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    You can create a kodi addon (as opposed to LE addon) with the three files you have. As long as the addon.xml is valid, just zip up the three files and install from zip in kodi.

    If you post (or pm) your addon.xml, I can take a look

    Hi aptalca,

    I understand that you're one of the LinuxServer.IO team. May I request to add this JDownloder service to the LinuxServer.IO's repository for easy installation.


    No downloaders allowed on the LibreELEC repo.

    Plus, although I'm on the linuxserver team, this image is one I support myself separate from the team.

    Hi, I use this serie of builds and now specially the 8.0d one on my Nexbox A95X S905X (2G + 16G) box. Not Nand installed so it runs from SD. I don't no if it's an issue, but the bluetooth interface is always disable with these builds and I cannot find a way to enable it if possible. Can someone helps or clarifies on that.


    I have the same box and I use Bluetooth. You just have to enable the Bluetooth service through the libreelec settings addon (under the services tab I believe).

    Hello. Which of the S905x boxes would you recommend? Nexbox A95X / Beelink MINI MXIII II / Mini M8S II / X96 / other? Just LE a couple of plugins a installed to NAND.... Thnx :shy:

    Keep in mind that each box / model has different versions with varying hardware.

    I have the Nexbox A95X-B7N in 2GB/16GB configuration and it works great. The wifi is also strong and supports 5Ghz. The version with 1GB ram however doesn't support 5Ghz wifi.

    Hi and thank you for your quick reply,

    you mentioned the command chown 99:100 ... . I'm right that i have to set the permissions of the download directory in LE to "99:100" or is this a issue of the container because there are not "enough" rights? I don't know whether you mean in LE over SSH or as command in the container. If it is a issue for the container i have no idea how the changes could be done. :rolleyes:
    Thanks again, great work!

    P.S. you may allready know that I'm not a native speaker/writer. I'm from Germany and i'm going to continue playing arround with LE after my work.

    Either way would work. Changing permissions in LE is easier.

    The owner of that folder's user id number would be 99:100 both inside and outside of the container. Just the user name would look different. Inside the container, 99 corresponds to user nobody, but in LE (outside the container) 99 doesn't correspond to a user name so it would just show 99.

    The problem was that the downloads folder was owned by root, and user 99(nobody) inside the container did not have permissions to write to it.

    I see, it's a permission issue.

    On LE, everything is owned by root, but this container runs as 99:100 (nobody:users in ubuntu). If you do a "chown 99:100 /storage/downloads" that should take care of it.

    You should also be able to use the other location as well. Just make sure the permissions are set correctly.

    For start on boot, there are multiple options. I guess the easiest is to add the following parameter to the docker run command: "--restart=always" somewhere in the middle

    In the meantime, I'll look into how to change the user of jd2 so permissions would no longer be an issue. There was a way, but can't remember, lol

    Also responded on github. That container is for x86 and thus won't run on arm. I think I have somewhere created a test/dev version that could be converted to an arm version relatively easily. I'll look into it and will let you know.

    For reference, group (which I am a member of) release separate containers for x86_64, arm and aarch64

    I had a similar issue where the script wasn't finding the edid in the logs.

    I ended up following the manual steps from the wiki and rebooted after turning logging on and finally the edid was included in the log (I tried a bunch of things but I believe the restart was what made it work)

    There's something weird going on with my A95X box with this latest update!
    It goes to sleep even though the power saving is turned off, then when you switch it back on, the blue LED comes on but the unit is 'dead', no response to ping or any HDMI output. I need to pull the power and plug it back in!?
    Also does anyone use 'docker'? Not working....

    Docker works here fine. I even have the plex media server running as a container

    Yeah I have two first gen fire sticks and they are pretty laggy with kodi. I use them mainly for Netflix and Amazon video with occasional plex.

    I also have a second gen fire tv and that one works great with kodi even with a demanding skin

    Hi all!

    I got myself an android 6 box, nexbox a95x 8gb storage and 2g ram. I tried using the tutorial and downloaded the correct image and used rufus to get it onto a USB drive. I couldn't get it to the libreelec start screen. Any easy way to boot it up with this particular box? I don't have a button to toothpick either, right?

    Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

    I have the same box (but with 16GB rom)

    I used the libreelec usb creator tool.

    The toothpick button is inside the av port, at the base of it ;)