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    This new S912 Krypton version in the following folder should fix the ppmgr_3d_mode

    S912-Krypton-v8.2.4-AML folder

    just updated to this build and enabled overclocked gpu and 10bit and it’s by far the best build I’ve used! Everything is working perfectly and ui is snappy thankyou!!

    One question I have is what sort of gpu temp should I be worried about hitting? At the moment after some general library browsing and setting changes it’s at 63•c

    Not sure if anybody will see this now but I thought I’d try here before opening another thread...

    I’ve ordered a u-green usb 3.0 gigabit adapter but my mecool m8s only has 2 USB ports and they are both being used by my external drives.

    If I buy a usb hub could I connect that to my mecool and then connect both my drives to the hub and then the gigabit adapter straight into the mecool.

    If the hub would work for my drives would kodi recognise them as two separate drives and would I still be able to add content from both of them to my library?

    I would like to get a gigibit Ethernet USB adapter for my mecool m8s pro and have a few questions hopefully somebody can answer?;

    -Would there be any benefit getting a usb 3.0 adapter when the box only supports usb 2.0?

    -Will any cheap generic adapter work?

    -Are they plug and play?

    -What speed can be achieved through the usb 2.0 port while for example transferring a mkv file over the network from laptop to mecool box?

    Thanks in advance!

    wrxtasy My new premium certified hdmi cable came today, tested it and it’s working perfectly! Thanks again it’s actually made quite a noticeable difference in picture quality and the tv now detects it as 10bit hdr on the display info! The cable I bought for reference is a Omars 2.0b 21gbps premium certified cable and was a bargain really at £9 for a 2 meter cable.. the cable I was using before was also supposed to be hdmi 2.0b but wasn’t certified and gave me a black screen- hopefully anybody else with the same problem while trying to output 4:4:4 can fix it with a certified cable

    wrxtasy thanks again.. kodi ui was set to 2160p 24p before I tried to update.. I will order a new cable and let you know how I get on - I’m pretty sure it is due to the hdmi cable because the box is booting and on the libreelec screen I see your build version in the top left corner and even when the screen goes black after the boot screen I can still ssh and drag and drop files to the box using windows explorer so it must be on

    I assume you still have android working, does that work with the Hdmi cable?

    no I don’t have android installed anymore, I installed kszaqs to internal and I updated to the 4:4:4 wrxtasy build but I have the black screen problem so I’m now back to running kszaqs build from sd card until I can figure out what’s causing the black screen

    wrxtasy ive tried your 4:4.4 build and 4:2:2 with the added kodi menu for 10bit and with both of them I’ve tried all the dtbs included in the builds and I’ve tried kszaqs and the Leia build dtb but I always get a black screen after the libre elec splash screen.. I’m suspecting my hdmi cable isn’t up to scratch although it was sold as hdmi 2.0b it’s not premium certified, before I order a new hdmi cable is there anything else I could be doing wrong or do you know of any inferior batches of mecool m8s pro that simply can’t output 4:4:4

    I know my tv can handle it and my le box is connected directly to the tv and not through a amp

    I have no problems installing and using the normal build

    I’d love to be able to use my tv to it’s full potential when playing 4k with 10bit hdr

    Tv is panasonic 65dx902b

    Thanks again for your help!

    wrxtasy thanks for such a detailed response! So would you recommend the Vero 4k for my needs? If so would it play 4k m2ts and hevc files with 10bit hdr and the correct colourspace without any manual changes and auto switch when viewing sdr 1080p content?

    I only use it to play back content on my hdd I do no streaming and no live tv

    I pass through audio via hdmi arc to a 5.1 system

    Thanks again for your help! You’ve already saved me from buying a shield tv which wouldn’t have done what I needed!

    Anybody here have a nvidia shield tv? Or can tell me if it can do the following;

    Output 4k 10bit hdr from locally stored hevc and m2ts files

    Play 4k 10bit hevc and m2ts

    Pass through Dolby 5.1 and transcode dts hd, true hd and atmos to 5.1

    Auto switch frame rate,resolution and colourspace when switching from playing 4k hdr files to 1080p and vice versa

    HDMI cec on panasonic tv

    I would be using kodi and all my files are stored on a 4tb usb 3.0 hardrive.. mostly h.264 h.265 hevc m2ts

    Would be greatly appreciated if anybody could help, thanks!

    wrxtasy .. I created a new bootable sd first using kzsaqs build and dtb and it booted so I placed your 10bit version into the update folder rebooted and it updated and got passed the mecool boot screen and onto the Libre elec screen with your build name in the top left corner, the image then goes small and into the top left then the screen goes black and the tv detects no input.

    The tv is definitely 10 bit capable it’s a panasonic 65dx902b

    Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


    ok thanks! I’ll give it a try

    Sorry if this has been asked before I did search but could t find exactly what I was looking for... I would like a box that can;

    -output real 4k 10bit with auto resolution switching without any commands etc

    -pass through 5.1

    -working cec

    The main thing I want is to be able to play 2160p 10bit uhd remux with the best picture possible outputted

    Can anybody recommend a good box that can do all these things please?