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    If you have an old TV and it presents the handshake problem with green screen you should enable the Force RGB option.

    1. Enable SSH connection from the LibreELEC settings on the TV Box

    2. Check the IP address of the Box from connection

    3. From your computer open Terminal for MAC and Linux or Start - Run - CMD for Windows.

    4. Connect to your TV box (user root): ssh [email protected]

    This is a MAC command. Check for windows or linux on how to connect via SSH.

    5. insert the password: libreelec

    6. Run:


    cd .config


    7. This starts an editor. Insert the following text:



    echo 1 > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/output_rgb

    8. Save with the same name

    9. Run:


    chmod 755


    Now you have the RGB enabled.

    You can check by doing steps 1 to 6 to check if the file was saved.

    Thank you so much for the effort, kszaq. You're work is fantastic.

    My only goal is to use Kodi with a few addons. It comes with Android 7.1.1. The producer claims that the Kodi version is optimized for the S912. Is that even possible? Or does some producers get the source from Amlogic?

    If it is optimised should I stick to Android 7.1.1 and only use Kodi or go with Libreelec? Which do you think will be most reliable and most speedy?

    Thanks again.

    Thanks. I've tried to read through it.. but I don't understand much. The only thing I'm getting is that Amlogic won't make it open source, but I don't know what that means for the user experience. I'm looking to play 10-bit HDR 2160p, and use a couple of addons in Kodi. That is it. The thing about S10 is that it has 32 GB. That is something i relish

    Hi. I am looking to buy a new TV box. I ordered the R-TV BOX S10 with s912, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB EMMC. But then I read that S912 and LibreELEC is not a good combo?? I will only use Kodi with my box. Local movies and addons IPTV + torrent streaming addon for free and legal documentaries.

    How bad is the S912 support? The R-TV S10 looks much better than the BM8, but is the bad support a killer? Should i cancel the order?

    S10: R-TV BOX S10 KOD17.3 DDR4 3GB eMMC 32GB TV Box
    BM8: BM8 Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 Marshmallow KODI 17.1 TV BOX

    I used rufus to write Libreelec amlogic s905 to a USB flash. I push down the reset button while inserting the power cord. Then this pops up. What do I do to boot Libreelec?


    I have a Mini M8s with 8.0.2 libreelec. Everytime it goes into standby after some time with no use I can't boot it up again with the remote. Not possible to connect via SSH either. I have to remove the power cord and put it back in to restart.

    How can I fix this? When I was on stock android I didn't have the same issue.