons and general docker info

    1. I am using LE Generic on Intel, it looks like the broken form for updater config is due to some theme incompatibility ?
    2. I have upgraded successfully from 14 to 15 to16 to 17, needed some retries and nextcloud "occ" commands to correct some indices.
    3. I would still like to understand, how can I update from nextcloud V14 to V17 while the docker image is always pulled from Linuxserver.IO. Is that still on V14 ?? and what happens to my updates when a new image is pulled ??

    Nevertheless, many thanks for your work and support, it is really appreciated !!


    For nextcloud, all application files are stored in the bind mounted folder "/config". That's why updating the docker image doesn't update your nextcloud install and that's why the update won't be reverted.

    Essentially, our images come with a set of nextcloud app files but they are only installed if it's a brand new install. If not, the existing install is untouched.

    We had to do it that way because nextcloud often has to perform various tasks in between updates and we have no control over those. This way we let the web (or occ) updater perform those tasks including various database updates and modifications.

    I would also recommend deleting the file at /config/nginx/site-confs/default and restarting because it doesn't automatically update (user customizable file) and there were some necessary changes for the latest version. Otherwise you'll get some warnings about headers in the admin settings