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    Ah thanks. What benefit would that have? Will kodi react on play/pause controls from within kodi, or what is the idea behind this?

    Asking because it doesn't work for me here on my Odroid C2 with 32bit libs (compatible with RPi2/3). Otherwise I would've test it.

    If I set kodi and then connect from my Android phone to [email protected] device, it apparently connects (showing green on Android App) but looses connection immediately. Never get any sound out of it. If I set back to ALSA I get working spotify connect.


    Could you please explain what this "streaming to kodi" means? Also, how do you enable it and whats the difference to Spotify Connect. And how do you control it then, if it is different to Connect? Is it integrated in Kodis Musicmanager then?

    LibreELEC does not offer Netflix support (yet). There have been ongoing attempts , but nothing official is available for any build by far yet.

    Also even if it is officially supported somewhen (if ever), I doubt that DD5.1 will be possible, since Netflix approach is based on widevine browser-streams, which are only available in stereo, aren't they?

    Hi zomboided

    I've recently started playing around with recent Kodi Master (Leia) builds for my Odroid C2 (with 32 bit libs, thus compatible to RPi2/3 Addons). There I get bootloops directly after installing your VPN Manager Add-on. Only way to get out of it, is to delete the ./kodi/addons/vpnmanager directory.

    I assume the root cause might be the switch from LibreSSL to OpenSSL in LibreELEC based Leia. Is there something you could do about it already? I'm aware that Leia is far away from final stage ;).

    I really like this new forum software. Since I was already impressed by the solution on german kodinerds, this here is just such an improvement compared to the former forum software. Also the versioning of posts after editing them is an absolutely neat and handy little feature. I'm sure all the other users either will get used to this system, or it will be improved by you guys :)


    There is one thing I've noticed: In conversations (former pm), there is no delete button. You can mark all pm's but there is nothing you can do with this marking. You can leave a conversation by clicking "Edit -- manage participation" but this is quite crazy to do it for every single of my 83 pm's (which were simply [now] useless notifications about new posts in watched threads).

    Thank you guys for helping. I was a happy user of PIA VPN service for a year and was happy with them. I came across a super deal for lifetime PureVPN and jumped ship. For months all was good until one month ago for no apparent reason, disconnection started to randomly appear.

    Like I said, I am not linux-stuff-savvy enough to work my way around and get a user defined opvn file that you described. If PureVPN is that bad, I will simply pay for PIA which worked great for me. By the way, PIA apps for MacOS and iOS are very well done as for PureVPN they are next to crap.

    User Defined ovpn config file is too difficult for you? I've posted it up there. You can simply copy and paste it and run the great user defined wizard, which zomboided integrated in his addon recently. It is really not that hard to do that. On the other hand I can totally understand that you want it as easy to use as possible. PIA seems to be the right choice then.

    Nobody was talking about router setup for VPN, nor modem or so. The *.ovpn files are just the same ones, zomboided pulls the router-files and uses them for his VPN Manager for OpenVPN and there is no reason that this is a wrong procedure.


    Well, if this is the source that you use, then the files are up-to-date (and consistent with the list as far as I've seen) and it should work. the difference between and is negligible, as both resolve to the same 3 servers.

    I guess lebrettking just encountered an overloaded server or similar or the issue is something totally different. There is actually no need to stop PureVPN support in VPN Manager I think. I just saw that for me it is the better solution to do it via User-Defined.

    Lets wait what lebrettking reports after trying User-Defined. If it works with User-Defined, we can narrow down what the problem is that some users report over the past few months. Perhaps there is some incompatibility with the additional *.ovpn lines that your VPN Manager for OpenVPN adds after downloading the original config files. As far as I remember your Addon adds about 2 or 3 additional parameters at the end.

    I'm also a PureVPN user and for me it looks like the server is simply slow/unreliable.


