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    Update: i have the NUC7CJYH.

    Comparison to my old Zbox ID18 (Celeron 1007U):

    1. It is a little bit faster, but i have the impression the menu for example isn't "more fluid" then with the old 1007U.
    2. I had to turn on UHD mode in my Samsung TV, otherwise it would give me max 3840x2160@30hz. I still don't know why. Don't have to do that with my FireTv Stick 4K
    3. Was watching some 1080p24p content, upscaled to 3840x2160p24p, was running fine. But: every 10 or 30 seconds 1 core (of the 2) goes up to 40-50% for a second and then down.
    4. i used to use this xorg.conf with my 1007U, but i think it's outdated, anyone knows more about this?
    5. would you guys recommend giving back the NUC7CJYH (with 4GB Single Channel) and getting the NUC7PJYH (with the J5005 + 8GB Dual Channel)?

    What i want is: fluid skin (no animations necessary), hardware decoding of h.264 and h.265, some streaming addons mostly in 1080p (youtube, etc.). That should work

    This is the main "blocking" issue from my point of view, it seems to happen when mode is changed from one 4:2:0 12-bit mode to another 4:2:0 12-bit mode (and yuv plane is involved). I think LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-devel-20200201013402-e776789.img.gz contain a limit to use 8-bit output and if I remember correctly using 4:2:0 50/60hz 8-bit works, it will activate HDR mode on my LG OLED but I am sure colors will not be optimal.

    I have not been able to produce a simple reproducible test case (not using kodi) for this 4:2:0 50/60hz distorted image issue.

    Can i ask, which Hardware setup you use?

    And would you say a J4005 SoC is (concerning video quality and probably HDR futurewise) same as J5005?

    I am concerned if the 6 more EUs will makle any difference!

    I was about to buy an INTEL NUC7 Series (with J4005 oder J5005).

    Is the HDMI Port of the Intel NUCs problematic? I read some threads (although they are almost 2 years old), that the SoC can do it, but the INTEL NUC is kind of castrated

    I only have J4105 and I saw no issues with 4K/60 (non-HDR).

    The experimental HDR build is too early to make any conclusions.

    4K/24Hz HDR mode works fine but 4K/60Hz HDR mode does not work properly:


    Maybe devs know something regarding this issue. Kwiboo ?

    I see, so you have the UHD 600. Great.

    And a Samsung Tv i assume, which i also do have.

    Great to see that the 4k output works, at least in 24hz.

    => J4005 should deliver then the same quality as yours does.

    Only question remains: Does J4005/J4105 (UHD 600) by hardware decoding produce the same results as J5005 (UHD 605) concerning decoding speed, video quality?

    I see no reason why the number of EUs would affect the video playback. It can only make a difference when rendering Kodi GUI.

    i thought that too.

    But still would it be nice to hear that from people actually using any of those two (J4005 or J5005) or having experimented with HDR on any of those two. You have any of these 2? If yes, can you tell me something out of your own experience with these 2?

    If no, still looking for any experience:

    J4005 or J5005 (UHD 600 vs 605)?

    I mean should J4005 (for hardware decoding) produce the same results as J5005 (concerning decoding speed, video quality)?

    That same test also says:

    You are right about this, but:

    the question still is: J4005 or J5005 (UHD 600 vs 605)?

    Mabe the 12 EUs or the J4005 aren't sufficient enough vs the 18 EUs of the 605.

    That is what i hoped someone could tell me, since some people are already testing and may have the 4005 and 5005.

    2.) I mean should J4005 (for hardware decoding) produce the same results as J5005 (concerning decoding speed, frame dropping, stutter, video quality at all)?

    I just have 1 question:

    I know that HDR is a work in progress and that gemini lake and above should be able to properly show HDR.

    And i know, that the J4005 is the lowest end of the gemini lake with UHD 600 and that J5005 is probably the better choice (2vs4 cores, UHD 600 vs 605).

    Now the question: should 4k 60Hz with 10bit HDR run as well on the J4005?

    I know that CvH has tested an HDR file on the 5005 and worked fine.

