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    Ive always had this problem even in version 8 of LibreELEC

    Wake up some mornings and my TV would be on, on the HDMI port the pi is connected to with LibreELEC.

    I solved it by changing a setting on my TV.

    I have a lg TV and when I enable hdmi CEC it automatically enables a setting called auto power sync.

    Disabling this feature stopped the pi from waking my TV from standby permanently.

    It's never done it since

    Ok so update on this quick.

    It only does this when I disabled overscan from the config

    If I put a hashtag back Infront of the disable_overscan it doesn't appear on boot anymore.

    Only problem is I have to disable overscan for the system to fill my TV screen otherwise I get black boarders.


    I don't understand why diskpart needs using either.

    But sd formatter wouldnt do the job on the corrupt SD card, but it did after running the clean command from diskpart.

    I've also had a usb stick go corrupt once that no software would let me format the usb stick.

    But the same method above worked for that aswell but instead of using SD formatter after diskpart I used hp usb tool on the usb stick.

    I'm just sharing what's worked for me in the past when I've been stuck and most software's fail to format.

    I have fixed a corrupted SD card in the pass doing it this way.

    This was on windows 10.

    Download latest SD card formatter 5.0.1

    Open command prompt with admin privileges.

    Type diskpart

    The type list disk

    Then type select disk * (replacing * with the number of your SD card)

    Then type clean

    Wait a few seconds until it's finished

    Type exit

    Type exit again to exit command prompt.

    Now safely remove you SD card.

    Re insert the SD card and open SD formatter.

    Select overwrite erase and let it do its thing.

    It should be good now.

    I spent ages trying to fix a corrupted SD card and this was the only method that worked.

    Hope it works for you too

    Problem is still there for me aswell

    And I can reproduce it every time now I just don't know what it is, Ive monitored memory during it happening with SSH from my phone using the top command but this isn't memory related, when it freezes it doesn't appear to to run out of memory before kicking me out off SSH due to host going down (because of the crash).

    How I can reproduce the problem is by this (even a clean install will do this)

    I add my movies location to the library.

    I then navigate to movies and my list of approx 100 movies is there.

    I keep pressing down on the keyboard going through the list of movies as it fetches posters and background images.

    It will then at some point not load poster or fanart for a movie (this is random as to which movie it does this from.

    Then I press down again and next movie doesn't load any poster etc, if I press down 2 more times it will then freeze the whole pi3.

    So basically if I go scroll down through 4 more movies after the first time it doesn't load poster and fanart that's how I can recreate the crash of the pi

    Now the strange part it that it is completely random as to when it decides to do it.

    I can do a fresh install add my library and it happen 2-3 times whilst scrolling through my newly added library.

    I can do a fresh install and it not do it once whilst adding my library.

    And then there are times when I can add one extra video to my library, update library as normal, scroll down to the new film I just added, no poster or fanart appears, this is when I know if I scroll down 4 more films it will freeze (this doesn't happen all the time again it's random).

    I've just learned to live with it I'm affraid.

    I have to pull the plug every time it does it but I don't know what else to do.

    One other thing to mention.

    I use a add-on call internet archive game launcher, and this will freeze the pi in the same way.

    I choose a game console from the list, scroll through the list of games it will then randomly at some point not load a poster or fanart for a game, if I then scroll down 4 more games the pi will freeze up.

    So the exact same problem fetching artwork in a add-on so surely it has to be something to do with fetching artwork that is the problem.

    Like I say random when it happens but when it does always freezes up the pi when scrolling down 4 more times.

    And just to add that problem has only started happening in version 9 of LibreELEC and does it on all of my pi's which is 2 pi3 and 1 pi2


    If someone could point me in the right direction of creating a add-on I'm more than happy to spend some time on this.

    Previously I used other scripts but I had problems with both in the end, one being after a period of time it wouldn't reset or Shutdown and I would have to pull the plug and the other script I found the red led would always flash instead of staying on.

    So in the end I sat down did my research and created my own script.

    I wrote a script to work with gpio zero, installing raspberry pi tools from the LibreELEC repo will enable gpio zero.

    After that I copied of my scripts and created a file in the .config folder and everything works perfect.

    My script also sends the correct commands to shut down libreelec correctly "kodi-send --action"shutdown"

    This shuts down the exact same way it would if you select power off from the power menu of Kodi.

    I don't feel "shutdown -h now was doing the job properly as it shutdown almost instantly making me feel metadata etc wasn't being saved.

    So if I could create a add-on that had the raspberry pi tools as a dependency and then installed my scripts that would be perfect.

    The problem is I wouldn't know where to start with this lol

    I too have always thought that the shutdown command isn't as clean as shutting libreelec down from Kodi GUI.

    I have a mini SNES case for my pi and it has built in on/off switch and reset button that connects to gpio.

    For a short time I used a script that issued the shutdown -h now command and the shutdown -r command.

    I noticed the system would shut down quicker than actually using the shutdown from the Kodi GUI.

    Here's what happened.

    Using shutdown -h now system would shut down almost instantly.

    If I used Kodi GUI to shutdown Kodi from the power menu, I would get the loading circle in the middle of the screen for a couple of seconds before the system would shut down.

    So this got me thinking that doing it the proper way through Kodi menu is clearly doing something to Kodi briefly before shutting down (I assume metadata etc)

    So I searched the internet for a few hours and found these 2 commands.

    kodi-send --action="shutdown"

    kodi-send --action="restart"

    These are the commands Kodi uses when you shutdown via Kodi power menu and appear to me to do it more cleanly.

    So I replaced them commands in my custom shutdown script for my mini SNES pi case power buttons and have felt safer ever since :)

    Might be me being OCD but I feel it's a safer shutdown.

    Ok update.

    So last night I added 1 film.

    Before I added the film memory was 80% free (608mb)

    After I updated library it was 79% (598mb)

    I then went to movies and navigated to the film I just added and boom, it froze up.

    It loaded poster but didn't load background artwork before it froze up.

    And just to clarify this was with default Kodi skin, I'm leaving it on this for the time being until I've found this problem.

    I bloody forgot to enable debugging log before this unfortunately, so I've enabled it now and next time I experience this freeze up I'll post log.


    I am using pellucid skin, but when I first started having this problem (which is since LE9) and started from fresh and after adding my media to library using the default skin it froze up 3 times scrolling through my movies, when it appears to fetch extra artwork.

    I'll try what you suggested next time a add a video file, although like I say it may or may not happen as there is no pattern to it.


    The only add-ons I use are gamestarter, and I use retroarch and emulationstation from the gamestarter repo.

    And then whatever add-ons install when using my choice of skin.

    That's it no other add-ons than what's listed above.

    Surely it wouldn't be memory,

    For example switch on my pi, add 1 movie to my hard drive connected to my pi,

    Then update library, all ok so far.

    Then I'll navigate to that film, highlight it and this is when it will fetch artwork, bang! That's when the system freezes up.

    Now it doesn't do it every time that's what's making it hard to know what it is, that's why I asked here.

    I can add 20 films for example it will work fine, I can add 3 films it will freeze. There is no pattern to the freeze at all.

    But it has happened at least 10 times since I posted on here but nobody replied so I've just learned to live with it.

    My only concern is keep pulling the plug will probably end up killing my SD card.



    Just a quick one here and want to no if this would work.

    I use a rc6 media center remote and currently I have the power button set to launch emulationstation (as I have a SNES case which has on off switch on it so no need for remote power button).

    So my question would be, is it possible to map that same power button on my media center remote to exit emulationstation and return to Kodi.

    Thanks in advance.