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    Compile []

    this explains how you have to use it

    Yes I already look in wiki.

    Using code below, the output will show development. At first boot, the top left show something "community devel build followi by date and other number. (git checkout 9.0.0)

    1. PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image

    In LE8.x, if I do get "git checkout 8.2.5", the code to run will be ROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image since it's a final stable version.

    The output in TV, will show 8.2.5 version instead of develp.

    Hope I made sense. Thanks

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Is this the correct compile for both Development (master) and Stable version of LE9

    PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi9.0.0 make image

    I noticed there's no PROJECT=RPi2 in LE9.x

    I know in LE8.x, I use this for stable version

    PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi8.x make image

    I did a git checkout 9.0.0. Is this the latest stable version? I tried to compile and only "PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi9.0.0 make image" that work but it gave a development build.

    Then I tried these:


    When copying the script, do i copy exactly like your script beside the mac address including the "5 stars" too? Just use any 1 of one the 4 script?



    I'm planning to add Momentary Tact Push Button Switch to my RPi3. Will the below work? This site I found was kind of old but was wonder if the code and kodi setup is the same for LibreElec. The author used OpenElec, HowTo: Raspberry Pi OpenElec Power Wake and Shutdown Button using GPIO –

    1. nano /storage/.config/
    2. add this line:
    3. python /storage/scripts/ &


    Basically, I did all these just in case something left behind then pull to master and then to get tag

    I looked in wiki but I don't see how to update to latest after compiling from previous version. I do not want to "make clean".

    Currently, I'm on LE8.2.1. Do I need to just do "git checkout 8.2.3". Anything I added/modified from 8.2.1 will still be their? Then just do



    I read a few thread but not understanding.

    I'm on LibreElec 8.1.2 RPi3, wired connection. I hooked Picture/Video HD to RPi3 USB port. I can view all files in that RPi3 but if I go to my daughter room who also have RPi3 LibreElec 8.1.2 Wired, I did not see the hard drive that was connected from downstairs RPi3. I remember the early version on LibreElec, I can see my HD in all my RPi3. Is that not accessible anymore or I need to do something?

    MxPlayer might be a no go...that's an android apk as far as I can tell...VLC is not gonna work directly with Libreelec but there is a kind of a workaround to make it work via docker (not tested)...that means no HW accelaration..

    You don't really need any other players on LE as available players work fine...why would you need VLC on LE?

    I and another kodi member modified DKnlght addon but any movies that uses "" will not play. I even try using gdrive addon and it still not works. For Android, if I can use "playercorefactory.xml", it works fine. I'm not sure how to use it for RPi LibreElec

    Hopefully someone can help with my Khmer community who uses LibreElec.

    Sorry to hijack.

    How or where do I add below code in samba? Can I migrate the code before compiling to img? Thanks

    Add new samba share like this

    1. [kodi_addons]
    2. path = /storage/.kodi/addons
    3. available = yes
    4. browsable = yes
    5. public = yes
    6. writable = yes

    or even for whole .kodi folder

    1. [kodi]
    2. path = /storage/.kodi
    3. available = yes
    4. browsable = yes
    5. public = yes
    6. writable = yes