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    Using raspberry pi 4.

    Everything works as it should but if I reboot kodi I completely loose HDMI signal. Even unplugging the pi and turn it back one wont make the signal come back or turn tv off/on wont bring signal back.

    The only way to get it to working again is while its on unplug HDMI cable from tv and then plug in to different TV while pi stays on. (it will initially have invalid signal on this tv too) Reboot on second tv and HDMI signal comes back. Then while pi stays on, plug HDMI back in to original tv. Its bizarre.

    I tried hdmi_force_hotplug=1 in config.txt but that didnt make work.

    When navigating the menus the GUI has slight graphical glitches. It only happens for split second and the picture comes good.

    I doubled gpu memory to see if it had any impact but it didnt.

    I just wanted to ask about this one to make sure it is not faulty gpu because it is new. The other thing I suspect could be power supply, I'm still waiting on back-order for official rpi4 power supply so I'm using my old one. There is no under power lighting bolt appearing which did sometime happen with old pi.

    Re-occurrence of old issue. At the start of video playback with dolby/dts audio pass-through to receiver there is loud cracking from speakers.

    There is old thread @popcornmix had a look.

    OpenElec 6.0 DTS/Dolby causing speaker cracking

    The issues was related to MMAL acceleration and the solution back then was to use alternative hardware acceleration.

    I have tried switching off MMAL acceleration off and the issue now still occurs.

    I played around with audio settings 'keep audio device alive' and 'send low volume noise' no luck there.

    The only thing that stops it now is turning off audio passthrough.

    I post in github and report fix working for me, unfortunately I not have the cec logging enabled previously so I not have that.

    I think they put in next version so fixed for all.

    Allright.. Let us know, if that helped. I cant test it myself, as I am using 7.0.3 version.. But basically, if that commit really solve the issue, it should help.

    Only limited amount of testing so far, but so far so good. Coming back from sleep or tv off, CEC has worked.

    Previously, kodi/libreelec was coming back from sleep but CEC just wasnt kicking in sometime. It took input change or switch CEC on/off via tv.

    One thing that is still a bit different, looking at tv UI for simplink aka CEC it still comes back from sleep and is indentified as 'unknown device' then comes back to 'KODI'. Back on 7.0.1 it was always 'KODI' on tv UI, didnt go through 'unknown device' > 'kodi'. No fuss, if it works, it works but it just must operate in different ways now.

    I have some issue with CEC, it stopped responding after switching tv off and back on.

    Rpi-2 and 8.0.1 LG TV.

    Bringing up 'simplink' aka CEC, display when this issue arose it comes up as 'unidentified device - kodi'. Nornmally just shows KODI.

    Switch tv input and back, gets it working. Or even open simplink on remote clicking device brings back to life also.

    I changed routers to rule that out and added new advancedsettings.xml to my full setup of 8.0.1 and video playback has been perfect again so far.

    Sorry to trouble you with stupid end user.

    I think advanced setting might be cause.

    I use stripped back 8.0.1 version free my of addons, etc.

    Playback over local network.

    A) No advancedsettings.xml - buffering issues - playback slowing right down to slow motion.


    Also not great not playing video correct speeds, like in prolonged slow motion at points.


    Seems better from what I test.

    Here is logs
    ################################################################################ -
    Do5slt isydqifmrH TE=

    Thanks lads.

    I have reverted for moment back to 7.0.2. I will get 8.01 running with stock config.txt, enable all logging and try get something I can consistently replicate and not waste your time.

    This is my config.txt, I was rocking like 6 months uptime with it.


    My advanced settings I manually replaced because I read then naming convention changed and I like to avoid buffering issues.




    From info panel while watching video it was usually saying 20% memory used.

    I run rpi2 with 7.0.2 very stable but addons, etc need never version so I must upgrade. But I find 8.0.1 is freezing up playing video over local network.

    The only thing I think is my config.txt overclocking and memory gpu 320? But if hardware going fine with setting on old build, new build should not change this?