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    Apologies if off-topic(ish)

    I want to use my old unused htpc as nas/media server for my s905 & s912 boxes overn LAN.

    Unfortunately my mobo is old and doesnt seem to support WOL. It does however resume from USB (mouse, keyboard or ir receiver).

    With this in mind, if I purchased a USB lan adapter for htpc, will I be able to use resume then (ie wake up PC as WOL)?


    wrxtasy Just to say a massive THANKS for this build.

    Works fantastically on my new H96 Pro Plus S912 2Gb/16Gb 1000Mb Ethernet box. Tv (Sony KD-55XE596 4K Smart TV) auto-switches to HDR and the PQ is amazing.

    EDIT: Getting random freezes and Kodi is not auto-restarting; I have to physically pull plug. Is this due to overheating? If so then is there anything I can do?

    Also... what does this mean: Set GPU clock rate to 792MHz..?


    Thanks wrxtasy - I've just received mt H96 Pro Plus S912 2Gb/16Gb 1000Mb Ethernet.

    I've used kszaq builds and GDPR-2 CE on my S905 Wetek Play 2 and so am no stranger to installing LE/CE builds and using dtb images.

    However, please excuse my ignorance on this.... do I need to change the dtb image on your build?

    If so, what image do I use? Do i use gxm_q200_2g.dtb from Here?

    Or do I just install without changing dtb image?

    thanks for your time.

    EDIT: used gxm_q200_2g.dtb renamed to dbt.img and it worked perfectly!

    thanks wrxtasy .

    As you say, these boxes are quite inexpensive(!) so I've purchased a S912 box for around €50. Hopefully this will suit my needs.

    I'n not really interested in thinking 2-3 years ahead; else I'd never but any tech!!

    I don´t know if Your TV will - my TV(Philips OLED) just do it.

    But I´m not looking for errors with the magnifier like many people do.


    Most 4k HDR videos(films) are 24fps

    Thanks Tim_Taylor

    I'll take a hunch that since the TV auto-switches with content played directly from android Kodi and Netflix it will do same on S905x or S912!

    Thanks for your support...just want a "perfect" setup and no complaints from my boss!!

    For watching 4k HDR You can use a simple S905X box.

    In my case, I use S905X in my living room every day, running 24/7 without any issue,

    my S912 is for testing only - I am an IT prof and interested in playing around ....

    But my boss(Jill) wants a stable box in our living room - no "experimenting" otherwise I have to sleep on the couch :shy:


    Sorry to flog dead horse, but as you say it's all about that important WAF (!!). So a S905X box (like your Beelink) will suffice and allow me to watch 4K HDR10 60fps content and my TV should auto-switch with this?

    I use the last stable build from kszaq as my daily driver, I own three boxes(2X905X & 1XS912)

    Did somes tests with pre alpha versions, if You want to spend much time give it a try, but this early 8.9 versions are not very stable

    Thanks Tim_Taylor

    I've been "experimenting" with CoreELEC just for Netflix, but I use kszaq stable build as my main daily usage.

    Any thoughts on upgrading to a S912 box? Is is worth it for 4K HDR10 playback and if so, does anyone have a suggestion for what box to get?



    I have a Wetek Play 2 (S905) which until now has been connected to a Sony Bravia Full HD (1080p) Smart TV (2015 model) and I've run various "flavours" of LibreELEC (and CoreELEC), both Krypton and Leia Alpha with no problems - it really is a good, responsive box.

    I've now upgraded to a Sony KD-55XE596 4K Smart TV, which is capable of displaying full 4K HDR 60fps/HDR10 signals and will auto-switch to HDR10 if it detects this (works great on Netflix). The Wetek Play 2 is connected with a 4k compliant HDMI 2.0 cable.

    Of course, I am now wishing to watch 4K HDR10 media/movies via LibreELEC.

    If I watch HEVC/x265 4K HDR contentt with LibreELEC on Wetek Play 2, then the media plays OK (smooth with no stutter) but the TV does not auto-switch to HDR10 and colours are "washed out". If I manually select HDR on TV, then the image is glorious. If I watch the same content via the TV's built-in Android Kodi/SPMC via a USB HDD (all my media is on 2 5Tb powered USB HDD - the Play 2 has no issues with this), then the media plays perfectly and the TV auto-switches to HDR10 mode.

    The box will not play full 4K HDR 60fps media (like these demos -Sony: Mont Blanc HDR & Sony Bravia OLED HDR10) the image stutters and the TV reports the fps is only around 13-15fps and there is no HDR auto-switching. Again, playing this same media directly via the TV's built-in Android Kodi/SPMC via a USB HDD, then the media plays perfectly and the TV auto-switches to HDR10 mode.

    I was under the impression that S905 boxes with LibreELEC can play/output HDR content via conversion, so why is the TV not detecting the HDR signal?

    As the box cannot play full 4K HDR 60fps media without stuttering, then would it be worth me investing in a S912 box (Minix neo u9-h, MECOOL M8S PRO, Beelink GT1 Ultimate, H96 Pro +) and if I did, what LibreELEC would you recommend; official or kszaq ??

    Many thanks and apologies for the long post!

    Or from post #50 for RPi.

    True, there is no "real" addon to be installed manually as .zip file. Because I'm lazy and didn't finish addon yet. Well, most things are done already. So maybe one day there will be proper addon.

    Thanks again!

    I'm running Millhouse nightly on intel platform (self-built HTPC). I get the "play Bluray menu" menu option, but every disc I try just plays the main movie!

    Not a deal breaker, but would be nice to have Java menu option, so i have a fully-integrated solution.

    .iso or disc ? I think you can only play unprotected disc/iso.

    My test .iso works on Intel NUC and Rpi with method from here.

    Disk... I've installed the keys to allow encrypted discs and the discs play, but not menus...goes straight to movie. I've got the switch in Kodi enabled to show menu but no go. do install/use the Java menu plugin?