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    Do I need to update the device tree as well or just drop the .img file in the update folder?

    You do need the device tree yes. If you're updating then you don't need to worry about renaming it, so just leave the file name as is. If you're doing a clean install, then you will need to rename the device tree

    1. FYI, I'm using a Logitech Harmony One remote control with my Minix Neo U1, and since switching to LibreElec my play/pause/rewind/f.fwd stopped working. I noticed that these keys do however work with the original remote control so I figured I should use the Logitech remote software and remap my problematic keys. Play/Pause remapped to OK, Rewind to Left and to Right. Maybe this helps someone.

    2. Question, Is anyone else having issues with Search within Kodi? I am able to watch series/movies, choose categories/genres/etc to find a show but just not a manual search - when I search there are no results. I tried the original android OS (by removing my SD card with LibreElec on) and searching but that also doesn't work. I've read that I must get an API key from and then changing, and I've now got an API key but not sure how to access these 3 files to edit them. Help me Obi-Wan.