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    I've got some news, but ran into the next issue, maybe this is more clear for you!

    What I've done:

    While compiling "media_build", I don't use




    with this I was able to compile "media_build" without error! So with the next Reboot , the stick was successful identified as

    'Mygica T230 DVB-T/T2/C' but was not registered to any firmware

    Additional information:

    I copied all firmwares from


    to /lib/firmwares and /usr/lib/firmwares, no luck!

    So here are some dmesg:

    latest successfull boot:

    cat dmesg

    cat dmesg | grep 'dvb\|si2168\|si2157'

    current boot:

    cat dmesg

    cat dmesg | grep 'dvb\|si2168\|si2157'

    hopefully someone can help, I've got no clue!



    PS: I realized that the si2168 module was not compiled, probably this is the problem!

    Hi there,

    I know, this is not really a libreelec issue, but I know, here are some dvbt heroes, so maybe someone can help me!

    So short story:

    I've got an August DVBt210 Stick connected to my Ubuntu 14.04 (3.13.*)

    Since this kernel does not support this dvbt stick out of the box I have to use media_build to generate the neccessary modules! This worked for my last used kernel "3.13.0-107.154". So sadly, I'm a little paranoid, and because of this Meltdown and Spectre issues, I've done a kernel upgrade to kernel "3.13.0-139.188". An now I've to complie media_build again and ran in following compile error:

    Meanwhile, I tried several things, but nothing works, I can eliminate the error in 'uvc_video_decode_meta' (it seem to be just a trace log, But there is still the compile abort.

    Is anyone familar with that? Maybe someone has a workaround, or some hints... Ideas are very welcome...

    Thanks for help,


    PS: Upgrading the system is at the moment not possible.


    as the thread named, thanks to all the devs and supporters...

    With that new LE 8.2.0 release, my last bothersome issue is gone.

    As an Odroid C2 user, I've got many issues with ir during the last versions!

    Indeed, I can't get lirc work proper, but ir-keytable works out of the box, without any problems.

    Have a nice day and keep LE alive,



    With the patch, it's the best compromise to use Odroid C2 by the IR. But don't push to quickly. I think it will OK, waiting the final patch.

    I don't think there will be a final patch in next future, it seems the devs are bussy with other things and/or they have no clue, how to solve this. Maybe we had to wait till the Odroid devs will upgrade to the current Linux kernel!

    My impression is, that most of the people (including the devs) went to bluetooth, because they are tired to have problems with lirc or keymap-table.

    When I compiled LE, I was on the master branch. So my LE compile is a Leila release. How to switch to Kryton?

    That is what I do mainly:

    1. git clone
    2. cd
    3. git checkout 8.0.2
    4. PROJECT=Odroid_C2 ARCH=aarch64 tools/download-tool
    5. PROJECT=Odroid_C2 ARCH=aarch64 IMAGE_SUFFIX=whatever make -j8 image

    Never had problems.



    I set up a Ubuntu 16.04.2 in a VM with 8 cores and also only 4GB RAM on my XEON E3-1240! Never had problems compilig LE!

    AS chewitt written, look at the target directory....

    Good luck,

    but choose a powerful host system for compiling! The build will take a while...

    My first try was compiling on a ATOM S1260, this wasn't a good idea ;)



    you need to compile LE by yourself ad put the the unpacked patch to following directory:


    How to compile LE

    If you want I can provide you a patched LE 8.0.1/2 based tar file!


    I don't think, there will be a fix in near future! It seems, it's too deep Odroid hardware/ Linux Kernel related.

    You can try this meson-ir patch I provided here. For me with LE 8.0.1 it works well, but keep in mind it's only a work around, it will not work proper, if you press buttons too fast. Read this threads I mentioned above for full information.

    The other (only) chance is to go to cec...

    c ya,


    I found a workaround for now!
    I build a LE 8.0.1 with a patch @tom81 has delivered, see at this posting at hardkernel forums
    For all who are interessted, this patch is not a fix, it makes the ir-keytable issue more acceptable! And keep in mind, with this patch will lirc not work.
    So I'm looking forward that sombody resolves the current ir problems, lirc as well ir-keytable....


    Yesterday I build the current libreelec-8.0 branch!
    Unfortunately there are no changes to my lirc issue, still got slow response! I think it's eather the lirc update to lircd 0.9.4c or there is something with the meson-ir driver.

    Is it maybe possible to compile the current 8.0 branch with an older lird version? A little how-to will be helpful, I'm new to this...


    PS: To compile LE on a Atom S1260 is no good idea ;)

    For me it is the same. Using my MCE Remote it is very slow after moving to krypton.
    Hope that someone knows what has been changed.

    Recently Raybuntu answered me in another thread:

    As he said the ir-keytable issue is well known, but no time to fix it! He also said that Kwiboo fixed the slow response for NEC remotes in LE. So we have eather to wait for an upcoming LE 8.0.2 or have to compile it by our selfs.

    Maybe you can try out one of the community builds:



    I noticed the same issue a while ago. I was talking with Kwiboo about it but we haven't found a solution yet.

    ah ok, that stops me, to look further after this issue! Thank you!
    But maybe you can help me then with my lirc issue, the problem is, it's damned slow! Sometimes I had to press a button twice for any reaction. I've already played with the repeat/delay options in lircd.config, but without any luck.
    This problem began with LE 7.9x, versions before that had no problems.


    Hi there,
    I recently post this issue in "general forum", but ask by the moderator to post it here again, because he thinks it's a Amlogic problem!

    Here we go:
    Since I've got lirc not comfortable to run, I decide to give ir-keytable a try to manage my remote control! It seems to run very well, my remote is very fast. I'm very happy with the speed, but there is one issue left! Somehow the last used key will be remembered, but only when you use a new one! For example.


    works fine, very fast without issues


    the last KEY_DOWN produced a KEY_UP followed by a KEY_DOWN

    so, when I change a key, the last key is performed twice.

    Do anyone knows about this? This has to be a setting too, I think....

    So here is my Setup:
    LE 8.0.1 on an Odroid C2
    builtin ir is used with a XBox-One

    And some outputs:
    LibreDROID:~ # ir-keytable
    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event5) with:
    Driver meson-ir, table rc-empty
    Supported protocols: lirc rc-5 jvc sony nec sanyo mce-kbd rc-6
    Enabled protocols: lirc nec
    Name: meson-ir
    bus: 25, vendor/product: 0000:0000, version: 0x0000
    Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms
    journalctl -a
    systemctl -a
    udevadm info -a -n /dev/lirc0
    lsusb -v

    Thanks for support,