Slight graphical glitches with GUI when moving around. (RP-4 LibreELEC 9.1.001)

  • When navigating the menus the GUI has slight graphical glitches. It only happens for split second and the picture comes good.

    I doubled gpu memory to see if it had any impact but it didnt.

    I just wanted to ask about this one to make sure it is not faulty gpu because it is new. The other thing I suspect could be power supply, I'm still waiting on back-order for official rpi4 power supply so I'm using my old one. There is no under power lighting bolt appearing which did sometime happen with old pi.

  • This is a known issue. With the updated firmware it's a lot better (but still not 100% perfect). An updated LibreELEC version (with new firmware) should be released real soon now.

    BTW: You can also disable the slide animations in Estuary skin setting if the tearing is too annoying for you.

    so long,