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    1) Just curious, whenever LibreElec dev push new update for Kodi 18.7, the code you mention no longer needed?

    Now, I'm on 9.2.2 so I don't feel like downgrading. Is 9.2.2 work with the code you mentioned? I have RPi4 4gb

    Tried on 9.2.2 and it works.


    May 22 2020 21:12:25

    Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom

    version 4da3e1264076308eda90652cb98b553ae0586390 (clean) (release) (start_x)


    Da Flex

    Thank you for linking your work on the other post.

    1. Can I add "dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown" in config.txt from SD card while it's plugged to desktop using Notepad++

    2. The pin 33 and pin 34 will work for ON/OFF plus led status?

    3. For the executed command (chmod +x ), is there a way without the need command from terminal? Like, right click the file (.py & .sh) and change something in Properties?

    is "/storage" mean there's a folder inside SD card name "/storage"?

    I just updated from Pi3B to Pi4B 4GB with LibreElec 9.2. The reason I updated because of Gigabit LAN, USB3, and 4K. I have no problem watching 4K. The only thing I noticed is "sometime" screen glitches when scrolling or pressing back to home screen but watching 4K or any movies, no glitches. I did set Kodi GUI to 1080p but still the same as if I were to set to 4K..

    Love the 4K on my Samsung Q60R series. I use Rting site for picture calibration.

    I got my RPI4B 4GB from Micro Center since it's only $50 and RPI power is $8

    Amazon Bundle case (case, fan, heat sink) $9. Fan is super quiet. I use pin 3 (red +3v) and pin 6 (Black)

    Micro HDMI to HDMI $8 plus addition 5% off = $7.60

    I'm thinking of returning RPI power supply and get this one since it has a switch ON/OFF for $9. With 5% off it's $8.55


    Not sure if anyone had issue burning RPI3 .gz file with macOS Catalina 10.15.2. After launching LibreELEC USB-SD Creator and entering password, a popup show saying, "iCloud Dive may not work properly. Please check the iCloud preference pane." It's not only me had this notification, my friend also had it. Side note, we don't use iCloud Drive and our iCloud login are connected normally.

    I click OK and it doesn't see the .gz file in my download folder. Ubuntu LibreELEC USB-SD Creator work perfectly.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Compile []

    this explains how you have to use it

    Yes I already look in wiki.

    Using code below, the output will show development. At first boot, the top left show something "community devel build followi by date and other number. (git checkout 9.0.0)

    PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image

    In LE8.x, if I do get "git checkout 8.2.5", the code to run will be ROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image since it's a final stable version.

    The output in TV, will show 8.2.5 version instead of develp.

    Hope I made sense. Thanks

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Is this the correct compile for both Development (master) and Stable version of LE9

    PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi9.0.0 make image

    I noticed there's no PROJECT=RPi2 in LE9.x

    I know in LE8.x, I use this for stable version

    PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi8.x make image

    I did a git checkout 9.0.0. Is this the latest stable version? I tried to compile and only "PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm IMAGE_SUFFIX=RPi9.0.0 make image" that work but it gave a development build.

    Then I tried these:


    When copying the script, do i copy exactly like your script beside the mac address including the "5 stars" too? Just use any 1 of one the 4 script?



    I'm planning to add Momentary Tact Push Button Switch to my RPi3. Will the below work? This site I found was kind of old but was wonder if the code and kodi setup is the same for LibreElec. The author used OpenElec, HowTo: Raspberry Pi OpenElec Power Wake and Shutdown Button using GPIO –

    nano /storage/.config/
    add this line:
    python /storage/scripts/ &


    Basically, I did all these just in case something left behind then pull to master and then to get tag

    I looked in wiki but I don't see how to update to latest after compiling from previous version. I do not want to "make clean".

    Currently, I'm on LE8.2.1. Do I need to just do "git checkout 8.2.3". Anything I added/modified from 8.2.1 will still be their? Then just do