    Asking because in this test (Intel NUC7CJYH im Test mit LibreELEC und unter Windows 10) which is running on Kodi in WIndows, the test file did run perfectly on the J5005, but not on the 4005, ans the CPU Speed was not the problem (was at 20-30% usage).

    Can anyone cinfirm that 4k 60Hz 10bit will make problems with J4005 on libreelec?

    Hi all,

    i have a m3u list, which works fine with VLC. But not so much with LE 9.2.

    It loads the list (remote server m3u), but does not start the streams (PVR Simple IPTV Client version 3.8.8)

    Just installed LE 9.2 yesterday fresh.

    Someone else having same issues?

    PS: it is a private IPTV list, not for common use (like illegal lists or official lists)

    The first thing to do with problems of any kind in Kodi is that the developers can reproduce the problem. When that is not possible for whatever reason, it becomes a lot more difficult to fix those problems.

    With every new LibreELEC release: new log & crash file(s), please.

    In full and unabbreviated.

    Look it up.

    Problem was/is reproduceable.

    More than handful folks already reported the bug, reported the logs and everything needed.

    but NO ONE ever did anything about it.

    and SAME still exists.

    So don't tell us we didn't provide anything. Even a ticket was opened.

    I found this: thread-4323-post-31039.html?highlight=xorg.conf#pid31039
    But didn't help me.

    -- DRI means Direct Rendering Infrastaructure. I can imagine what it does, but what do those values mean?
    -- And there are more versions (i saw an Option called "DRI3" with a Radeon. Which Version dies my Intel support then? Only DRI 1?

    It seems to be set at "2" by deafult in LE 7.95.1 (see thread-3807-post-29002.html#pid29002?)

    -- And is there any other option which corresponds to the "Vertical Blank Sync" mentioned above?

    OS: 7.95.1, fresh install and format, no previous configs or addons
    HW: GPU = Intel Ivy Bride, 4GB RAM, SSD

    As the header says, in older Kodi as well as OE 7/LE7 version there was an option in the settings: called "vertical blank sync"
    (Settings/System v16 - Official Kodi Wiki)

    It could be: Always Enabled, let driver decide and off
    Well I used to have off (and "adjust display refresh rate" set to "on start/stop"). This way when i played a file VSYNC was On but when i wasn't playing it was off => the skin worked flawless and FAST.

    With LE 7.95.1 it seems like it is enabled (by default) and the option isn't there anymore.
    Is there a way to change it with xrandr or another command line command (so i can put it into

    Maybe that is a reason why some people complain about laggy skin (Skin is laggy, running LibreELEC 7.95.1 Kodi 17 RC3).

    Unless your network has some very specific throughput issues (in which case the solution is to fix your bad network) there is really no need to fiddle with the default cache settings and I would always advocate removing custom settings. Also, as active development on Kodi v16 ceased 5+ months ago there will be no video changes in v7.0.3 when it ships - only fixes to drivers and system scripts or similar.

    If you have graphical issues it's probably best to experiment with the Krypton-based alpha builds. If you still have the problem there it can be reported (to Kodi devs via their forums) and they can investigate and maybe fix something.

    I read in Kodi forum, that bigger cache size haelp with Mini-Stutters, which occur once every minute (weirdly not because of caching)...
    FYI: installed 7.02 freshly and fresh configuration, still existing

    anyhow: i'll look into it, since it started to occur with 7.02

    The branch is maintained and there will be a v7.0.3 build, but not for a while as there are no urgent/notable fixes since v7.0.2 came out (almost all commits are related to add-ons). Is there something you are expecting to be fixed?

    There is one. I am not sure why this is happening right now, but it all started with 7.02. 7.01 and OE before: didn't happen.

    When i start a file: it takes some time, until i can see the menu or guide menu (when i press, nothing happens, after a few minutes, it'll show up)

    When: mostly after i played a few video files..first few files: no problem.

    I am looking into it, if it is video cache related (i changed the cache in advancedsettings for smoother playback).
    Until now: i still have almost 1 GB RAM free when i start a big video file (15GB). So that canÄt be it.

    My system: ZBox 1007U with 2GB RAM and SSD inside
    Advancedsettings: Advanced -