    What is the source of your PureVPN *.ovpn files? looks like these here are somewhat up-to-date: how-can-i-configure-openvpn-on-my-dd-wrt-router (although most up-to-date would be this list vpn-servers)


    Saw in your log that you try connecting to Canada/Quebec. It should be this OpenVPN server address:


    PureVPN has got three Canada locations: vpn-servers (search for canada)

    Additionally: If you need Quebec specifically, then there are 3 Quebec servers behind

    see here: Convert Host Name to IP Address or Find IP address of a host - e.g. find IP address of host name of

    1. Details of
    2. Host Name :
    3. IP Address : and and


    1. Details of
    2. Host Name :
    3. IP Address : and and

    You can use the VPN Manager for OpenVPN User-Defined Wizard to connect to one of the three quebec servers directly (the idea is that one of those three servers may be unreliable or overloaded or so, then choose another):

    1. Download the OpenVPN config files from the link I mentioned above for zomboided.

    2. Choose the Quebec-udp.ovpnfrom the downloaded

    3. Open it in Notepad++ or other linux format compatible Editor and exchange the with lets say from above.

    4. And delete the auth-nocache line, as this would disconnect your VPN connection every ~45 minutes.


    changed to:

    5. Save the file altogether with the ca.crt and Wdc.key in an arbitrary directory of your LibreELEC system (e.g. downloads/).

    6. Open VPN Manager for OpenVPN and start the User-Defined wizard on the first page at bottom. Point there to the vpn config directory you made in Step 5.) and follow the instructions.

    7. This way you can try to troubleshoot.

    I use PureVPN this way for more than a year now and I don't encounter any noteworthy issues since then.


    In terms of reliability I cannot confirm your experience... the servers are quite reliable and very fast.

    The security issues are extreme indeed. You need to setup iptables on LibreELEC to not get part of a botnet within hours or so... There is an almost 100% chance that you get somehow attacked, when not using appropriate firewall (iptables) on LibreELEC or OpenELEC.

    But to be is mandatory to use iptables with any of these VPN providers, even with those who are tested and confirmed to be secure. It can always happen that one of their servers get hijacked and if your side is not protected against unrequested connections, you will simply get accessed from whoever wants to hack you. In case of pureVPN connections are always open in your direction, so there is no security at all without iptables... Unless you pay them for the special "firewall" add-on, which they offer... it is ridiculous.

    Thanks awiouy

    Unfortunately I'm totally unexperienced with building. I just followed the building guides on LibreELEC wiki and had a lot of help from GDPR-1 with my newbieproblems at the beginning. My current state is that I can build addons with and that's quite it :/.

    What do you mean with "rather add Rust to LibreELEC"? I know that Rust is a programming language like c++ etc. But what is the aim with adding it?

    Hi awiouy

    I tried to compile it for aarch64 to provide it here for the Odroid C2 and wetek users, but unfortunately it is not (not yet compatible?) building successfully due to missing dependencies or so. So the LibreELEC toolchian is not sufficient currently. Do you have any Idea when this will be possible?

    I created a simple display addon for the Spotify Connect Web Server :)
    ATM it can display Cover Track and Album Infos and it has Buttons to Control the Server!
    Any Ideas to Improve it are very welcome.
    In the Settings menu you can set the Host wich is default to localhost:4000 Note: dont put an / at the and

    GitHub - RobertKitzing/spotifyconnectwebdisplay: spotifyconnectwebdisplay

    Finally, after the forum is online again, I've tried your addon. This is not supposed to work with awiouy s new librespot addon, that he released last week, is it? Would be great so see a solution which would be compatible with the promising librespot approach :). But still great work man :)

    just tested quickly the RPi2 version and it works perfectly. No need to use the app.key as far as I see. The username and password seems to be enough.

    One question, though: How is it with the audio priority? While Librespot plays music, nothing else outputs audio on LibreELEC. So lets say I start a LiveTV channel, it is kind of muted unless I stop spotify and stop the LiveTV broadcast as well and restart it afterwards. Is there something how this could be handled? Like: Play music and play the Audio from LiveTV at once, until I decide to stop spotify playback?

    Man, thanks a lot again! This was information I was missing badly! Always an uncomfortable feeling not to know the background about what's going on and the need to wait hours and hours seeing here and there thousands of lines scrolling down, and still not be certain whether the outcome is what you expect.

    I will make a snapshot of the VM after the first successful run, to not be forced to see this time consuming process again ;)