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    This seems quite odd to me. Why would someone add an extra account to Windows 10 just to allow file sharing ? It makes no sense at all. I currently have a local user account on my Windows 10 desktop (with latest Fall Creator's Update). I do NOT have a MS account. My shared folders are shared with "Everyone". No password has ever been set-up or used. Adding an extra user may affect logging into Windows. Currently, my desktop goes directly to Windows without a login screen.

    Exactly what does this mean: Windows SMB share sources must be added using the full server/share path.

    I tried these but they did not work :

    smb://kitchen-pc (this worked with LE 8.0.2)





    Make password and user on shares . And Use internal ip in stead of share name.

    Can you give me a step-by-step. I have no idea what that means. Am I doing this on my Windows 10 pc or on Libreelec / Kodi ?

    Use internal IP from what (windows 10 pc or Intel Nuc running Libreelec ?

    I have a wired gigabit home network with password disabled. Libreelec runs on an Intel NUC in another room. My windows 10 desktop PC contains all my media.

    OK - I tried again with a keyboard attached this time. I was able to disable the LIRC service and now I need help connecting to my wired network Windows 10 machine. SMB shares does not work. I tried smb://kitchen-pc (my previous connection) and get an error message "Operation not permitted", so then I tried NFS (Network File System) and got nada. Next I tried Zeroconf and still nada.

    My current network uses no password (wired gigabit).

    What must I do to get access to my media ?


    I updated from LE 8.02 but Kodi navigation goes NUTS when any button on my remote is pressed. It's like ultra-super-fast speed. It skips 2 or more categories with each press. It's nearly impossible to navigate. I also noticed my SMB shares were gone, but can't fix that with the remote issue, so I just went back to 8.0.2 and everything is normal again.

    I read the notice about the SMB update for the new version and most of it made no sense to me. For those of us that don't understand the changes, can you please provide an SMB guide in SIMPLE English.

    Intel NUC running LE 8.0.2

    Windows 10 desktop (holds media)

    Logitech Harmony 650 Remote

    Update: I just read the LIRC changes and hope I can get to the Services Tab. Maybe I'll try a keyboard to get there.

    Yesterday I tried to update the Hallmark addon by installing the latest version via it's zip file. When I selected "Windows Network SMB" to find my wired home network, nothing was there. I tried this on both my Intel NUC's running the latest LE 8.02. I had to manually add another network location (smb://kitchen-pc) in order to see my Windows 10 network. I wonder if this was caused by the recent upgrade from LE 8.01.

    How would I delete the manually added location if I wanted to at a later date ?

    The reason I switched from OE to LE was due to a similar SMB problem. OE Version 8.0 wouldn't allow access to my Windows 10 network using SMB file sharing. I waited patiently for the OE crew to address the issue but only workarounds were offered. I decided to move to LE at that point.

    I installed OE 8.0.1 and LE 8.0.1 on 2 USB sticks and ran them one at a time in Live mode on my Intel NUC. The LE worked great and accessed my SMB shares. The OE failed to connect and froze up solid which required me to power down the NUC by holding the pwr button down. I'll give them time to straighten it out but I may just be migrating to LibreELEC.

    Stay Tuned

    There is a Live option in the installer itself, but it's not meant as a permanent/full installation of LibreELEC. Installing LE as a full setup onto a 2nd USB stick is also not preferable IMO. USB sticks (and SD cards) can wear out in the end because of the database writes by Kodi. So it's better to install/upgrade to LE 8.x once you're ready.

    I just want to try LE before installing it on my Intel NUC's SSD. I am interested to see if my SMB shares are accessible.

    A fresh install is possibly necessary when the system partition has become too small since the last couple of releases.
    #1 to do: make a full backups, use the built-in Backup/Restore tool in the Settings add-on.

    You can testdrive LibreELEC running on a USB stick and see if your Samba setup works to your liking.

    I installed the latest generic version of LE on a USB stick. When booting from this on my Intel NUC, will it allow me to run LE from the stick without installing it ?


    After updating from OE 7.01 to 8.0, I lost my Samba share connection. It kept asking for a login and password and I don't use them. It seems this new version of OE uses a different Samba file or something and it requires editing which is beyond my knowledge. I was told to do a fresh install instead of an upgrade. Instead, I went back to OE 7.01 and SMB shares work again.

    If I switch to LE, can I do a manual upgrade from OE 7.01 to LE 8.01 without having issues with Samba shares ?

    Intel NUC (3rd gen i5)
    Wired gigabit home network
    Windows 10 Desktop acting as a media server