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    OK been testing with the last two images, wireless is a hit and miss, if you reboot you will lose you WiFi, and rebooting again, you might get it back, never did get the Pine RockPro64 WiFi to work with either image, had to use a cheap USB WiFi antenna BTW. Also noticed that it took a lot longer to get into any of my apps that had a Trakt list

    Wanted to state this, I found a Pine Android .img, the 64gb eMMC card took the imagine and their wireless card worked, so, it is not the eMMC nor the board, rather the LibreELEC image that is having trouble with the wireless and unfortunately for me my eMMC card.

    OK, the 128GB SD card just keeps looping, after configuring how you want it, and you reboot, it will rebuild itself and you will have to do so all over again.

    Using a 32GB SD card and all works well, using hard wired internet cable.

    By chance, does anyone know how to use the wireless adapter, I connected it, but now I have two wires that just dangle, or perhaps show me a thread I need to read that will show me how to connect this:ROCKPro64 2×2 MIMO Dual Band WiFi/BT Module

    This module is made specifically for the ROCKPro64 model by Pine64. It seamlessly integrates into the board and the ROCKPro64 will automatically recognize the module plugged in.Thought all I had to do was connect it,

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

    Would I be wrong to say that this file >>> PINE64 RockPro64 LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-8.90.014-rockpro64.img.gz

    is for the 2gb model only?

    What does this mean:

    Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount UUID-2102-5555 ***

    Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount flash... type exit to quit ###


    If you have not yet chosen anything, today I tested Magicsee N6 Max RK3399 (4\32) with the latest version of LE. Everything is working - wired LAN, WiFi, BT, remote control. Start Linux (Armbian) - overall impression from speed work-positive. Neither of which retards when run from SD card.

    balbes 150, thank you for your input, I know I did not start this thread but I too have been looking for a new box, after buying both the x99 and the Vero 4K+ and after buying a 4K TV my chromebox is a bit outdated for 4K, that said, I am not confident enough to test a Magicsee N6 Max RK3399, since like the x99 I did not see a img for the x99 (rk3399) here specifically for the x99 or the Magicsee N6 Max RK3399. So with just this thread and a couple of posts here and there I think I will test RockPro64, I will purchase the following:

    1. ROCKPro64 Premium Aluminum Case
    2. ROCKPro64 Slim Profile Graphene Heat Sink
    3. ROCKPro64 board
    4. 12V/5A Power Supply (US Plug) and a
    5. High Performance eMMC Module, I think that should do it. If anyone has anything to add, would truly appreciate any input.

    Since fresh installs of Windows 10 disable SMB1 support, and also no longer allow anonymous access to shares, did you try leaving the LibreELEC Server min/max protocol as default SMB2/SMB3, and simply enable "Use Samba Password authentication" then set a suitable username/password? That should have worked.

    Re-enabling SMB1 is simply bad advice when the client is Windows 10.

    Sorry for the delay milhouse (BTW love reading any post of yours) I just did as you suggested and yes this works, will now bring all my ChromeBox back to default SMB2/SMB, thank you very much.

    This drove me crazy, since I was able to go into File Explorer and see most of my files on my ChromeBox, my windows 10 PC crashed I did a fresh install of Windows, and could not get back into File Explorer read thread after thread and all the post that actually did not help, YES I know samba 1 is NG, this does not stop the fact that many users are in the dark.

    OK, how to fix, in LibreElec>>Programs>>LibreElec>>Services>>Minimum supported protocol>>>SMB1 & Maximum supported protocol>>>SMB1

    Now on your Windows PC, Open Control Panel click Programs, and then click Turn Windows features on or off (under the Programs heading). Check the check box for SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support, You should now be able to open File Explorer, type \\YOUR.KODI.BOX.IP.ADDRESS\

    and see all the heavenly glory.

    As stated before doing so is not safe from the CIA, FBI and NSA, along with the many unscrupulous folks out there. So beware.

    Man so disappointed I didn't save the file from my first box, the 2nd box was able to upgrade with no problems, I did save the addons27.db prior to doing so, and a new db was created today when I did upgrade, saves them both just in case you wanted to still see them.

    If you had an upgrade issue solved by deleting Addons27.db I am interested in obtaining a copy of the previous AddonsXX.db from your box. For users updating from Jarvis this will be Addons20.db. Kodi devs would like to see examples to try and figure out why this issue is (still) seen.

    OK I looked in my trash, since I used my laptop to open the ChromeBox, nothing there, and I re enter the ChromeBox and AddON27.db is new with today's date.

    OK I looked in my trash, since I used my laptop to open the ChromeBox, nothing there, and I re enter the ChromeBox and AddON27.db is new with today's date.

    I'll update my other ChromeBox and if same results will save ADDON27.db and not delete it.

    How do you remove add on 27?

    LOL finally my third thread to read up on this problem, and wondering the same.

    I'm going to read chewitt suggestion, especially since MrChromeBox is the author :exclamation:
    OK way too confusing to follow or find MrChromeBox suggestion or method, so I did what infamousadam did removed ADDON27.db and it is updated to Kodi 17.1 Thanks to infamousadam and like infamousadam I will not share how to do this, LOL.

    If anyone else stumbles upon this thread and needs to upgrade/update, The same way you would drop the update file in the update folder, get there and instead of going to the update folder go into the Userdata folder in there you will find a Database folder, enter and remove ADDON27.db from this folder. (delete it) now go back out to the Updatete folder and drop the update file you need.

    Hope this helps.

    i finally got 8.0.0 to work but at first videos would play but the sound is very distorted and now no videos are playing at all. when i try to play a video kodi would restart and when i try to downgrade to 7.0.3 no menus would show up and im unable to select anything

    Hello, I am still reading the many threads that deal with upgrading/updating LE from 7.0.3 to any of the LE 8 version, when I came upon this thread, The way I found to fix this was to downgrade using OE 7.X.X then switching back to LE 7.0.2, Now this is an old thread, but hope it help at least one person from having a mini stroke like I did LOL. :blush: