Is the movie not starting at all or is it stuttering?

    I myself have the Minix U9 with wired network and I am able to play 4k files with Audio pass-through. Using SMB as source

    Can I confirm it somehow that it is actually running 4k resolution? Should be using a lot of bandwidth I guess if I pull up the information on the screen.

    I've got a Beelink. The movie stutters when there is HD-Audio (TrueHD, Atmos or DTS-HD) with a 4K HDR movie.

    If I disable both DTS-HD and True-HD options, or disable passthrough, the movie is fine.

    I'm using a Gigabit USB adaptor, so no bandwith issue. Tried new HDMI cables with no luck.

    Having the same issue with Minix U9-H but in my case i am using wired network, when i disable the Audio pass-through, 4k video plays fine without any issue.

    I am scratching my head since the device is 1G speed, i am also using SMB share from LibreElec.

    Any Help?

    I've got the exact same issue as you, tried everything, but with no luck..

    How do you do this? I have a 4K TV and an HD audio receiver that does not have 4K passthrough. I bought a splitter and tested if it does 4K and HDR properly with one device attached, but if I connect both the amp and Kodi, it limits to 1080p. If I set Kodi to 4K, my amp does not play any audio.

    Mine has the ability to pick the Edid info from Out 1 i.e 4K TV, so the highest edid capability is picked instead of the lowest on others splitter.

    ARC cannot transfer uncompressed audio.

    Thanks. I wonder how it works because they stated as HDMI 2.0 not HDMI 2.0a. But definitely more cheaper than a 4k HDR capable AVR...

    It works perfectly for me, juste plug the TV on output 1, set the EDID switch to TV, and then plug the Amp into OUT 2.

    I sometime have to switch it off/on, but 99% of the time, the TV switches to 2160p HDR and BT2020 when it has to.


    I've got the solution for you :)

    Same problem as you and I bought this splitter that works with 4K HDR content:

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    100 Mb LAN could not be enough for 50 Mbps stream + 5 Mbps HD audio. In most cases this is a network speed issue. Try to play the video from local USB and let us see.

    I've tried from a local source, same issue... I'vre tried bypass the AVR: same issue.

    From my understanding the audio choice is made by the box, so the total bandwith of the file is sent to the box who then output the desired audio to the HDMI ouput. So whatever audio output you choose, the input bandwith (from the NAS to the Box) will be the same ?

    Didn't have time to do further testing, but I suspect the HDMI cable, like it's struggling to ouput such a high bandwith..

    Thxs for all your inputs.

    It's not really that the movie stutters, but it's like in slowmo

    I'm using a 100mb Lan, and no Wi-Fi.

    What bothers me is if I stop TrueHD Passthrough, my AVR receives AC3, so in theory that should be more demanding for the CPU as it has to decode the Atmos stream.

    I'll try to open the case and see if that changes anything...

    Another thought, could it be related to the HDMI cable that struggle to pass all the data ? It's an amazon basic HDMI 2.0 cable

    I have an oDroid C2. Pardon my ignorance, but with 8.2 will I be able to play this movie: Note, my AVR and TV have the capability. It's Kodi I worry about.


    Container: Matroska
    Runtime: 2h 21mn
    Size: 54.6 GiB
    Codec: HEVC (10-bit)
    Resolution: 3840x2160
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Frame rate: 23.976 fps
    Bit rate: 50.0 Mb/s
    #1: English Object Based 7.1ch TrueHD @ 4 279 kb/s (Dolby Atmos/TrueHD Audio / 7.1-Atmos / 48 kHz / 4727 kbps / 24-bit)
    #2: English 5.1ch AC-3 @ 448 kb/s (Compatibility Track / Dolby Digital 5.1-EX / 48 kHz / 448 kbps)

    Can anyone share if they have issues when playing a 4K mkv with TrueHD/Atmos soundtrack ? My AVR is TRueHD compliant but if I enable it, the movie stutters. If I disable the TrueHD passthrough the movie plays just fine.

    After hours of testing, I thought maybe the 905X box isn't powerfull enough for Atmos.

    Any thoughts on that ?


    First of all congrats on your awsome job :)

    I've been testing your dev release with various 4k 10 bits HDR mkv files. BT2020 is sent, and the TV switches to HDR mode.

    Without running the "echo '444,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr" command, everything works fine except a stuttering on 24p movies (unsure if it's related to this release, will have to check)

    With the command, I get nothing, a black screen. My TV a Panasonic 50DX750 is 10 bits compliants and I've got a HDMI 2.0a Amazon cable.

    Don't have an AVR which can tell me more precisely what's been send to the TV.

    I have a beelink Mini MX3 2 2/16

    Same for me, I connect to my NAS using WiFi and since mounting the NAS at the OS Level, I never had any issues, even on 50 Go HDR 4K files...

    For those running latest le8, do you also get massive frame skips with this test file. tried via nfs and usb. box is S905x. i know 4k is experimental but just wondering.

    big buck bunny 4k


    4K HDR movies work perfectly on my S905X box. I use an ethernet disk connected in NFS over wifi, and it's all working fine.

    I have still to manually set on my DX750 the color space to BT2020, but apart from that all fine.

    I noticed though that disabling "adjust display refresh rate" allowed me to eliminate this stutering in those.